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Looking for a Job in Nigeria| Tips to guide you in your Job Search

Updated on June 19, 2013

Nigeria has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world with an embarrassing 47% figure - as of April 2013 - to describe the situation of unemployment. This has led to many otherwise overqualified degree holders settling for jobs that one could rightly term demeaning. For instance a Ph.d holder settling for a job as a company driver is one example of how ridiculous the horrible unemployment situation has gotten to. Also in order to secure scarce jobs some people go as far as lowering their ages so as to make themselves more employable in the eyes of the employer.

But all these need not be considering that good job search techniques, skills and proven work experience will likely get you in hence why you may need a suitable guide to help boost your job search chances. Here are a few helpful job search tips to guide you – the unemployed Nigerian searching for a job.

Get yourself Professionally Branded

In the job search believe it or not you’re a brand. You have a reputation and a name but these two must convey a message with people you relate with. A good example of where job search was made easier as a result of a professional brand is with a quantity surveyor who had only an HND to his kitty. Interestingly he was called for an interview because he had built a reputation as a competent and reliable surveyor within a network of building/construction professionals he made friends with. So when word went round for an existing vacancy it was merely word of mouth that landed him a job interview and eventually the job.

Get yourself a Professionally written CV

Imagine what the world would be like if businesses didn’t have a marketing message such as a handbill advertising or marketing their services? People would find it hard to know where to get what they want or might miss it even when it’s right in front of them so too is the case in the job search without a professionally written CV. Meet with experienced workers and HR managers if need be to guide you in writing a CV or research it online. A great CV makes it easier for employers to invite you for an interview.

Register with Nigerian Online Job Websites

Certain websites are targeted at making the job search a lot easier for Nigerians and there are so many. Some websites might only publish vacancies haphazardly which could make it hard to find the specific job you are both qualified and interested in but all the same they’re worth knowing. The best Nigerian job website is which is so well organized that you’re in a matter of days likely to receive invites for several interviews based on the information you supplied them. Other websites such as and Nairaland Jobs Section also post daily vacancies.

Participate actively in Social Networking websites

As part of the branding effort you need to set yourself a profile which could indicate your skill set and qualifications. Set up a twitter and linkedin account as these two online social networks tend to favour job seekers better than most others. Follow and reach out to people in your industry who share similar career goals as you do and don’t forget to mention your interest as well.

Network with others in Real Time

The social networking thing shouldn’t be limited to the internet, you could take it offline by attending events especially job fairs and trainings. You can learn about these through newspapers, on the internet by word of mouth, through news on radio and television or even from your church or other social club. These events afford you a chance to let people know who you are and what you have to offer and you never know who’s aware of a job vacancy to hook you up with.

Scan everywhere for Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies are everywhere you just have to tune your mind to them to smell, see and hear about them. The moment you become conscious about finding job vacancies they suddenly start appearing from places you can’t imagine such as from people conversing, a simple handbill, notice boards in libraries, churches etc. Sometimes while listening to radio, on television, on the internet in places like facebook, linkedin or elsewhere. Just tune your mind to them

Practice effective Job interview Mannerisms

It’s said that the way you act during the job interview determines to a large extent whether or not you get a job – that is attitude is stronger than actual answers to questions. Your interviewer might not like you based on your manners, attitude or appearance at a job interview and not necessarily because you’re not qualified for the job. But that’s not to say you should go there not being yourself but understand basic job interview etiquettes especially dressing, behaviour and poise.

Volunteer to Get Relevant Work Experience

Work experience more than anything else is a huge selling point in the job search. Proven work experience could indicate competence and that’s something employers love to see in their workers. So get yourself some work experience even if it means volunteering or working for free for a while even if you’ve just completed the mandatory 12 months NYSC scheme.

Good luck with your job search.


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