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How to use Earn money from your backlinks

Updated on January 3, 2012

Internet Search Engine Optimization: Backlinks

As you develop online content, you will quickly learn that your content is worthless without readers. In order to develop visitors and readers to your pages, regardless of whether income is your motivation, you simply must learn some basic search engine optimization techniques.

Your very basic first lessons in search engine optimization should revolve around finding and using appropriate keywords, by using keywords that have established search traffic but lack sturdy competition you can guarantee yourself a piece of the search pie.

But in order to maintain that position you must steadily develop back links to your content, backlinks can be seen as recommendations, in the eyes of a search engine your content is more authoritative based on how many and particularly who, recommends your content.

Search Engine Optimization: SheToldMe backlinks

what is shetoldme
what is shetoldme

Ideally, other people will be naturally giving you backlinks in credit of your information, but as your in a competitive field, every bit counts!

This isnt an article about search engine optimization, it merely focuses on one service that will facilitate your early backlink efforts. If your visiting from outside of Hubpages, go away!

I jest, but you should join up if you are a writer or web developer as this platform can work as a powerful backlink source and also has amazing insite optimization that gives you quite a strong early lead against other in your chosen keyword competition.

What is SheToldMe: make Money from Pay Per Click Advertising

SheToldMe functions in much the same way as Digg or StumbleUpon and other Social Bookmarking sites you should be some what familiar with.

With two distinct differences:

  1. You are encouraged to submit your own content
  2. You can generate revenue through a Pay Per Click Advertising partnership

SheToldMe allows you to profit via:

Go ahead and sign up for both those programs, they are both pay per click advertising tools that allow you to earn from associated ads.Chitika has the unique ability of existing within Google Adsense TOS, as it is "search based advertising" it is allowed on the same page as Adsense! Because the ads are targetted not from your content, but rather from what the searcher entered into their search box, the ads are usually very relevant and my clickthrough is steadily in the 4-5% region

Submitting a Scoop

If you have both your advertiser accounts, now go ahead:

Sign Up for SheToldMe

Now that you have a shetoldme account and partnerships with the associated advertisers, be sure to enter your codes into the "My Adsense ID" field, both the Chitika box and Adsense are located adsense your id will be ca-pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX , and in chitika it will be your user name.

SheToldMe requires a 200 character minimum description and a title and category.

Heres the trick that makes this not just a backlink, but a real earner!

Head over to the Adwords Keyword Tool:

Now select the Website content option, and insert your URL that you plan to "scoop"

Adwords will deliver a list of Keywords that it registers from your content, using the highest earners describe your content with THE KEYWORD PHRASES . make it readable, but your purpose is either to generate revenue or traffic to your article, neither which will be accomplished by leaving your visitor on your "scoop" em away! if they pick google or chitika over your content, than if you selected your terms should be seeing over $1 per exit!

Thats it, get a permanent backlink and get great revenue for minimal effort. You can also time your "scoop" to coincide with trends in the search world, Google treats the newly indexed submissions as "news" and ranks them very highly for a short time.

So dont be surprised if your "scoop" outranks your Hub or article for a short time, it wont stay that way...I wish it was that easy!

You will notice an amazing increase in how fast your original articles are indexed! You can also use this tool to test out variations in keyword phrasings, by also using tracking in adsense to see how many impressions you get for slight variations. You could actually backlink an article as many times as you had trackers installed here at hubpages! This isnt for better earnings, but can be used for testing

Familiar with the backlink system now?

Spend a half hour or so and backlink ALL your old hubs and in the future add this quick submission to your final tasks when you publish a hub or article.

After that you should learn about other similar opportunities to get paid to backlink your own content

You should take the time to track your individual traffic sources, if not at the URL level, than at least at the site level, add to oyur channels in the adsense console

JoshuaSunforged ©2009

The Ultimate Passive Income for writers

If your interested in a more in depth process and outlook for pursuing a passive income online through writing.

See the full collection of options from rss submission sites to article marketing and free internet marketing tools.

How to build a passive income writing online

Thanks for visiting, I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to ask any questions or point out anything you feel should be corrected in the comments below

Think you can do better? maybe you can, sign up for hubpages and prove it, make money writing about what you know and love.

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