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Key Signs You Should Not Work In Customer Service

Updated on October 10, 2014

Is the customer always right?

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Thank You For Calling...

With the economy down and the job market being what it is, people are looking for work, any work. Getting a job in these times is an accomplishment, but getting the right job for you will make your life a lot more enjoyable.

Customer service jobs are more common than ever in America. Call centers are today what the manufacturing jobs were 25 years ago. But is this for you? Here are some key signs that a customer service job may not be a good fit:

You Hate People – This is the easiest way to tell if you should be in customer service. Do people annoy the ever loving crap out of you? Do you frequently get so fed up with your fellow human beings you want to stab them with your ink pen? If you answered yes to these questions, a job in customer service is not ideal job for you. (And you may need to seek professional help)

You are incapable of being polite – Being polite is one of the most crucial parts of working with the public. If you cannot find it within yourself to offer the most common bit of courtesy to another person, you are going to have some major hurdles working in customer service.

You like to belittle people- Are you smarter than the average person? Do you like to prove it? That’s great but the people you are outsmarting are paying your salary. Whether on the phones or in person, you may need to explain a bill or product, speaking down to a customer may help you feel better about yourself, but doesn't do much for the customer.

You have trouble speaking clearly– Lots of people do, but if you’re not willing to work on this it will be hard for a customer to understand you. This could also prevent you from getting a job in this field entirely. Speaking clearly and articulately could benefit you as a potential candidate for a job in the customer service field.

You are not pleasant, ever – This kind of goes along with being polite but I’ll explain. Some people can use all the right words, the pleases, the thank yous, even the ma'ams and sirs. They just can’t pull it off sincerely.

You have anger issues - Everyone gets upset now and then. But if you are just itching for a physical confrontation with the next person that says something you don’t like, you’re not going to make it in this field.

You like to argue or have to be right - In an industry where the customer i always right, something has to give. If you know you're right and make it your personal mission to show the customer how wrong he or she is, it's not going to be a very pleasant customer experience.

Whether it be taking phone calls at a help desk, or working with the public in person, providing customers with courteous and outstanding service can be exhausting. There is a reason for the quick turnaround in this profession, especially the call center positions.

Those who do it well everyday should be commended for it. So let's make a deal, the next time I call, let's play nice, treat each other like humans, and try to get along.


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    • profile image

      blakk 3 years ago

      I can do the job, especially if it pays good

    • weestro profile image

      Pete Fanning 5 years ago from Virginia

      I know what you mean Joe, I worked on the phones for a year to pay the bills while trying to get another job! Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • profile image

      Joe 5 years ago

      Or... you are pretty good at it and are friendly and all... but you just hate doing it. You don't feel like you are being productive. You are not creating anything, or using your brain in a way that is stimulating or educational...

      You don't have to be a total hermit or a hateful person to not enjoy customer service. You just need to work in customer service for a while... until you come to your senses. :)

    • MyOfficeBooks profile image

      MyOfficeBooks 5 years ago from Brisbane

      I read your article and laughed. My husband is in customer services and has/does do ALL of the above. To add to the craziness, he has had a very successful business for over twenty years!! It is a family joke about how my hubby answers his phone " What do you want?" OR one friend "choked" when he answered the phone on a Sunday afternoon with "It's Sunday, you better be dying or have an emergency...if not do us both a favour and hang up". That said, his clients appreciate his honesty, work ethics and integrity....Yep, it's a crazy world and SOME still get away with business success even though they have NO customer service skills!

    • weestro profile image

      Pete Fanning 5 years ago from Virginia

      Funny story cclitgirl, I would have to laugh if you said that, I don't understand some people! Thanks for voting!

      I agree Alecia, some people are itching for a fight and there's no avoiding it!

      Glad I could help alocsin! Thanks!

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      All your descriptions make me perfect for a non-customer-service job! Voting this Up and Funny.

