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Human Resource (HR) Jobs in India

Updated on August 15, 2012

Human Resources Jobs

More and companies have begun to realize that human resources are an invaluable asset. There is a talent hunt going on all the time and more than identifying and recruiting talent, the question of retaining talent is posing a greater problem. The recent industrial boom in the Indian economy despite global meltdown has sharply brought in to focus the importance of human resources jobs in India.

The responsibilities of a Human Resources person are manifold – man power planning, seeking resumes, interview scheduling, recruitment, training, promotions, transfers, pay roll, staff loans, employee welfare, compliance of statutory requirements etc.

Human Resources Management is fast becoming a specialized discipline. The frontline Indian Institutes of Management, six in number, offer full time post-graduate courses on human resources management. Reputed Institutions and top ranked universities are also offering graduate and post graduate programs on human resource administration, industrial and labor relations etc.

Are you looking for a job in the HR Sector?

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You are Wanted

Best Sources for Human Resources Jobs

Graduation in any discipline followed by a 2-year Diploma in Human Resources is the basic qualifications needed to start off as a Human Resources Executive in Indian companies. A degree in law or 2-year postgraduate diploma in labor studies or a 2-year postgraduate in personnel management will be highly helpful for career progression in Human Resources department. However, people aspiring for top positions in Human Resources will have to obtain 2-year PG qualification from one of the prestigious IIMs by passing CAT exams.

Getting a job as Human Resources Executive many not be difficult once you acquire the above stated qualifications. Most of the institutions / colleges will find you suitable placement post completion of studies. It is quite easy to get promising jobs in Human Resources as there are opportunities galore and the demand for Human resources are steadily on the increase. Once armed with the necessary professional qualifications, you can also directly apply to the companies or even search for HR jobs in online portals.

Jobs in Human Resources are considered prestigeous and coveted by many as they are invariably white collar jobs and the usual work hours are the standard office hours. Nonetheless it is a responsible job as any wrong recruitment can be potentially harmful. It is necessary the a Human Resources person is also a keen student of human behavior. He / she should have good communication capabilities and excellent interpersonal skills.

A career in HR can be quite promising with plenty of opportunities to grow and excel. It’s a lucrative career and entails excellent financial rewards. A freshly qualified Human Resources executive can reasonably expect a starting salary of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 even in a medium sized company and the emoluments will keep climbing up with passage of time and there is no specific upper limit.

The responsibilities of HR executives depend on the size of the company as the division of work varies. However, as in any profession, to climb up to higher positions of responsibility in Human Resources department, you will have to gather working experience and practical knowledge. With an element of luch, you can even end up as Human Resources Director of a company.

Some smaller companies may not find it cost-effectiive to run a full-fledged HR department. They invariably look to professional Human Resources Companies that are fully equipped and competent in providing customized HR solutions. People who wish to be self-employed, can also eventually start their own HR companies after gathering the required experience in recruitment, training, labor relations, occupational analysis etc.


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