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"Target Your Copy For More Online Hits"

Updated on December 4, 2013

Target Your Copy

We writers know more online hits mean more readers, equals more money, and targeting your copy for a honed group demographic puts money in the bank.

Targeting copy requires a personal, in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

After choosing a topic, do you run a full keyword search? Performing proper SEO all but guarantees more hits. Why?

Because the pre-writing of your copy is a necessity for upfront search engine rankings.

Very rarely do I see keywords placed in an online article title... A huge mistake! Missing keywords from your title results in your item never being indexed in the leading search engines, i.e. your product will never be found

MOST online writers do not understand, nor do they have the desire to learn SEO - much to their detriment.

If you have never performed a keyword/keyphrase search, Google offers a FREE tool providing numbers of monthly searches, competition strength for those keywords you choose, and much more.

Your goal is to find:

  1. The highest numbers of searches per month
  2. Competition level should read "low" or "medium"
  3. Avoid choosing a high search number with "high" competition

I have provided an instructional pictorial that walks you through every step. It's placed at the bottom of this article.

The First Sentence

Google's Search Engine Optimization algorithm changes with time, and Google never fully shares those changes with online article writers. Like the Coca-Cola recipe, the SEO system is locked away somewhere or nowhere in a roomful of 10,000 fire-proof, and crack-proof vaults... Forget about it.

Google DOES disclose some info here and there.

Recently, I discovered an invaluable suggestion that has proven its worth in getting my hubs indexed quicker and placed much higher.

Target your copy by always placing keywords or a keyphrase in your first article sentence.

Format As You Target

Most writers who target their copy present a page(s) that flows smoothly, drawing attention to the article.

When I see a hulking blob of black ink that appears to travel the length of the page... No breaks, no ordered or numbered lists, I know a good article writer didn't pen the creation.

Worse, viewers will not read or try to understand that non-design... They will only click-off online; or, if you are writing offline, potential readers will simply turn the page.

If you plaster blocks of uninterrupted ink on your page, and you think viewers will read your message, you need help in the worst way.

Go back and read those hubs and articles that instilled a personal, strong, and lasting impression. Consciously, you maybe didn't note the formatting excellence, but it was there or you would not have read the article.

Read the Greats

Good article writers display their proof of proficiency in the reporting and creative writing fields.

Tom Junod of Esquire is, in my estimation, a GREAT article writer. Read his treatment and this magnificent headline he wrote on Joe Frazier's recent death:

Every article Tom Junod publishes is a 'must read' from start to finish. When I read ANY story he's written, I find myself thoroughly engaged - as the adage goes: I can't put it down.

I hope to one day become a Tom Junod, but many dues on my end must first be paid. Just recently, I came across his work, and I've read all of his articles I could locate.

Reading other great online article writers' work is another aspect all outstanding writers share... Do you explore the Internet to find, then read other writers' material?

Take the quiz!

view quiz statistics

As You Target Your Copy, don't forget CREATIVITY!

I am worn-out from reading hubs and online articles with introductory statements like:

  • I've got exciting news for all of you desiring to be an article writer (oooooh, I'm SO excited, I can't wait to see what's next!)
  • You need not have earned your Master's in Creative Writing to be an authority on the Internet (WOW! Reeeeaaaaly???)
  • All you need are a few personality traits like:

OK, that's enough and methinks ye do see the picture. When I see this sort of opening, the blinking red, emergency light linked to the alarm section of my mind goes berserk, short-wiring my desire to read further.

Though this "writing" can't be called plagiarism, the form should so be labeled, as I see it copied article after most tiresome article.

  • Be original!
  • Find a point of view!
  • Be CREATIVE!!!

Do you see this poor writing style in the circle of the greats? Hopefully, the mental reply was, "are you kidding?"

Following is an optional opening I wrote for this article:

"Hey Kid, how good are you?"

The curious, on-screen outlaw standing face to face, and eye to eye with The Sundance Kid nearly makes the mistake of his life. Following some tense "gunfightin' talk", the outmatched outlaw finally stops his notion of a showdown, but he then inquires,

"Hey Kid, how good are you?"

Instantly, the Kid fires off a red-hot, one minute hour of world class gun marksmanship, leaving no doubt he was the best - the best in that dusty, sun-blocked, old western saloon; the best seen on 'The Big Screen' at that moment in time; the best that day.

So, Top Gun article writer, how good are YOU?


This may have been a strong beginning to an offline article, but I never would have used this example online. By now, you should know the reason why I chose to employ the current opening. Scroll up and take the quiz to check your online writer expertise!

So, Where Do You Rank Among the Best Copy Targeters?

As you near the end of this article where do you rank on the imaginary list of great online article writers? I believe we writers are always learning, and I also think we should constantly write. At the same time, reading and analyzing others' work helps add speed to the learning curve.

This hub provides a short list of absolutes every good, online article writer follows.

However, YOU must target your copy each and every time the desire to dip the quilled pen into the ink bottle is too tempting to ignore, or your online hits suffer a steady decline.

I learned this information the hard way. When I first joined HubPages, I knew NONE of what you just read. You now own quite a payload of powerful information, and I am most happy to be only one of several sharing his/her hard-earned knowledge.

A final suggestion: Targeting your copy for more online hits should become your mantra. It's the ONLY road to #1 spots in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

A final warning: Ignore copy targeting and your future online article writing career grinds to a screeching halt... Yes, this information IS that powerful!

Accept this hub as a gift from a writer just now reaching full stride because of self-study and from article writers who, for the most part, helped me in the same friendly manner.

Happy writing!

Exponentially Increase Your Income From HubPages Using This 1 Easy To Implement Idea!

HOW TO FIND AND USE THE FREE GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL... First, open the Google Web Search Page

2. Click on 'Business Solutions'

3. Scroll to bottom, find and click on AdWords

4. If you have an AdWords account sign in; if you don't have an active account, Google will coach you through the easy process

5. When you sign in, this is what you will see. Click on 'Tools and Analysis'

6. The drop down menu will appear; click on Keyword Tool

7. Enter a general keyword or keyphrase(s) that connects with your subject. I want to write an article on the value of baseball cards

8. The tool is showing the number of searches/month, but you want to find a high number of searches with low to medium competition.



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      James Ranka 5 years ago from Port Neches

      Thank you, janacute5 - Hope it will help your writing!


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      This is a great blog post