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Is bubblews safe? How to earn money in bubblews?Tips for newbies

Updated on October 15, 2013

What about hubpages and me?

I joined hubpages 2 years back and published about 20 hubs. Hubs basically mean the articles we publish. We call it 'hubs' in hubpages. Among 20 hubs, around 13 of them are featured. The rest are all poems.When I started with hubpages, I didn't know anything about SEO and stuffs related to it. I was just active for few months during my vacation.After that I was not able to keep up with hubpages. After two years I saw that my hubpages earnings was around 45 dollars. That's why now I am learning about SEO to increase traffic to my hubs. But I will not be talking about it now.

Introduction to bubblews

Bubblews is a new site whose popularity has increased. It might be just over a year old.It is just like a combination of a writing website and a little of facebook. What do we do on facebook? We share our post. Then it is liked by our friends. They comment on it and we do the same. Bubblews is a cool place to earn by doing these things. People have been earning using squidoos, hubpages and other sites. Currently, I am just a member of hubpages and not others as I don't have much time to write.

I took this picture while using bubblews.A place where you submit your hubs/bubbles
I took this picture while using bubblews.A place where you submit your hubs/bubbles | Source

Why did I join bubblews?

Let me talk about bubblews. I joined bubblews on August 16 and by September 26 I was able to earn 75 dollars.Frankly speaking, what I earned in bubblews is not much to other bubblers because there are other bubblers in bubblews who can earn more.

But I am very satisfied with what I earned. I had very few connections at that time. Now, my connections have increased and my interaction with other bubblers too. I have earned 50 dollars in not less than 2 months. The 25 dollars got lost on the way due to some problems.(I guess)

Have you joined bubblews yet?

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What do you do in bubblews?

  1. Writing articles or sharing your story,anything you like.
  2. Making connections
  3. Liking and connecting fellow bubblers' bubbles.
  4. Interaction with bubblers
  5. Redeeming money and receiving it in paypal :P

1.Writing Original Content with own picture

In bubblews, we are supposed to write original content of at least 400 characters. It's pretty easy, right? Not 400 words but 400 characters. Even if it is your own website and you took a fragment of that article to post it on bubblews, it should be creative. We should not post exactly copy-paste of that article.

Similarly, if we want to add picture it should be our own pictures or pictures which are not copyright protected. In the end of our bubble or article we should always mention the source of our picture. This would ensure that the pictures are not copyright protected and we have not violated any rules of bubblews. Mind it! If we break the rules, bubblews will never pay us.
Also we should never post any referral link or link of other websites to promote them even if it is your own website.

Plagiarized bubbles are always caught by bubblers and reported because they are all working hard. It is unfair that plagiarized posts get paid. That's why many bubblers actively participate in reporting those posts. Trust me, once bubblews comes to know about it, the plagiarizers do not have any chance.

The icon where you can check your earnings
The icon where you can check your earnings | Source

2.Interacting with bubblers or users

Interaction is an important thing. Everything in bubblews can help us earn. Likes, dislikes, comments and views are parts of earning. When we like someone's post and comment on it, the bubbler returns the favour by doing the same.This means more the interaction more the earnings.When commenting on a bubbler's bubble you might want to mention their name. While mentioning it should read as &loveandlightjirel instead of @loveandlightjirel .Mentions can help increase earnings too.

3.Increasing your connections

We can also connect with people not just to increase our interaction but also to meet like-minded people. Bubblews is like a network of like-minded people. When we make bubbles and share it, we learn a lot of things from each other. Of course, there has been issues when people randomly dislike a bubble and keep disliking that particular bubbler's bubble or post. If that continues, bubblews will take a serious note of it and delete the bubbler's account. This has happened. Some innocent bubblers have been bombarded with dislikes on each bubble he or she publishes by the same person repeatedly. Those bubblers are reported for their activity.

4.Sharing your bubble

You can always share your bubble on social sites like facebook, twitter etc. This will help you increase your earning. If your bubble is pretty popular, it might appear on the first page of google. So go for it.

