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SEO Tips : Using the Revenue Sharing Model to Promote Your Site

Updated on July 9, 2011

Hi, think you can do better?

Give it a shot by trying HubPages now.

For some reason, Nicole Miller of DocuMaker felt my article was worthy of highlighting as "something worth avoiding" in a recent TechCrunch article and felt this one example could be used to disparage an entire community of writers with very unique styles and intent.

So, by all means, please inform me why I should be ashamed of this simple article?

And feel free to learn why I enjoy Hubpages so much:

One Year at Hubpages, Community and Earnings

Increase your pay per click with more traffic!

seo tips
seo tips
seo tips
seo tips

SEO Tips - Get Website traffic

The secret to getting lots of website traffic isnt really a secret at all, sure there are tons of little tweaks and tricks to irk out more views than your competition. But if you have researched your approach correctly, you shouldn't have insurmountable competition.

The trick to getting website traffic is to show up nice and high in search engine results for a well researched keyword or combination of words.

The easiest way to ensure this is to have lots and lots of backlinks.

There is lots of confusion about how to get a backlink and what constitutes a backlink, its not hard, you must be overthinking!

A backlink is quite simply a link that leads from somewhere else "Back" to your site, article, hub, blog or lens. The only rule is it should be coming from a a site outside of the domain that you are linking to.

There are other considerations to work on over want dofollow links and you want links from sites with high PR. But if you have zero, nadda, none backlinks than any backlink is going to help you.

Its nice to just get bunches or organic backlinks, but in reality, most of your top competitors are using automated software or hiring "SEO" firms to churn out rewrites and spins from Third World Content Mills. Its best to be proactive when attempting to compete in the "real" world.

I will give you some resources to understand those concepts better in a moment, but first Ill cut to the chase. You can make your own backlinks and you can earn from them! We are not talking riches, but 20-30 a month from each source, plus the backlink is a pretty good opportunity.

This doesnt mean you should forget on page search engine optimization and other valuable seo tips, it just mean that developing your first ten backlinks is easy and you can earn money online directly in the process

SEO tips: Sites that pay you to create your own backlinks!

Sign up for

I discovered Xomba almost a year ago, it seems like a Hubpages, Associated Content, write articles for money type site (because it is) and was quickly put off by the interface and content.

A week ago, I went back to the site after reading about some other users success stories. A person I trusted claimed $30.00 in earnings from 80 links followed by $50.00 in earnings the following month from a total of 110 backlinks.

Xomba has a choice of Xombytes - which are short articles, or xomblurbs, which are nothing more than a link, a title and a short description.

In the first week, I submitted 50 bookmarks, I have received over 300 clickthroughs to my articles and approximately $2.50 in direct earnings. The Xomba site reports 900 views to my submissions.

Update: Almost a month later, with almost 100 Xomblurbs posted, Ive seen almost 1000 page impressions on my SHARE of pageviews and made approx $60.00..the approximations are to keep within TOS for both related sites

For the two hours max I spent I feel the returns will be enormous.

Xomba pays via an adsense impression sharing system, you can track and view your earnings via URL channels in adsense.

Sign up for

I have been a member of this site for a little over 3 months, this site is another example of quite an ugly interface, that initially turned me off. I actually outsourced the backlink process in order to catch up with my backlog of hubs. I noticed rather quickly that the site was indexed very fast. My earnings via adsense have only been around 1.00 per month but the links generate around 600 page views to my hubs in a month.

Although, Adsense has only generated 1.00 per month, shetoldme also allows you to get revenue through the Chitika program, Chitika revenue has been almost .50 per day! I now use chitika on all my sites as it can be used in conjunction with adsense.

I do recommend you sign up with Chitika

Sign up for

At this point, I am very new to the redgage program. Redgage does not use an impression style program to pay for backlinks, it has its own algorithm for computing revenue per page views. When you reach $25, they send you a pre-paid visa card all further earnings are sent to this card. They seem to be fond of giving out random bonuses for submitted content. many new users are reporting earnings of 150.00 in a month dues to random bonuses. This service seems to have a good following with the Squidoo crowd.

In 2 hours, I have made .05 cents in page view earnings for 8 submitted backlinks!, edit 1 day later with 18 backlinks and one featured story my earnings are nearing $5.00!

Sign up for

Tagfoot doesnt directly fall in the same model. It allows you to bookmark and earn from ALL your bookmarks, so if you have a folder full of your own articles, than they are eligible to be earned from also. Tagfoot is an actual community and in order to be eligible to earn from the site you need to reach the ProFoot level. But attaining ProFoot is easy, so far i enjoy the site for its intended uses, not just for backlinks. You can find a lot of your hubber friends are already there!

As I am not a Profoot, I do not have personal experience about earning potential just yet. I joined almost 8 months ago but just learned about the revenue options recently. I have several hundred bookmarks so I am looking forward to discovering what options I have. They have a great twitter/tagfoot tool that would work well with the twitter system i described in another hub(link available below)

Tagfoot monetizes through impression sharing via Adsense, Amazon,Kontera and Chitika

After nearly a year of using this process and similar methods, I was spurred to create a toolbar that incorporates the needs of this process.

Feel free to use it yourself. free download - Cross compatible with all browsers, certified adware/spyware free.

Online Writers Toolbar v1 Professional

Do you feel getting paid for your backlinks is a good business model?

See results

Some final thoughts and SEO Tips

Keep in mind the purpose of these sites are not for earnings, it is to create backlinks that will increase your main articles (or hub,or blog, or site, or lens) ranking in the search engine.

The submission process is easy! If you can get into the habit of publishing a new hub and than quickly submitting to these resources you will really get your hubs off to a running start.

You can easily make all 4 submission in less than 2 minutes, use a slightly different title with your target keywords, some general tags and either a custom summary or just paste some random text from your hub if your in a hurry. Do NOTget hung up on the details at these sites, stick your links up and move along.

But the added possibility of earnings is a great plus and the direct traffic potential of the user community of each site has its benefits also.

10 Quick Guaranteed Backlinks to your site

The 4 sites referenced above

Make your own blog and link to your hubs (for the purpose of backlinks Do not link your hubs to your blog)

Sign up for HubPages to create a backlink by writing an informative article like this one (to a site other than Hubpages)

You can also use these social bookmarking sites that are dofollow - if you follow all these steps your new piece of web real estate can have 10 dofollow backlinks in under an hour, 6 of which are monetized

FeedMarker update:

Create a Feedmarker Account

Because of the increasing costs of hosting this site, we've begun charging a one-time, $50 fee to create an account.

How ridiculous! Guess, its only a useful tool if you have a grandfathered account.

Good Luck

Added benefit: this technique when used on new hubs,articles,blogs,blurbs etc..leads to almost instant indexing, the article I posted directly after this one on Family Guard Dogs was indexed by google in under 6 hours!

JoshuaSunforged ©2009

Thanks for visiting, I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to ask any questions or point out anything you feel should be corrected in the comments below

Think you can do better? maybe you can, sign up for hubpages and prove it, make money writing about what you know and love.

Dont have time to comment....rating this up, or tweeting, digging or sharing with your facebook friends could really help me out

Thanks for your support

The Best of SEO Tips

Over the time that has passed since the creation of this article, much of my experience and process has adapted. The overall truth of this hub remains valid but a stronger philosophy has been developed - if this was helpful, I suggest that this will be far more helpful!

How to make a Passive Income Online Writing 

Seo Tips on backlinks and being paid
Seo Tips on backlinks and being paid
seo tips on backlinks
seo tips on backlinks

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