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How to Set Your Life Back on Track When Everything's Out of Wack

Updated on February 2, 2012
Forget-me-nots - Enjoy the flowers as you remember yourself and implement your plan for success.
Forget-me-nots - Enjoy the flowers as you remember yourself and implement your plan for success. | Source

Every now and then, even the most organized and disciplined of us may find some, or all, of our affairs out of control. The roller-coaster ride meanders its way through every time-invested effort, unwinding them into a tangled mess. It is difficult to see your way through, not knowing for sure how you got there and not being able to see where the beginning or end to the problem lies. Although your vision may be presently limited by the stress of the impending problems, you can find your way in, and out, of a problem, even if it is the clever handiwork of others who want to see you perpetually in that state.

Step Back and Breathe

Before doing anything, give yourself a chance to emotionally recoup from the state of your affairs. It's time to take a time-out for yourself and your health. Turn your vision away from the stressors and direct it to nature. Go to a stream, river, pond, lake or the beach. Deep breathe. Reflect and relax. Begin to clear your mind to approach the problem with a mind refreshed.

Identify Something Reachable

Look inside of the whole picture to find its smaller parts. Then identify a one part of the problem that is tangible enough to fix. Focus on it until it is resolved. Take a one-step-at-a-time, goal management approach to set goals and to start the process of resetting your affairs.

Who Benefits and Who is Harmed by the Problem

No one truly benefits from another's innocent failure and struggles. So refrain from thinking about existing in this state indefinitely. Instead, look at those it affects if you do not get things back in order. In a home, disorganization affects the parents and the children, and in a business, employee security, the profits and even the business model becomes at stake when everything does not run in an organized and efficient manner.

Keep these people and factors in focus as you begin to reverse the situation.

Keeping Your Cool

There is no need to fuss over spilled milk, nor is it necessary to invest any of your time and effort into blaming others, even if they are responsible. Instead, find that peaceful mark within yourself to control your emotions and temperament, and keep a cool head through what may be one of the more challenging experiences in your life.

Resetting your life and affairs is rightfully difficult and challenging. There may be times of feeling completely defeated and discouraged. You may even second guess your abilities, but this is not an appropriate approach for someone who tried, succeeded for a time, and then had a setback.

It is only a setback, so set the setback back upon itself, and make yourself move on. Overcome your feelings of inhibition by thinking with your mind. Think forward and soon you will find the drive to complete the task, or tasks, of getting things right.

Plan Your Direction

With the right frame of mind gained, begin to plan your direction. If you're not sure where to start, look to the before. Analyze what worked and separate out what didn't. Then brainstorm and ask around for new ideas, approaches and solutions to your future success. This is your personal organizational development.

Lay out your plan for success, and begin to implement it. Your life and affairs need structure and organization. Set time frames and deadlines for small achievements that are easy to carry out – every day or every week. On your list of “must dos”, check off each step, and shift your attention forward to the next one.

Be Quiet

Success is a blessing that many will appreciate and respect, but when you're recovering from matters not being “just right”, keep the early stages “hush-hush” until you, your home or your business is strong enough to face the public pressure. Sometimes speaking too soon sets you up for scrutiny, more challenges, and unnecessary pressure. So be quiet as you gain your footings, and then share with those who appreciate your achievements.

Reach for Your Resolution... And Your Success

There you have it. Work on your motivation to go forward, because setbacks easily make a person “sit down”. This is not the deserved state for someone who tries, even if their efforts do not come to fruition as they should. Regain your motivation, move forward refreshed and make it happen – because your success, in whatever you choose, is up for your taking.


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