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How to Make Your List of Jobs Hiring That is Both Real and Effective

Updated on October 14, 2011

Tips for an Effective Target Job List

Need a job? Start my making a list of jobs hiring that interest you and target the companies that do that type of work. Having a focused starting point will keep your search on a forward path until you have exhausted all possibilities. Once that happens, broaden the list, expand geographically or somehow expand your list. Here's how to start making your list.

Sources for Jobs

There are a number of ways you can begin your list. Each has it's pluses and minuses. All can help you get started. Some are better than others and the benefits will vary by type of job and geographic location. Your job is to create the list as best you can for a starting point on a successful job search.

Places Advertising Jobs in Print

Many companies will advertise their jobs in local periodicals, newspapers, trade publications or local circulars. It can vary from the daily newspaper to weekly mailers or circulars found in grocery stores. This type of publication is often home to anything from entry level to mid management type positions. It is not a likely place to find executive positions. Another downside is often there is only a fax number or generic email so there is no way to know the name of the company who is posting the position. On the plus side, it tends to be geographically oriented to the region for which it serves and the jobs are often fairly fresh postings because the company that advertises them is paying each day/week/month it is published.

Local Unemployment Job Centers

One of the many services provided by the local government job centers is a job posting board. Many times employers will contact a local employment office and post jobs. These jobs tend to be very real but are often quickly filled so timing is everything. This type of job is more likely to have a lower wage scale or short term attached to it so it is not a great source for long term high paying jobs.

Networking with Friends and Family

This is the best source for good leads on who is hiring. The problem is that this method is limited to who you know and can talk to. Sometimes the Internet can expand that circle with social networking sites like and but it is still somewhat limited. Either way, it is probably the single best lead for actual companies that you can confirm that there have a list of jobs hiring that are real.

Company Web Sites

This is another good source of jobs. Find companies that you know do the type of work you want to do and go directly to their career section. The jobs there are probably real. The downside is that many jobs never get to the point where they are posted because they get filled before it even reaches the Internet. Still this is a terrific source of

Job Boards and Job Sites

This source of job leads provides the biggest, easiest and quickest snapshot of jobs at companies. With the Internet linking job boards, like Monster and Career Builder to on line classified ad sites like and, the number of jobs you are able to view in a short period of time is phenomenal. There are also sites which aggregate these job boards and sites into a one stop location. An example of this is the career portal at There you will find over 1000 job boards all linked together in one place. (It also has a number of other cool career related helping tools but more on that another time.)

The problem with this type of information is that the jobs can be old. The companies can be collecting resumes to load up their database for future openings. There is just a lot of poor information in these job boards and listings. So there is volume but not necessarily high quality.

Summary – How to Use this Information

Now that you know the sources for jobs that are open, begin searching for companies that have job openings. Create your target list and use these resources to verify if a job is really open. Start with the Internet or print ads but don't put all your eggs in that basket. Use other sources to verify they are in fact real jobs that are open. Once you verify they are open you can start your next step which is to get an interview but first you need to have your list of jobs hiring that is both real, accurate and effective to make your job search a success!


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    • profile image

      Sydney Birthday Party 6 years ago


      Its quite confusing when you have more than offers.But the always choose the place with good learning.

    • profile image

      pucit 6 years ago

      much confused these days with the new jobs offers.

      Which way i should go.