This is how your bank looks like Take note of the Likes, dislikes, comments, views and number of posts
This is how your bank looks like Take note of the Likes, dislikes, comments, views and number of posts | Source
This is how your bank looks like after redemption PS: When you sign up for bubblews, you alreay have 1 dollars in your account
This is how your bank looks like after redemption PS: When you sign up for bubblews, you alreay have 1 dollars in your account | Source

4.Keeping the bubbles alive

Since we have hundreds of bubbles they might be buried. But we can always prevent it by providing backlinks to bubbles that are related.Also sharing on social sites could make it popular. People who are skilled on SEO can easily keep their bubbles alive. Talking about me, I am just new to these things. I just used to find a topic that I'm interested in, reseach on it and publish it. I never knew about other things on how to increase traffic.

5.Using of tags

While in most articles we tag using # sign, in bubblews we use + sign. For example in other we use #happy #places but in bubblews we use +happy +places

While in most articles we tag using # sign, in bubblews we use + sign. For example in other articles we use #happy #places but in bubblews we use +happy +places

Mentioning a bubbler's name

I've already mentioned it above but in case you missed it. In facebook when we mention someone we use @. But in bubblews we use &. For example instead of @katherine we use &katherine.

This is my total earnings in September as you can see
This is my total earnings in September as you can see | Source

How much have you been paid by bubblews so far

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RULES OF BUBBLEWS- The most important of all things if you want to be paid

If we do not follow any rules, we won't be paid at all. That's why this is the most important part of this hub.Please read each and every rules below

  1. No plagiarized posts
  2. No copyright protected pictures shold be used.
  3. The picture's credit should be given at the end of the post.
  4. No asking for other bubblers to return to our post and like it. This is a serious violation.
  5. No sharing of your post more than once in the social network.
  6. No spams to be posted.
  7. No referral links or other websites to be posted in out posts.
  8. No liking of our own post as far as I think
  9. We can post 10 posts per day but not more than that.
  10. Double accounts of one person is strictly prohibited.Bubblews seriously dislikes it. When they will come to know about it, be ready for an explanation.
  11. However, one household could have two bubblews account but not duplicate account. For example, a mother and her child can have bubblews account who live in the same house. But not more than two members can use bubblews from the same household.In my case, me and my best friend share the same wifi but not more than that. But we need to inform bubblews support as soon as another member signs up for that. Or else it could be mistaken as duplicate account.
  12. Posts should be written in english. If written in another language should be translated.
  13. Not to use pornographic images

How to make sure you get PAID

  • RULES RULES RULES. Read those rules again
  • Be a good and a loyal bubbler
  • Be nice to your fellow bubblers
  • Make sure your paypal is verified.

How to make redemption

  • In bubblews, there is a small icon which is called 'bank'.
  • This is one of the most frequently used button because this is where we can see our earnings.
  • Once we rich the 25 dollar mark we can redeem it.
  • Then we can enter our email address which is linked to paypal.
  • Make sure that your paypal is verified.

Have you been paid by bubblews?

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Is it a scam?

No, I can say that it is not a scam. I've been paid twice already. I've made three redemptions. Out of them, two have been cleared. The third one had some problems. I guess it's because my friend signed up using the same IP, so they might have mistaken me as having two accounts.

This is my earnings in October.See the number of posts now and see the earnings. I wasn't active during this time because my third redemption had some problems
This is my earnings in October.See the number of posts now and see the earnings. I wasn't active during this time because my third redemption had some problems | Source

Who should not join bubblews?

  1. Those who are in search of online scams that can make you a billionaire.
  2. Those who don't have patience. Many people have not been paid due to unknown reasons. This is because the popularity of bubblews is growing and there are very few people working on it. There are many users in bubblews. So, it is difficult for them to pay attention to each and everyone.However, they are trying their best to make thngs better.
  3. Those who are trying to post referral links.
  4. Those who want to spam and discourage other writers.
  5. Bubblews is a platform not only for terrific writers but for everyone .For students who want to share their stories, for mothers, for teens, for grandparents and everyone. Bubblews is a place where people share what they like.So, if you like to make fun of others who are not capable of writing like you do, please do not join. But, I know that hubpages is a community of great people whom I respect. So, there wouldn't be any who would be hurting others' feelings.

Would you like to join bubblews now?

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What I have to say

I am sure almost all of my dear hubbers are aware of bubblews. The first time I came to know of bubblews was from hubpages. So, I'd like to thank the nice lady who mentioned this to me.

And to all the readers who are not part of hubpages here, if you'd like to know anything about bubblews please let me know. I will be happy to help.Happy bubbling and earning!

3.2 out of 5 stars from 5 ratings of If you are a bubblews user


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