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Updated on July 17, 2014

What is MicroStrategy?

What is MicroStrategy?

MicroStrategy is a leading Business Intelligence tool which existing independently by itself (for now). Business Intelligence technology providing integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring software that helps the decision support system in an organization.

What is MicroStrategy’s Technical Definition?

MicroStrategy is a Business intelligence tool with a ROLAP engine which can connect to almost any databases.

What is MicroStrategy means?

MicroStrategy is an object oriented model with an attractive and an easy to use graphical user interface for developers and end users.

What is MicroStrategy’s Basic information?

MicroStrategy is a reporting tool, which is used to create and send reports, also used to create ad-hoc report and dashboards for mobiles, emails.

There are main two version of this tool Web version and Client Version.

Web version: Generally web version is used for the users.

Client version: Generally client version is used for the developer.

Metadata, I-server, web server, and Narrow cast Server are the main components of the MicroStrategy.

What are the main roles in MicroStrategy ?

There are main three different roles on MicroStrategy.

Administrator: By default, the role/person will have full access to the environment. In other words this role has full access to all the type of objects mentioned above.

Architect: By default, access to configuration objects is restricted.

Developer: By default, no access to configuration objects, use access to schema objects and full access to public objects.

MicroStrategy Brief View


What is Metadata?

Metadata is data about data. It is descriptive information repository about a particular data set, object, or resource are restored. That information about the dataset, objects or resources includes how it is formatted, and when and by whom it was collected.

Although Metadata generally refers to web resources, it can be about either physical or electronic resources. It may be created automatically using software or entered by hand.

What is I-server?

I-Server means Intelligent server.

MicroStrategy Intelligent server gives jobs management and analytical processing for all MicroStrategy applications, reporting and analysis.

What is Web Server?

MicroStrategy web server responds to the requests from browsers. Web server interacts with the I-server to extract the necessary information. MiscroStrtegy web server can be installed on most of the major web servers and supports most popular browsers.

What is Narrow cast Server?

Narrowcast sever delivers personalized business insight to emails, cell phones, pagers, file servers and print servers extending the reach of Business Intelligence applications. It offers a comprehensive solution for information delivery integrating a subscription portal with a delivery engine.

What is narrowcast server means?

On simple word whatever report you create, you send to end user via mobile, page, email, etc. Its call narrow cast server.

MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server is a proactive information delivery server that distributes personalized business information to users via email, printers, file services, SMS and mobile devices.

MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server offers the most efficient reporting solution available for complex, distributed environments, with a proven, high-volume enterprise-class reporting engine for generating reports and processing data.

What is the difference between MicroStrategy and Cognos reporting tool?

  1. MicroStrategy is based on single metadata repository whereas Cognos has two metadata repository based database.
  2. MicroStrategy can be operated as web based and a desktop tool whereas in Cognos can be only operated as web based reporting tool.
  3. MicroStrategy has no cube dataset and we get the latest data from the data ware house automatically available and Cognos has a cube dataset which should be refreshed to get latest repository values before reporting.
  4. Cognos reporting can be considerably slow in performance when compared to microstrategy reporting.

MicroStrategy view


What is Database?

Database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, manages and updated. That’s call Database.

What is Database definition?

Database is designed to offer an organized mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving information.

What is Database means?

In simple words database is collection of data.

How many types of database?

There are so many types of database in market eg. Oracle, Teradata, Db2, SQL server, Netizza, Sybase

What is Data warehouse?

A warehouse is subject oriented, integrated, time-variant and non-volatile collection of data in support of the management’s decision making process.

Data warehouse is specially set up database designed to hold large amount of data for reporting purpose.

In Data warehouse, data from several systems are typically merged together to present a global enterprise view. Warehouse is where you dump the table from database environment to MicroStrategy environment.

Every data ware house has three must categories: 1) Time, 2) Geography, 3) Product

Why do we need a DW?

In today’s challenging times good decision-making becomes critical. The best decisions are made when all the relevant data available is taken into consideration. The best possible source for that data is a well-designed data warehouse.

What is ETL?

ETL means: Extract Transform Load

It is a process to extract data, mostly from different types of systems, transform it into a structure that’s more appropriate for reporting and analysis and finally load it into the database and or cube.

What is a CUBE in MicroStrategy?

A cube is a set of data that is organized and structured in a hierarchical, multidimensional arrangement. The cube is usually derived from a subset of a data warehouse.

Unlike relational databases that use two-dimensional data structures (often in the form of columns and rows in a spreadsheet), OLAP cubes are logical, multidimensional models that can have numerous dimensions and levels of data. Also, an organization typically has different cubes for different types of data.

Which part of the Data Warehouse diagram does metadata fall in?

Meta data is a part before the data warehouse where it is easier to extract the data faster that it is from the warehouse itself.

What is Data mining in MicroStrategy?

Data mining is a method for comparing large amounts of data for the purpose of finding patterns.

What is Warehouse catalog in MicroStrategy?

Warehouse is dumping the data from warehouse to MicroStrategy.

What is Extensions in MicroStrategy?

Extension means extending the level of data in MicroStrategy.

What is Degradations in MicroStrategy?

Degradation mean degradation the level of data in MicroStrategy.

What is Data mart?

Data Mart stores particular data that is gathered from different sources in MicroStrategy.

What is SDLC?

SDLC means Software Development Life Cycle.

SDLC is a process of building an application through different phases.

Information gathering - analysis -design- develop- testing- implement- enhancement

What is Independent data warehouse?

Independent data warehouse does not make use of a central data ware house.

What is Dependent data warehouse?

A dependent data warehouse stored the data in a central data ware house.

What is Dimensional?

Dimensional means description of categories.

What is IDE?

IDE means Integrated Development Environment

Below images will give you brief idea how data warehouse, source system, metadata, intelligence server, desktop and MicroStrategy are interconnected.


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