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Call Center Rockstars!

Updated on August 22, 2015

Wanna rock on production floor???

If you work in a call center or just planning to,then this article will help you out.

Call center industry took a huge part in today's economy.It serves as a melting pot of all professionals from anywhere in the country,specially fresh grads who would like to try their luck in the BPO.

Working in a contact center has never been that easy.As a customer service rep, you gotta deal with a - z concerns of customers from all races with all levels of emotions.You will have to deal with a happy, passive, an irate, and an extremely irate customers.And if you are short-tempered rep,you're probably gonna be submitting your resignation letter in less than a month.


Aside from those frustrated customers,your next enemy would be your lack of sleep.It's definitely hard to work when you only have a very little sleep,your brain lags all the time, you get tired so easily and you get upset right away. The worst is,you might end up not meeting your metrics and getting bad surveys.


In some countries,particularly in the Philippines where most contact centers operate in evening,you have to expect that your schedule changes everytime.With all of the noise,the light, temperature,your roommate's activities... that's what makes up your "zombie mode" when you wake up for work.


My tips for you to become a rockstar:


1. Start your shift with a smile.

2. Take a deep breath before logging in.

3. Calm down.Your customers aren't upset about you,they're generally mad about the product or the service.

4. Don't interrrupt your customers when they're venting out.

5. Imagine yourself on customer's shoes.

6. Always be polite.

7. Go outside on your breaktime and talk to your colleagues.

8. Take a good sleep.You'll never be able to do the above if you don't have a good sleep.Turn your phone off an hour before sleeping.Playing games won't help you get sleepy either,instead,try to talk to your roommate for a bit until your brain gets tired and will eventually makes you sleepy.



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      tumbler 8 months ago

      thanks sky princess for your tips!