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Kansas Job Markets

Updated on December 3, 2017
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Ms. Inglish is an award-winning Employment & Training pro with regional records and tens of thousands placed into gainful employment.

Kansas Wheat
Kansas Wheat | Source

Successful Kansas Industries

The production of wheat grain as a crop has been a foundation of the Kansas state economy in a US plains for many years.

In the 21st century, all Farm Products and the Meat-packing Industry have led the state in jobs and business revenues, with the Large Aircraft Industry in Wichita, Kansas coming up fast behind them. Thus, food and aircraft production are leading industries.

Remarkably, just four corporations in Kansas, all of them in Wichita, manufacture over 70% of the whole world's general aviation aircraft. This follows a marked increase in aircraft and aerospace vehicle parts manufacturing in relationship to the increase in aerospace efforts in America and abroad.

In the years from 2010 - 2014, NASA amassed at least 63 privately held aerospace partners that include, in part, aircraft and aerospace manufacturing. Google successfully gained a number of lunar landers through their LunarX Prize, and Google in partnership with famous names like James Cameron and Sir Richard Branson began space mining efforts. They will bring in minerals from Mars, probably the moon (Luna), and the asteroid belt just beyond Mars. Thus, Kansas is in a good position to grow its economy from 2014 - 2024.

Aviation is an industry that will continue to offer opportunities for high-paying jobs and careers throughout the next several decades. This is especially true in light of the growing number of Spaceports in America (at this writing: 12 in the USA, one in Canada, and another under construction in Colorado, USA).

The Top 20 Largest Employers in Kansas include the four major aircraft manufacturers located in Wichita,several corporations and small farmers in the agricultural industry, various meat-packing facilities, and several universities (see end of article for listing).

A markerKansas -
Kansas, USA
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Kansas Job Markets

Wichita is a real business and culture hub in Kansas. Some of the best jobs there include those in

  1. Healthcare,
  2. Government,
  3. Avionics and
  4. Aerospace.

The future is very bright there. Wichita is one of Forbes Magazine's Best Cities for Jobs with a lower cost of living. A thriving college town, a dozen institutions of higher education partner tightly with business and government to design internships and new businesses as well. Wichita will continue to grow.

High demand jobs in Leawood KS are located largely inside the I-435 Outerbelt around Kansas City. Leawood is a major suburb of that place, just a few blocks west of the Missouri-Kansas state line and only two miles east of Overland Park.

To the near north in Johnson County lies Shawnee, Kansas, voted one of the Best Cities In America by CNNMoney. The lands that became Shawnee, Kansas were a hub of government as well as native religion among the Shawnee people and the Osage Nation before them.

One of America's Richest Cities, Mission Hills, Kansas is located approximately 5 miles south of the Kansas City and Kansas-Missouri area and about 5 miles northeast of Overland Park. Overland Park itself is a mega-railroading suburb. Kansas. The American railroads of the 19th and 20th Centuries were responsible for many such communities. good transportation is a key to city growth.

Mulberry sits in Crawford County, Kansas in the Southeast Market Area designated for gathering statistics about employment and business. Mulberry is actually at the Missouri-Kansas state border, near Arma and Pittsburg KS.

Agricultural Focus

The Walton, Kansas 21st Century Rural Life Center is an educational facility that provides hands-on training to youth in order to prepare them for the thriving Kansas agricultural businesses and jobs. Animal husbandry and county and state fairs for showing animals from the center all go into the curricula of grades K-5.

The Center is located 25 miles north of Wichita and classes begin every day with breakfast at 7:35 AM and end at 3:00 PM. This is about an average workday in America for the first shift, but many hours fewer than a real agricultural job often requires.

This education is not all farm work! Grades K-5 have music lessons twice weekly, physical education twice weekly, and either or both on Fridays. Computer literacy also keeps the children busy.

Agricultural High Schools for grades 9-12 are not so new in America. Even Chicago and Philadelphia have them. Akron, Ohio supports an agricultural middle school. Farming is not dead in the USA and Kansas is a big proof of that.

A markerWalton 21st Century Rural Life Center; 502 Main, Walton KS -
502 Main Street, Walton, KS 67151, USA
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Statue to the Plains Indians in Wichita, Kansas.
Statue to the Plains Indians in Wichita, Kansas. | Source

Native American Businesses In Kansas

Iowa Tribe of Kansas & Nebraska

  • Route 1, Box 58A, White Cloud KS 66094-9624

Kickapoo Tribein Kansas

  • P.O. Box 271, Horton KS 66349-0271

Pelathe Community Resource Center

  • Lawrence's Indian Center 1423 Haskell Avenue, Lawrence KS 66044

Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribe

  • Route 2 Box 50A, Mayetta KS 66509

RedNation of the Cherokee

  • 1509 Washington Lane, Augusta, KS 67010

Sac & Fox Tribe of Missouri

  • Rt. 1, Box 60, Reserve KS 66434-9723

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A markerWhite Cloud KS -
White Cloud, KS 66094, USA
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B markerHorton KS -
Horton, KS 66439, USA
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C marker Lawrence KS -
Lawrence, KS, USA
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D markerMayetta KS -
Mayetta, KS 66509, USA
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E markerAugusta, Kansas -
Augusta, KS 67010, USA
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F markerReserve KS -
Reserve, KS 66434, USA
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Kansas City
Kansas City | Source

Sports Related Opportunities in Kansas

College and High School

  • Kansas Jayhawks - Lawrence
  • Kansas State Wildcats - Manhattan
  • Pittsburg State Gorillas - Pittsburg
  • Tabor College Bluejays - Hillsboro

League Team Sports

  • Topeka Scarecrows (USHL) - Topeka
  • Wichita Thunder (CHL) - Wichita
  • Wichita Wranglers (AA) - Wichita

Higher Education in Kansas

© 2007 Patty Inglish


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