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How to Earn Online When You Have So Little Time

Updated on October 21, 2019
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Sharon Lopez is the kind of person who always sees opportunities despite the most difficult situation. Here's how you can manage your time.

Blog Graphics Edited via Canva
Blog Graphics Edited via Canva | Source

Working online has always been a joy for me. The unique experience, new learning, as well as the additional amount I earn, are some of the things that I am grateful of. Admittedly, it wasn't an easy start but as I explore new ideas and gained experience, I know I found my true career.

Ever since I discovered how exciting and enjoying it is to work online, I am waiting for the day when I could be able to work full time. But I know it would not be practical to give up my permanent position in the government for something that offers no certainty. I am aware that working online does not give an assurance of a lifetime career as compared to that of a government work which has a security of tenure. This means that an employee cannot be dismissed from the services except in exceptional and specified cases.

On the other hand, working online has been my best discovery which I considered as the greatest achievement in this life. This discovery added color to my life and make me proud of myself especially when some people from the place would come to me to solicit help about online work. I feel honored whenever this thing happened. I have a feeling that I am very blessed.

Truly, online working has brought great changes in my life and I am so thankful and happy about it.

The Greatest Struggle


Time is one of the most important factors to consider when aiming for success in whatever endeavor we. We can learn things that we have no idea about, but managing a somewhat limited time is a great struggle.

As most of us know that being an employee requires that we stay a minimum of 8 hours in our workplace. Not to mention the travel time if our workplace is located in another place. For me, I have to travel 3 to 4 hours a day to and from my workplace.

Inadequacy of time to cover all online activities that we have is one of the major constraints for achieving a successful online career. I am aware too that I am not the only one having this problem. Nevertheless, we should never stop learning and adopting new and legal ways or strategies in order to earn more from our online activities.

Doing online work on a part time is helping me a lot in terms of additional income I can derive from it. Such amount, maybe small but can be an additional source of funds. Just a little more hard work, patience, determination, and a little time management strategy could really be helpful.


Time Management Strategies

If you are finding it hard to devote enough time for your online work, either because of other equally important things, such as having other important tasks that you need to handle or having a day job or studies for that matter. Chances are, you might have overlooked the most important factor for working online.

Below are some of the proven time management strategies that would certainly help us in one way or another. Hope this could help you.


1. Focus on Few Sites

Most of us think that having a lot of sites to work with could bring better results. Later on, we will realize that joining many sites will cause to divide our attention, thus, we might not be able to reach the minimum

With so many enticing offers and opportunities, it would be very difficult to choose which one to work with, so we end up joining every site we stumble upon, thereby losing focus on what we do. Since we do not give full attention to a particular task, we ended frustrated after several attempts

I used to adopt a “join-all” strategy when I was just starting online. During that time, I didn’t know any other way of determining the legitimacy of a site aside from trying it out. Until I realized that I am wasting more time experimenting rather than actually earning. Thank God that I discovered a community, a forum site that opened my eyes to the real online world.

Although being prepared for anything that might happen anytime is a good strategy, still, maintaining and working with few sites will give us the best advantage.


2. Know Your Skill

By knowing what particular activity we excel, it would be easier if for us since the task at hand is within our area of understanding. Learning new skills would likewise be a good option too if we have extra time.

Don’t force yourself in doing something we do not fully understand and/or beyond our field of interest.

Here's a simple question for you

Do you experience difficulty in allotting time for online work?

See results

3. Take Little Steps

Oftentimes, we thought we can accomplish things when we are hurrying. Unknowingly, it would only create chaos and would result in having a disordered schedule.

Taking little steps done in a consistent manner can yield a better result than a giant step done occasionally.


4. Learn to Multi-Task When Possible

Base on some studies, women are far better than men in multi-tasking. So, girls, this is for us.

Most of the time, I would work with 2 to 3 sites simultaneously in order to make the most of my time. One of the sites I worked with requires listening skills in order to earn and most often, I would do this task while doing other online activities such as viewing ads.

Though this may not be the best advice, do this when you can handle it. Otherwise, this strategy might ruin everything instead of helping.

5. Delegate Other Tasks

Success can be achieved with the help of every member of the family. Let us assign household tasks with everyone in the family if possible. This way, we can devote more time to our online work.

Outsourcing other tasks may also be helpful. there are things that we may not be knowledgeable which could be done better when we let others with sufficient knowledge and skills perform the job.

On the final thought...

Working online can be very helpful if done properly and wholeheartedly. Making use of our spare time to accomplish tasks in exchange for some amount is a good way of spending time.

I love working online not only because I am earning a decent amount of money but also because I enjoy learning new things. These things helped me developed my self-confidence and self-esteem.

Thank you for reading.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Sharon Lopez


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