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How to Build Your Own Website Easily Using Vistaprint

Updated on May 11, 2015

All About Vistaprint

Building a website using Vistaprint is very easy to do. You will get excellent results as well, with a beautiful, polished-looking website that you can be proud of when you are done. The basic website includes 3 pages, toll-free customer support, face book and twitter widgets, an email address with your domain name (that will be linked to an email address of your choice), image galleries and easy-to-use editing tools, contact forms for customer feedback, and search listing tools. You can upgrade at any time and add other features such as a shopping cart, and more pages. You will get a free month to try your website out before you commit to anything. After that, the monthly fee is a whopping $4.99!

Steps to Building Your Site

1. First, you will need to create your domain name. Select the words you want people to see, such as "CozyCandles". It will end up looking like this:

2. Next, you will customize your site using VistaPrints so-easy-to-use tools. If you know how to use any word processor program, then you will find the editing of your website to be refreshingly simple. You can choose from hundreds of designs for background of your site. There are also a ton of images that you can search by category as well.

3. The last thing you will do is Publish your site. It is done instantly with the click of a button. The picture below shows what your toolbar will look like. It is very user-friendly, as you can see. The Publish button is in the far right corner.

Editing Tools For Your Website

Upgrading Your Website

Once you build your site, you may want to go a step further. Should you decide to upgrade to the next level of service, it will cost you $9.98 per month. In addition to all of the features with the basic service, you will get an additional 2 pages, the ability to upload documents, and site activity reports. You will also have the ability to install a music player, maps, and YouTube videos on your site.

The next level of service, also the highest level, costs $19.97 per month. It allows you to have unlimited pages, more social media tools, 2 more email addresses, a shopping cart, and mobile website.

There are other service providers that do cost less, but the ease of use with VistaPrint is truly awesome. If you have very little time, or are not comfortable with building a website from scratch, this is the site for you.

Service Provider

If you have your own website, who is your sevice provider?

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