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The 60DC Curriculum - How to make a passive income writing online

Updated on September 4, 2012

Making a Passive Income online

Making a passive income online is a very active process. The term "passive" is actually quite misleading. But if done right, with a little luck and a lot of work, once can create passive income streams online.

Outlined below is an example of one system used that has proven to be successful for one person, everyones results vary.

I can tell you one thing upfront, The Field of Dreams philosophy, i.e. 'If You build it, They will come," does not apply here.

The 60 Day Challenge April/May 2010 / 60dc-The Return Aug/Sept 2010

The actual group event of the 60DC are well underway but these basic principles can be useful for the traditional solitary online writer / passive income seeker or a network of writers.

Passive Income?
Passive Income?

Principles of Online Success


Setting Goals - Realistic Goals and success

As you start any new business it is important to do your homework and realize the true scope of what you have endeavored to do.

If your method will involve writing online and earning an income via affiliate opportunities and page views, it is important to read up on the industry and find some honest sources of information. But at some point, the search for information must end and you must begin to act, experiment, try, fail, fail again and hopefully succeed in the end.

All journeys start with a single step!

So as you step out into that unknown create some solid goals for yourself

The 60 Day Challenge: Step 1 - Set Your Goals 

About Goals and Success

Community and Accountability

One drawback of the online writing for money or passive income generation approach is the solitary nature of the process.

It is unlikely that one will have many offline who understand what you are attempting and they will be unable to hold you accountable or cheer you on  towards your goals.

You should try and keep this in mind, perhaps convince a friend to join you on your journey or join a community site such as HubPages. If you are quite sure of your dedication you may be interested in joining a paid training course that incorporates a community aspect such as The Keyword Academy.

Here at the 60DC, We attempted, with success, to create a group joined by a common goal and with shared benefits that assisted us all in staying accountable to ourselves and each other.

 The 60 Day Challenge: Step 2 - Goals, Planning, Success - Team Building

Quality and Planning

As part of our challenge we all endeavored to create 30 unique articles in 30 days time. But, in the interest of our own pride as writers and producers and in creating a product that would best be found by search engines and be respected by human eyes, we followed standards of quality and organization that would best meet both these criteria.

60 Day Challenge: Principles of Success - Fundamentals of the 60DC 

Selecting Topics

One of the most important requirements of the passive income generating writer is learning how to select topics that will generate a return. On top of this issue, when one is writing at a considerable output level with commercial considerations - the concept of "inspiration" is anathema to success. One cannot wait for inspiration, one must learn that there are more topics available to you than seconds in your lifetime.

60 Day Challenge - Step 3 - What Should I write about? Finding Your Niche. 

Selecting Viable Keyword terms

Now that you have a collection of interesting and lucrative niche categories its time to whittle down those broad categories into the exact terms that will draw traffic and elicit the best returns for your time. A strong initial focus on your keyword selection and research will help you create more hubs with legs and lessen the need for advanced promotion in your hubs future

60 Day Challenge - Step 5 - Keyword Tips -  Select Keywords that will make money

Getting Traffic To Your Sites

Although there is a very important distinction in what constitutes targeted, valuable, converting traffic and just plain visitors, it is important that your work be seen and read and reacted to.

The whole second half of the 60 Day Challenge is dedicated to gaining additional traffic sources and maximizing the benefits of your work . But, in the process of writing and researching one can do some preliminary work that will build your future traffic potential.

60 Day Challenge - Step 5 - Easy Ways to promote your writing and get traffic to your site

Halfway There!

Phase 2: Promotion

After completing our 30 Hubs in 30 Days we begin our equally intensive task of promoting our works. This is done mostly through off and on page search engine optimization.

By organizing ourselves we are able to not only individually promote our works but also combine our new 2 dozen members efforts in order to create some truly massive promo engines. 

Tweak Week

30 Hubs completed, Do our challengers sit back and their laurels and hope that there stats will magically increase? No. We begin Tweak Week, an opportunity to run through our existing works and fix typos and revise in order to create a better user experience for our visitors.

What else should we tweak?

  • Layout - Placement of advertising modules is crucial to maximizing income
  • InterLinking - Be sure to keep your groups tightly interlinked, keep YOUR visitors on your pages, anchored contextual links are encouraged.
  • On Page SEO - Are your keywords in your Title and Header Capsules? Image Captions or surrounding text?
  • Add and revise content - Have you learned more about a topic? Do your comments reflect any unanswered questions? Does your analytics data show any promising search strings that you didnt optimize for?
  • Additional Affiliate opportunities? The obvious options available are not always the best or only options. Pursue other income opportunities for your visitors.

