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How to Stop Tardiness

Updated on February 7, 2014

How to be Punctual


Everybody experience tardiness at one time or another. This is absolutely normal especially when the reason for it is out of your control. But when running late becomes your habit, then this is the signal for you to act now before you lose great opportunities, friendships or loved ones for allowing constant tardiness to rule your life. Below are some of the effective ways to help you stop being late again for anything.

Ways to stop being constantly late

1. Know and understand why.

Experts say that the key to being on time is to understand why you're always late in the first place. Is it the snooze that you hit so many times? Or is it due to sleeping late at night as the result of not waking up early? Perhaps, you’re too disorganized for not keeping your keys or wallet inside your bag before you go? Whatever it is, you need to be aware of what’s causing your tardiness to figure out how you will handle the dilemma.

2. Sleep on Time

Go to bed early enough for you to obtain at least seven to nine hours of sleep. This will make a lot easier for you to get up on time and helps you feel on the go throughout the day.

3. Be aware of the time.

Keep your watch accurate. Some say, setting the time in advance will help them to be on time or even earlier. But for other people, their subconscious mind is aware that the time is incorrect and as a result, they tend to neglect knowing it is still early and that they still have enough time to prepare. You may set your watch just two minutes to three minutes ahead instead of five to ten minutes so you won’t make it a factor on the extra minutes.

4. Practice yourself arriving 15 minutes early for everything.

When your work starts at 8 am, you must be there 15 minutes early, so that would be around 7:45 am. Keep practicing this and you will notice how far you have improved. You will be on time even with heavy traffic. You will still be on time even with small interruptions and uncontrollable situations.

5. Plan ahead of time.

First things first. Being on time needs proper planning as it is impossible to be early on the spur of the moment if things are not planned. You need to organize your schedule and plan your activities for the whole week every Sunday. If you really are determined not to be late, then you should know your schedule and its time in the first place so as not to be confused. Give yourself allowance in between meetings to refresh yourself and get ready for the next meeting. This is important so that you won’t get stressed out at the end of the day.

6. Prepare things a night before.

Start preparing things you need in the morning a night before. From the clothes you’ll be wearing up to the things that need to be inside your bag must be organize to avoid cramming in the morning. In this case, you will just need to do few other things while not in a hurry and help you feel more relaxed as you go to work or school.

7. Wake up and get up.

Oh dear, please stop hitting the snooze button again. Wake up and get up sleepy head. If you have difficulty getting out of bed early, place the alarm clock a little further away from your bed. In this way, you will really have to force yourself to get up and turn it off otherwise your neighbor might wake you up for the loud alarm. You need to practice stretching, sitting up and jumping out of bed as soon once the alarm goes off.

We often get scared to decide on the things that we must do in order to have control over our time. We are affected by our decisions and actions in life which will greatly reflect in the future. How we want to become lies within ourselves. If you want to be successful then start by being punctual; but if you choose to lose the career you always wanted, then just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. It’s never too late to be late. Remember, being tardy is not bad, but making it a habit is bad, it’s time for to change for the better or ruin your life forever.


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