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How to Make Money through Blogging

Updated on September 1, 2010
Making Money Online
Making Money Online

Making Money Online

Making money online through blogging is simple most especially if you already have a unique idea and concept. You don't even need to start your own website or know intensive HTML or CSS codes or any other complex skill. For as long as you have basic knowledge of the internet you can earn money online and this is through blogging..

The way to earn money online or through blogging is through advertising. By placing ads in your blog, you will be able to earn profits depending on how many people view the ads on your website and how many will click these ads. There are so many people who are now earning a living through blogging and no longer have to work outside of their home. Blogging is convenient because all you can even just stay home and earn money already. Some people blog about how-to tutorials, travel tips, food recipes, and many others and some even blog nonsense stupid stuff and still earn a lot of money.

So if you think your blog idea can get a lot of traffic and clicks then you need to start thinking about placing advertisements in your blog. If you don't have a blog yet, be sure you have already read my how to make a blog tutorial where I teach not just how to start your own blog but also which blog sites accept placing advertisements. Not all blogging websites allow you to place ads on your blog and this is why you should really read that tutorial first before we begin.

Making Money on the Internet

In this tutorial I will be telling you how to make money through blogging. You just have to follow all the steps in order to make sure that you have all the requirements and you are not breaching any of the restrictions. For instance, you can't just start your own porn blog and expect to earn money from it through affiliate ad programs such as Google Adsense or Amazon. I'm sure that will get a lot of traffic but you see they do not allow that.

Now that you are interested in blogging, you should start thinking of how you can make money through it. So many people are so into blogging nowadays and they get a lot of traffic just from their friends alone and yet they do not know that they can be making profits through all of this! So if you think you can make a blog that people will love then start making your content already. You can't just put ads on your blog that doesn't even have content already. Start writing lots and lots of articles for your blog and start uploading them. In these tutorial series I will be teaching you how to increase traffic for your blog so that you will be able to increase your profits!

What's next?

Well, now that you understand the concept behind making money online through blogging, you will need to start your own blog and start blogging! That is all part of the tutorial series that I have posted. Just go back to the first page and check out the table of contents that I have made that will surely make you go from beginner to master blogger. You have to make sure that aside from writing quality articles and blog posts there are many other techniques that involve technical details that I will be discussing and that you are in need of such as Search Engine Optimization. There will be other tutorials about video marketing and how to use free internet tools to promote your website.

Blogging is a great way to make money online. It is convenient and simple. In the tutorial series I have made you will see how I single handedly outranked other websites through SEO techniques and made my blogs be on the front page of Google and made people read and subscribe to my blogs.

So just continue on with my tutorial and you will be making money in no time!


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