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To Make Money Online Find Profitable Niche

Updated on April 6, 2010

Finding High Paying Niches

Any expert online marketer or search engine optimization expert will tell you that the key to making profits online is finding a profitable niche and ranking as high as possible for that search term. However, this is much easier than it sounds. While determining which keywords are high paying keywords is simple, finding higher paying search terms with low competition is much tougher. Whether you are building stand alone websites or putting AdSense on HubPages Hubs, getting the right niche is the key to making real money online.

To find keywords with a high cost per click or other high profit factor, one need only use any of the many online keyword finding tools. One of the most popular is the Google keyword tool which is part of the AdWords program. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as the AdSense Keyword Tool, Google's keyword search tool is actually the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Inputting almost any search phrase will result in a long lits of potentially profitable keywords.

However, many of these profitable keyword phrases have a lot of tough competition already fighting for the number one search position ranking. Rising through the SERPs for these high competition keyphrases can take a long time and a lot of hard work.

The key is to find a specific online niche that is profitable. Finding high paying keywords in a solid niche provides a real money making opportunity that can be exploited by the savvy Internet Marketer or entrepreneur.

Discover Niche Keywords

The key to discovering niche keywords is finding terms that people search for, but that are not commonly optimized for. Of course, most well known niches already have many players optimizing numerous websites and pages for those high paying keywords. That means, finding profitable niches is a function of finding unknown or lesser known key phrase searches and optimizing for those terms. Without a good paying niche, earning money online writing will be tough.

The Catch-22 is that if these niches are less known, how does one find them?

The answer, fortunately, is relatively simple. By adding certain keywords to well known search terms, a smaller, lesser known niche can be created from even the most competitive keywords. Doing so allows even small Internet Marketers to make money online by using high cost per click keywords and search terms.

To find an online niche consider adding any of these key terms to other online key words that have high payouts and profitable keywords:

  1. Fast, Quick, 2-Day, Overnight
  2. City Name, State Name, Other Location Name
  3. Month, Day, Year, Other Time
  4. Colors, Sizes, Portable
  5. Expert, Beginner
  6. New, Old, Used
  7. Handmade, Homemade, Hand Crafted
  8. Brand Names, Model Numbers, Other Specific Features
  9. Weather, Seasons, Time of Year, Holidays

For example, the highly competitive niche of Jet Ski Rental becomes a less competitive niche when you optimize for Expert Jet Ski Rental, or Santa Fe Jet Ski Rental, and even more so for Winter Jet Ski Rental (although the search volume on that one might be a little bit low.)
Try other combinations to see what brings a high volume of traffic while going up against limited competition.


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    • profile image

      Heal your life 6 years ago

      I'm really struggling with finding suitable niche markets and your article has helped me, thanks

    • Dale Nelson profile image

      Dale Nelson 8 years ago from South Africa

      Makes sense.Some good advice.Thanks for sharing.

      PS. i knew a llama once called "Dolly Llama"