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      I know some folks like customer service. It's one thing if the customer's acting crazy or demanding, but it's a whole other thing if you're just ranting just to have your way. It takes a very special and patient person to work in Customer Service.

    • cclitgirl profile image

      Cynthia Sageleaf 5 years ago from Western NC

      I worked in customer service. I once had a customer get mad because I didn't remember her name. I had just started at a bookstore, so I wouldn't have any idea who she was. She started screaming at me that I was asking for her license on her check. I calmly replied: "I'm sorry ma'am, but I have trouble remembering the names of the six billion people on the planet. Something must be wrong with me." I expected her to go straight to the owner, but she didn't. She stomped out. Hehehe. Great hub! Voted up.

    • weestro profile image

      Pete Fanning 5 years ago from Virginia

      Thanks riaha! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

      Susan, I agree, it seems the more abundant these jobs become, the more people that really shouldn't be working them do!

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I'd like to know how so many people that work at English speaking call centers get their jobs. So many times I've called for help and have to ask to speak with someone else as I cannot for the life of me understand what they are saying to me. It's the same way when a telemarketer calls my house. Seems over the past few years customer service has really gone to the dogs.

    • rlaha profile image

      rlaha 5 years ago from Spartanburg, SC

      Very true! I know a few people that shouldn't be allowed to work in any kind of customer service because they do not know how to talk with customers properly at all. Voted up, useful, funny and interesting! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • weestro profile image

      Pete Fanning 5 years ago from Virginia

      Great insight Jeannie, I worked customer service for almost a year at a large insurance company and you are right on about the way people will speak to you, I couldn't hack it!

    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie InABottle 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      I've been working in customer service for years. It is so hard not to lose faith in society after a while. I think even the best customer service associate has their days when they are just not capable of being nice anymore. There are just too many nasty, confused, lazy people that expect others to do their thinking for them. Wow. I've been in customer service for way too long. Thank you for writing this hub. Voted up! :-)

    • weestro profile image

      Pete Fanning 5 years ago from Virginia

      Thanks alberts, glad you enjoyed it!

      Marcy, sorry to hear that, but it just makes it all the more enjoyable when you talk to a competent, polite person!

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      I think I've talked to every single one of these people at one point or another! Great hub - true stuff, funny, but also not funny, in a way. Voted up and interesting.

    • albertsj profile image

      jacy albertson 5 years ago from Lake Mary, Fl

      This was funny as hell, but at the same time interesting, and sadly true. Voting up, funny, and ...uh...useful, for those who hate people

    • ambrking profile image

      ambrking 5 years ago from Encino, California

      I agree with these list. If all the things in the list is describes you, do not ever try to work in customer service.

    • tamarawilhite profile image

      Tamara Wilhite 6 years ago from Fort Worth, Texas

      Another sign you shouldn't be in customer service - you think that the vast majority of cases are the customer's fault.

    • gryphin423 profile image

      gryphin423 6 years ago from Florida

      I already knew I couldn't do customer service and this hub reinforced it. pen, totally get it! ;-)

    • akune profile image

      akune 6 years ago from Surrey, England, United Kingdom

      Ha ha ha. Hoot!

      So funny.

      Sad to say, the ill-suited workers in customer services have the fashion criminal's equivalent of no mirrors and no friends. I have both by the way, but they indulge me.

    • weestro profile image

      Pete Fanning 6 years ago from Virginia

      I agree, working in a call center can make you hate people, I did it for a year and would hate to have to do it again. Thanks for commenting guys.

    • Zabbella profile image

      Zabbella 6 years ago from NJ-USA

      I dealt with customers for years and there were times when I would get home and just did not want to ever answer my own phone(There were times that I felt that I hated people)So glad I don't do that anymore.

    • profile image

      jenubouka 6 years ago

      Or your name is peggy....great, fun read!

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 6 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      I agree with you wholeheartedly, but it still seems that individuals lacking some or most of these skills are in customer service.