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Disciples Cross - Earn Extra Income - How Much Income you Can Earn

Updated on November 3, 2012

Disciples Cross - Earn Extra Income

Disciples Cross
Disciples Cross
Key Ring for Disciple's Cross
Key Ring for Disciple's Cross
Zipper Pull Disciple's Cross
Zipper Pull Disciple's Cross

Disciples Cross - Earn Extra Income

Disciple's Cross is a legitimate work at home assembly job. This is the perfect business for individuals that are stay at home parents, on disability, retired, or anyone who is unemployed. I started this business about 6 months ago. We have made this a family business. My husband bends the nails, I wrap the wire around the crosses, our 10 year old (Danni) strings the leather strap on the cross to form the necklace, and our 4 year old (Xena) bags and tags the completed cross necklace. We earn on average from $700.00 to 1,000.00 a week. That breaks down to around $36,400.00 to $52,000.00 a year. Not bad for a Legitimate work at home assembly business. Remember, we have only been at it for 6 months and Christmas is right around the corner. I cannot wait to see what the next few months may bring!

Below I will disclose everything that we do to help you to start earning money as fast as possible. or you can:

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Disciples Cross - Start to Earn Extra Income

In your starter kit you will be given all the supplies needed to make 25 completed Disciple's Crosses, along with a finished sample. In addition, you will receive a step-by-step instructional DVD (or videotape if requested) of Pastor John training you on how to make a perfect Disciple's Cross every time! Also, You will receive a certified Disciple's Cross Producer certificate, suitable for framing, an autograph picture of Pastor John from Survivor Thailand and information on how to request a free IRS publication for home based businesses.This starter kit costs $69.99

Some Important Information:

  1. They offer a generous 30 day money-back guarantee: If you decide within 30 days of receiving your Starter Kit that this business isn't for you, you are welcome to return it for any reason prior to the submission of your test unit and They will buy it back from you for the purchase price.
  2. You will be reimbursed the cost of the starter kit in full: Once you have had eight units of crosses accepted (400 total crosses that pass inspection - about one week's worth of work, if you do this full-time), you will be reimbursed the full cost of your starter kit.

Disciples Cross - Items Needed To Get Started to Earn Extra Income

Disciples Cross - Earn Extra Income Startup costs

Tools that you need to purchase yourself:

  1. Delta Ceramcoat Gloss Exterior/Interior Varnish - I purchased this from and it helps prevent rust and tarnish of the wire/nail crosses.

  2. Long Necked Pliers - I purchased them from while I was waiting for my kit to arrive.

Total Start Up Costs:

Start-up Kit - Subtotal: $69.95 + (UPS) Shipping: $10.82 = Order Total: $80.77

Varnish - Subtotal: $11.74 + Shipping: $4.95 = Order Total: $16.69

Pliers - Subtotal: $ 8.60 + Shipping: $ 5.90 = Order Total: $14.50

Total Start-up Costs: = $111.96

Disciples Cross - Earn Extra Income - How Much Income you Can Earn

Now, these necklaces are very much in demand. We had all 25 done and before we could even think about sending them into the Buy Back Program (For the first time) they were sold. We had just finished making the necklaces and we each decided to wear one to the local Fair. Thank Goodness that we had them in the car (we were going to the post office the next day). We sold all 21 + the four we were wearing for $5.00 each. That is a profit of $ 125.00 earned in one day! Our true profit was $13.04 (Profit $125.00 - Start-up costs $111.96).

We did send in 400 for the Buy Back Program and all 400 were accepted. We received a check in the amount of $ 940.00 ($500.00 for the crosses, $400.00 for the materials, and $40.00 for the mailing expenses). We now receive checks every Tuesday (They send them out every Friday) and we also sell to Book stores, convenience stores, craft shows, and every other place you can imagine. Heck, I sold 10 crosses just waiting on line at the local grocery store. This is real and 100% Legitimate!

This is also a business and you can deduct all of your expenses. So, make sure that you keep accurate bookkeeping records of all of your business transactions.

To get started in this 100% Work at home assembly business just:

Click Here To Get Started Making Money With Disciple's Cross Today.....


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    • kschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel 6 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      I joined Disciple's Cross several years ago. My crosses were not good enough for them to buy, but I did sell many to friends at church. I mainly make them as gifts. They are so attractive that people don't mind getting them even if they do come with the Gospel message!

    • profile image

      davgriffith 6 years ago

      Hello- Been reading about this biz- looks pretty good- please write me at thanks for your thoughts and tips

    • profile image

      tami 6 years ago

      i am having so much trouble bending the top nails of the cross...any pointers you ever give workshops for individuals interested in learning...I am desperately wanting to learn how to do this...I have started and stopped several times this year...thanks....Tami in ohio