As a related feature I will show a recommended set up to tweak your web browser, to make many of your promotion and backlink activities a one click step.

Creating an SEO Browser : Best SEO and promotion plugins 2010(coming soon)

suggested reads: (for now)

How to set up your firefox browser to maximize your online efforts(2009) - just a taste of what your browser can do.The 2010 version will be more streamlined, shorter video , more targeted plug in explanation and will replace the videos below...just not sure that I still have camtasia!

Free Tool for Readers! Hubpages Affiliate Based Super Dashboard

or try: ProHubber Online Writer and Affiliate Toolbar

2009 Version of Firefox Tweaks - a Sunforged original

On Page Optimization - On Page SEO

Get Traffic to your sites ----------  What is On Page optimization for search engines - on Page SEO

Although a great majority of the 60DC is focused on gaining traffic through external sources, In fact gaining 10 unique visitors from 10 unique sources to each of the 30 hubs published in the first 30 days is the only stated goal of the 60DC at Hubpages, using some basic formatting standards in order to optimize your hubs for search traffic is a given.

One of the main benefits of the Hp publishing platform is its intrinsic on page and in site optimization, That combined with its respected authority makes it a powerhouse for income and traffic generation.

In the course of the above article, an attempt was also made to bring the concepts of SEO and online optimization into a more tangible real world scenario.

Optimizing Layout for Clickthrough

 The location of advertising modules and the general flow of your layout is of an utmost importance. Simple rules from the world of Print Journalism still ring true - your "above the fold" area is prime real estate.

Internet Readers are scanners

There is a science to layout and conversion

Our Hub on Tweak Week principles attempts to outline how one can relate these simple truths to their online strategies

Maximizing Online Profits - Increase Conversions  and Traffic through attention to detail.

Suggested Read:

Why Dont I make money from adsense?

Use Analytics to find longtails - optimize for this traffic

coming soon 

Optimizing Income via Affiliate Opportunities

  • Build an Amazon A-Store - Get 100% of your impressions and control and limit your traffic behavior
  • Build an eBay Niche Store
  • Develop further Affiliate Opportunities

Search engine optimization - Off Site

To Be Published throughout Phase 2

Developing Backlinks


Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

The Truth about Adsense Revenue Sharing and their effect on search engine rankings

What are the pros and cons of using these types of sites ? Can they help you or hurt you?  See a list of available sites that allow you to earn from your backlinks and a few caveats about the entire process.

suggested reads:

Earn from Your Backlinks - SEO Tips 

RSS promotion


RSS Feed promotion is probably the simplest and most powerful automated tool one can use to promote their hubs and websites.

With a few clicks, one can submit and have their feed auto-promoted every time they create new content for that feed. This is a step no online writer should skip.

60dc - RSS Submission List - Automate your Promotion


Easy Blog Creation
Easy Blog Creation

Niche Blog Creation


- How HubPagesTeaches Perfect Blogging Techniques-   Your Own Blog

Using the skills you have learned at HubPages can assist you in creating your own blogs that support the research and production you have created in your writing efforts. By taking notes on what makes the layout and optimization of Hbpages so effective, you can start your own blogs off with a bang. Its Easy!

Twitter Broadcasting


suggested reads:

Make Twitter Work for you - Earn Money from Twitter 

Social Bookmarking


Link Wheels


Suggested Reads

Ultimate Writers Link Wheel 

Article Marketing




Advanced Tools


Using Adwords to gain targeted traffic to your articles:

Most users who have Google accounts are periodically sent offers to try out the Adwords programs in the form of a voucher. These Adwords Vouchers are a great way to learn about the other side of the adsense publisher program and get areal feel for the way the entire system works. With some careful keyword selection and great latouts at your destination pages you can easily double your money - the best part! - Its not really your money - its a Voucher!

Learn some tips and tricks about how to use your Adwords Voucher.

Thank you! FrogDropping

relax and Get a massage, you deserve it!
relax and Get a massage, you deserve it!
60 Day Challenge - Returns
60 Day Challenge - Returns

Our 60DC Success Stories - Halfway There!

One of our motivated and pioneer challengers,FrogDropping, took up the gauntlet and prepared an expose highlighting the successes and experience of our inaugural team as they cross the 30 day mark.

The Second 60 Day Challenge

In August of 2010, we decided to return to the 60 day Challenge and pursue the team environment with both new and returning challengers.

Some new resources were added to make this challenge refreshing and more seamless

A Pre-Challenge Preparation Hub has been created:


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