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How to Get Government Grant

Updated on September 30, 2010

Government Grants- Fact or Fiction?

Do you have a good idea but lack the necessary resources to turn that idea into a viable product? Need money for school? Wish to start a new company? Add on to an existing company? Need extra money to renovate your home? Purchase a new home? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions a government grant may be just what you need.

Every year the government doles out billions of dollars to people just like you. The only difference between the people that get this money and you, they know that government grants are very real and they have the necessary knowledge to obtain this money. They also know that, unlike government loans, government grant money is virtually free. The money is yours free of charge simply by knowing who to ask and how. Does this sound too good to be true? Well, with a bit of knowledge and the commitment to do what it takes you too can become one of the thousands that receive this grant money each year.

The Government Grant

Personal government grants can be split into two categories. First, there’s the personal government grant. The personal government grant offers money for such things as education, living expenses, home purchase, or renovation, and much more. Additionally, an individual can apply for a small business government grant. The small business government grant offers money for such things as business start-up, business expansion, major capital purchases, and even market research among other things. Either way, whether if you are in need of extra money, either personally or for a small business you owe it to yourself to look into the government grant program. 

Step by Step: The process

In today’s world of the internet, virtually everything you need to know and do to obtain a government grant is available online. By ensuring you have access to a computer and a good internet connection in pursuing a government grant you will find the process relatively simple. Although applying for a grant may be simple it will take an expenditure of time and effort on your part. However, if you follow the steps below you will be on your way to obtaining government grant money. Remember though, you will have to work for your grant money as each grant application may be slightly different. Ready to get started?

Tip # 1- Passionate purpose!

1. What is your purpose?

First, you will need a specific purpose. This purpose needs to be well established and one you are passionate about. If your purpose statement bores you it will also bore the reviewer. In which case your time and effort are wasted, the application will be discarded. On most applications your purpose will be the first thing the reviewer reads.

Tip# 2- Research! Careful research. Your purpose will line up with specific grant opportunities; it’s up to you to find these opportunities.

2. Start Research

Research available funding. The internet is your best friend offering a plethora of options to choose. The internet also hosts several government grant applications that can be filled out online. One of the premier sites is This site contains copious amounts of useful information as well as a list of available government grants, both personal as well as small business, and even walks you through the entire process.

Warning- If after doing all the research, you do not find any grant opportunities STOP!!! It is best to revise your purpose to fit available grant opportunities instead of continuing. Your purpose will not be funded, you cannot get a grant, if the grant does not match your purpose.

Tip # 3- Use the Government Grants websites, it will save you countless hours of frustration.

3. Choose the grant & Apply

Review the available options. It’s time to choose your grant and apply. Sometimes this decision is automatic as only one option is available for your particular purpose. However, at times you need to choose from a dozen or more different grants. Here is where you narrow the field to that one perfect grant, the one fitting your purpose precisely.

Finally, it’s time to obtain that application. If you choose to do this electronically use the website starting with registration on their site. You still have the option to submit the application by hand. In this case your first step will be to locate the telephone number given for your particular grant, place a call, and request a copy of the application. If you only have an address to use your request for the application will be sent to this address and you’ll have to wait on the mail.

Tip# 4- Don’t Rush! Misspelled words, typos, bad grammar all are serious red flags wrecking your chances of obtaining the grant. Remember the government does have billions of dollars to hand out but you are not the only one asking for it.

4. Double check your application

Once you have the application it’s time to fill it out. Be careful, go slow, and double-check yourself. The application is what the reviewer sees. One mistake here could cost you the grant.

Once completed, it’s time for submission. If you choose to utilize the website hit the save/submit button, off it goes into cyberspace. However, if you mail it out make sure you address the envelope correctly, it must arrive at the right location. Place it in the mailbox and wait for your answer.

Tip# 5- Once your application is sent off, sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite beverage. It’s okay to celebrate, you made it through the process.

5. Be Patience

Whether it’s a personal government grant or a small business government grant you chose to apply for the most important thing to remember is patience. Government grants are real, but you need to remember you’re not the only one writing. Moreover, the government runs on its own time frame. At any rate, all you need to do to claim your slice of the American pie is invest some time and effort and you just may be on your way to making your dream become reality.

Video: How to Get Government Grants Easily

Government Grant Scam

There are many government grant frauds. Scammer may call you and asking for personal identity such as social security number, credit card information, bank account information, and asking some money for processing fee. Instead of giving you a grant, fraud-er plan is to get your identity and your money.

Here are some tips & info about government grant:

  • The government never calls people unexpectedly to offer some grants. The government never send unsolicited letters or emails to offer grants.
  • If somebody offers you a grant unexpectedly, don't trust him. It's a scam. Never tell your identity and financial details.
  • There is no government grant fee. You won't have to pay anyone to get the grant.
  • You should apply before you are receiving. If you never apply for government grant and someone says you get the grant, it's a scam.

Video: Government Grant Seeker


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      Rick Lowhorn 

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      I Looking For Free Grants To Start 4 Business If You Can Help Me Free Call Me At 6156661012 Please

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      9 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Good information, I give it a vote up. Thanks


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