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How To Find A Job On Craigslist

Updated on February 17, 2009

How To Find A Job On Craigslist

Not every company lists their open job opportunities on the big employment sites like Read on to learn how to find a job on craigslist 

Many employers use Craigslist to find new employees. Either to post open jobs postions, or to search through resumes to find the perfect candidates for their open job positions. I've found employment with the help of Craigslist. Let me show you how to make it work for you.

Prepare For Your Craigslist Job Search

Your Resume is your ticket to an interview. If you do not have a resume, make one. Do your homework. Find a resume template and make it work with your job and experience history. If you don't have the education make your experience speak volumes. If you have the education but not the experience, make your knowledge be your best first impression.

Do not skimp on your resume. Your future employment will depend upon it. If you do not know how to make a resume, gather all of your previous employment information including dates of employment, your education background information, and a list of references (get the ok from these people first). Bring your information to either your local unemployment office, or to a resume specialist. If you are serious to find a job on craigslist, taking the time to get professional assistance can be worth it's weight in gold.

You can also use computer resume creator programs that can assist you in creating a professional resume that gets noticed. 


find a job
find a job

How To Search Craiglist Jobs

Narrow down your search by your local area. Then type in a job title your are looking for. Remember to think outside the box. Your next great job may not be in your familiar job function. A Receptionist could also seek work as a administrative assistant. Be open-minded and open every post that catches your eye in your local area.

Another way to search is by qualifications. For Example: If your are forklift certified type this into the search bar to pull up all jobs listing this qualification as part of the job.

There are many different job types listed for quick searching in Craigslist but keep in mind that some jobs in one catagory may be perfectly matched with your skills. Browse threw them all.

The Posted Jobs Section Of Craigslist

For a small fee, Employers can post job openings available to job seekers. Just because there isn't the high gloss, flashy bells of a huge employment website, do not underestimate the quality of jobs posted on Craigslist. Do not underestimate the professionalism being sought out by the employers posting on craigslist.

They want qualified individuals. They are looking for future employees who are serious and motivated. Responding to Craigslist job posting should be no different then responding to a job posting on any other website.

Here are some tips to get your response to stand apart from everyone else's.

  1. Read the job posting thoroughly. If the post says to respond to an e-mail address other then that listed at the top. Do so accordingly. If the post gives a phone number and request interested candidates to call for employment information, do so. Follow the instructions of the post. Employers are first looking for an employee that can at least follow the rules of the post.
  2. If by e-mail, your response is going to go to someone in HR's regular e-mail address. They may receive tons of e-mail a day and they may have more then one job posting. The best Subject line is "Resume For Jack Doe: __________"the fill in the blank part should be the title of the job post copied word for word so that the receiver knows exactly what they are looking at.
  3. Your Resume, unless otherwise stated, should be an attached document. Do not copy and paste. Use Microsoft Word or if that is unavailable, use Google Documents(free to Gmail members) to send your Resume.
  4. The Body of your e-mail should not only mention something about the job posting but also state politely why you feel this you should be considered for the job. Your e-mail response should encourage the reader to want to contact you. This is as simple as stating "Please contact me at your convience. I look forward to speaking with you more about this job opening"

After You've Sent The E-mail

Keep records of all jobs you apply for this way.If possible, call within a few days to ask if your resume has been reviewed. Sometimes your call may be percieved as pushy, but sometimes its the very best way to get your name passed around the office between the people making the hiring desicions. In my office. The people looking for jobs that call every few days are the ones that eventually get to talk to the hiring manager.

If a phone number isn't listed but a company name is. Do a search online to find a phonenumber.

There is nothing wrong with sending a polite follow up e-mail to accomplish this same task. Your e-mail should say

"Hello, I am still interested in the open position for _______ . I sent my resume responding to your Craigslist post on this date ______ and if the job opening is still available I would love to speak with your hiring manager for further discussion of this postion. Please contact me at your earliest convience and I would love to set up an interview as soon as possible."

Employers see a plethora of Resumes on a regular basis. If you want the job, let them know you are serious about becoming a part of their company. Make contact. Follow up any response with a second response a few days later. Always.

The Resume Section

A great feature of the Craigslist job section is the Resumes section for job seekers. Here Job seekers can put their information out there and employers with open positions can find the employee's that may be best suited for their company.

This can be your best assest for your job search if you use it correctly. Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to use the Craigslist Resume section.

The Subject Line

Your Biggest Mistake You Can Make In CraigsList Resumes.

You must, must, must browse the resumes in The Craigslist Resume section before posting yours. The reason for this is simple. You want to get noticed. You want to get notice by the RIGHT employers.

Take a look at the majority of the headlines posted by other job seekers.

I need a job now

Jack of all trades needs work

I'm looking for full time employment

If you were an employer and your time was precious why would you spend what can take hours of searching to read all of these types of posts. You wouldn't. Employers are doing two things with the resume section. They are either browsing for potential employees looking at key words that may relate to their companies field, or they are looking for keywords with the search function. Your perfect title can be anything that grabs the employers eyes.

6 Years Experience in Accounts Payable Seeking Full Time Employment

Put My Bachlors Degree in Sports Nutrition To Good Use.

Fork Lift Certified. Team Player. Seeking Warehouse Environment

The Body Of The Post

On the inside your resume can either be your actual resume, or if privacy is more of a concern to you. The body of your craigslist Resume post can be a few paragraphs that tell a little about yourself, your education, experience/qualifications, and what you are looking for. I landed a great job this way, you can too.

Do not list anything negative such as "can't work Saturdays" or "it's hard for me to find a babysitter" Let these details be worked out later. First things first, you want to get an employers attention. You want them to be interested in contacting you.

Write for your intended audience. If you want a professional setting, be concise and to the point with your post. If you are more carefree and want a more relaxed employment atmosphere, add in a little of your personality. Then...SPELLCHECK! Many great resumes will be deleted or destroyed for the sole reason that the job seeker couldn't even take the time to spell check.

If you do not post your actual resume make sure you include something to the tune of the following:

"I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me for my complete resume and to answer any questions at"

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