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How to start a Successful Business a 1000 Day Plan

Updated on July 4, 2011

Small Ideas Big Profits

Road map to Success 1000 Days Plan

Road map to Success 1000 Days Plan

· Ideas to Blue Print

o Put Down Every thought on paper

o Fine and Minor details are very important

o Your thought is your future

o Make Everything as a plan

o This is starting point of your journey towards success

· Start with feasibility Report

o Market Feasibility Report

§ Who are the buyer

§ What they are buying

§ Why they are buying

§ Defined very clearly whom you want to sell your product

o Availability and Sources of raw material or products or services. How are you willing to source so that your customers can buy it?

o Technology – this is world of technology and your prime concern is how to reach in best possible way to your market segment.

§ What are the technology available and competitive advantages of each of them?

§ SWOT of available technologies.

§ Which is best suitable for your venture in terms of value for money and suitability for the venture?

o Financial Feasibility – This is mother of all feasibility.

§ How much money you will make.

§ What is break-even point?

§ Fixed Cost

§ Working Capital Requirement

§ What is inventory

§ What is cost involved, expenditure for first 1000 days?

§ When money will flow to your pocket.

§ What is payback period, for small business it should not more than 700 days?

§ Don’t worry; even if it is break even then you should be ready to make money in thousand days.

· Define KPI (Key performance indicators), make them quantified and qualitative, define mile stone to mile stone and measure them against milestone.

o If they are not achieved do not get depressed just see why they are not, make relevant changes and start working.

· Start your working, arrange for money.

· Finalize technology and sign a contract with developer of the site and start making your own work plan. You should develop everything on the site and should know everything there. With your efforts, money, put your heart there and start loving it. Soon you will see success coming.

· Finalize your supplier and sign contract with them.

· Get the minimum required inventory.

· Finalize your delivery channel for your market. Sign a contract with logistic service provider so product will be delivered on time every time.

· When your portal is ready just go for soft launch.

· Finalize Marketing Plan

o Social Media Marketing Plan

o Internet Marketing Plan

o Blogs Marketing

o Space and other marketing

o Make Sure you reach your audience.

o See the hits and how plan is working.

o If it is working fine then nothing to worry.

o If hits are below expectation then make relevant changes to plan.

o See the targets are achieved.

· The full launch of the project and mega marketing campaign.

· Start generating revenue.

· Keep all details of income and expenditure.

· Order tracking and details.

· Customers are most important; always deliver more than what they have expected.

· Keep record and all details of your customers; communicate regularly with them, so they will be your repeat customers.

· Convey them greetings on the important occasions.

· See how business is going, income- expenditure and profits.

· Yes Job is done!

· You are successful entrepreneur.


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