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Fellows Vertical Desktop Organizer File Review - Organize Your Work

Updated on January 17, 2011


In an on-going attempt for inspiration for new articles, I occasionally look around myself for things that I often overlook.   When stumped, I look to do a product review of something I use everyday.

Just as I thought I was running out of options, I found myself staring at my desk.   I used to have a sloppy desk covered with piles of papers.  Every time I needed to find a document, I would have to flip through piles of junk over and over again to find what I was looking for.

Seriously, my office could have been classified as a fire hazard!  I had so much paper, with reverse recycling, you could rebuild a redwood forest.

I figured out a way to cure my disorganized problem forever.  Because of the product I reviewed below, my desk surface is literally void of papers. It is the cleanest in the office and I have been awarded numerous promotions and more money because of this product. My dog even got better looking. I found  a beautiful spouse

Okay.... that paragraph is a complete and utter lie.   That said, I did get a lot of clutter up off my desk and my work space is much more organized since I bought two Fellows desktop organizers.  These organizers keep sheets of paper organized vertically off my desk and make them very, visually easy to find.

The Look

My Fellows desktop vertical organizer is all black, all metal.  It has a very universal and sturdy look to it.  You could put this organizer on an elegant mahogany desk in a gorgeous office setting.  You could also put this organizer in a more work-like area such as a plant supervisors office or open warehouse work spaces. It fits in anywhere. Its durable black look can hold up anywhere.

When I bought this,  everyone at work loved the look so much, they wanted to date me.  Seriously, they did, not.  

It does look nice though.

The Feel

This vertical desk top organizer is surprisingly light for its all-metal design, but it is pretty sturdy.  The wires that make up the 'slots' or sections are pretty flexible and flex together easily if you press them together, but they snap back straight when you let go.  Thick piles of paper (as I have photographed) are held firm and upright.

There are 4 'feet' that come with the Fellows organizer that protects the desk surface nicely and also allows for the organizer to be slid around easily without damaging the desk surface.  The surface of my desk is wood and nicely finished. There are no marks left even after sitting for weeks and months in one place.

The Size

The foot print this takes up on your desk surface is pretty small,  9" x 11 3/8", just slightly larger than a standard piece of paper. Not much space taken considering the organization benefits is provides.  The height is 8"

Squeezed together easy...
Squeezed together easy...
... bounced right back
... bounced right back

The Performance

It works great.  When I first pulled it out of the box I was concerned about how easily the wire slots or sections bent inward when I squished together.  Once I let go though, they bounced right back into place.  When I smash stacks of paper in the slots, like pro wrestler splits heads, the wire sections hold up nice and sturdy.

I was very happy that over extended periods of time, no marks are left by the feet under the Fellows organizer.

The Specs

8 " high

9" deep

11 3/8" wide

11 slots about 1 - 1/8" to 1 - 1/4 space for paper (which is actually big enough, and bigger than it sounds)

Color (of mine) Black

To Sum Up

A good reliable product.  Very sturdy and easy to take for granted. Good performance, good look.

The Fellows Organizer saved my life.... or was that my attorney after the prison bail-out?  Not sure. Probably the latter .


Seriously, the Fellows 11 slot desktop vertical organizer is one heck of a product


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