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Make Money on Hubpages Even with Few Articles

Updated on November 29, 2010
Details on my Profile Page
Details on my Profile Page


Okay, so I don't really have much to brag about because I only have 8 dollars in my Google Adsense account. To me though, that is actually something. That is free money from just sitting at home and writing some articles. And I love to write so it isn't really that much of a burden to me to write on Hubpages. 

My story starts with my photo on the right showing that, today when I write this article, I have only reached 5 weeks since I started writing here on Hubapages and that I have around 40 articles written. That really isn't much compared to the many other writers here that I have seen. But all in all, I am proud of the 8 dollars I have no matter how little that may be for any of you. I know that the more I write, the more that number will increase, and one day it will be a lot more than  just 8 dollars.

I write this article now to show you what I have been doing that has gotten me traffic in my Hubpages and at the same time how I was able to make some of my articles rank on the first page of Goolge and other search engines on the internet. 

My Stats

Stats of my traffic and hubs I have posted
Stats of my traffic and hubs I have posted

Think Quality

Write about something that you are actually passionate about. This will make your article very natural and at the same time very helpful because you are very informed about the topic. You know exactly what others might be looking for and at the same time it is something that you will be able to enjoy as you write it. If something is forced then it will show. So make sure you write something that you are very interested in.

For example, I am into the multimedia arts such as photography and editing photos, film-making and video editing, music production, etc. And so these are things that I write about here in my Hubs. Check out examples of these articles:

These are articles I enjoyed writing. And I think that is what quality is all about. For as long as it is not forced and it is something you enjoy or if you are passionate about it then it will be very easy to write it and at the same time it could be very helpful for your readers.

Think Quantity

So as I have said, I have 8 dollars in my Google Adsense account. Imagine how much I would have if I had double the number of articles. Precisely my point. Plus, the number of words in an article is very important for Google's page ranking system and you will have greater chances at being ranked in the front page of Google.

Also, interlink and interconnect your hubs. Write about a single topic many times and in different perspectives and link them together. This will surely increase your traffic and at the same time be very helpful for the reader. For instance if you write an article about photography then maybe you can link it to an article that your write about DIY photography equipment.

Another thing, don't forget to learn about Search Engine Optimization. This will really help a lot in increasing the traffic of your hubs and at the same time help you rank your posts on Google and other search engines on the internet.

Here are some examples of articles I have written that are already ranking on Google:

You see how I made my articles very specific? This makes my articles rank more because longer tail keywords have less competition. This ensures that readers will go to my hubs instead of others.

Think of your Target Market

Your target market in the most general sense would be people who use the internet. As an internet user yourself you have to think about and reflect on the consciousness of your readers. Think as if you are your reader and think about what you would want to write about and how you would like to find these articles like perhaps through search engines. Think of what keywords you will use. Think of what kind of interests and dislikes you would have when reading an article. Think of your market. Think of your readers. After that just apply what you learn in your writing.

Most of the time, when people are searching on the internet, they are not really surfing to learn something new. Most of the time they are just bored and are looking for some entertainment. So you should also post stuff that could be funny or be very interesting that they would even share to their friends. They can do the marketing for you if it is something that they liked.

For example I wrote about the Food from the Philippines that Foreigners might Consider Disgusting. I knew people on the internet will love it because it is something that is unique, surprising, and at the same time it makes them learn about other cultures. It is actually one of my highest rated hubs and I get a lot of views from it so I knew that it is something that my readers are interested in and are sharing to others.

Final Remarks

What are you waiting for? Start applying these to your hubpages writing and surely you will be able to have as much money as I do (haha!). I'm kidding but yea, seriously you should! I hope this article was helpful. Feel free to follow me or contact me or whatever. Thank you for your time. :)


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