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Muskegon On Lake Michigan

Updated on July 4, 2015
Local lighthouses attract Travel and Tourism business.
Local lighthouses attract Travel and Tourism business. | Source

High Paying Jobs in Western Michigan!

The Holland-Grandhaven-Muskegon Metro Area of Michigan is on the west coast of the state, running along Lake Michigan in Muskegon and Oceana Counties. Twenty separate recreational beaches can be found along this beautiful coastline and they generate income through the Tourism and Hositality/Accommodations Industries.

Muskegon is undergoing enormous revitalization, reconstruction, and new construction from 2008 - 2018. An old downtown mall was removed and the lake is seeing new residences and businesses. This is the largest city on the Michigan West Coast and its redevelopment is suprring advances in its and the surrounding economies.

Median salaries within this Greater Muskegon Area overall are rather high, as shown by this list from September 2008 that was prepared from US Bureau of Labor Statistics and supplemental surveys. Salaries have been rounded off.

  • Restaurant General Manager (the "GM") - $34,700
  • Office Manager - $39,400
  • Mfg Production Manager - $45,200
  • Mechanical Engineer - $46,400
  • Mfg Engineer - $49,000
  • Mfg Project Manager - $52,000
  • Human Resources Manager - $55,300
  • Hospital Jobs - $61,000
  • Government Jobs - $61,000
  • Fellowship positions - $81,000

This liost clearly shows that the hghest ages are paid in Human Resources, Medical/Heathcare, Government Jobs, and Fellowships.

Metro Area East of Lake Michigan

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Sharp Job Increases 2007, 2013, 2015

Job listings began increasing again in February 2011, with a total of 1,986 openings at the end of March 2011, but by the end of June 2015, about 6,000 jobs were open. Jobs available tripled.

Sharp Increase in Jobs from 2008 - 2016


Muskegon State Park

Top 10 Fastest Growing Jobs

A total of approximately 8,000 new jobs were forecast for the Muskegon area for the years 2004 - 2014, with healthcare jobs set to grow through 2100. In June 2015, the metro area offered over 6,000 job listings on average daily. Unemployment rate for Muskegon County during the first two quarters of 2015 was as low as 5.5% to 5.1%, indicating more workers than jobs advertised.

  1. Medical Assistants 49% increase
  2. Choreographers 40%
  3. Multiple Metal Machine Tool Setters, Operators & Tenders 34% - Mfg.
  4. Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors 34%
  5. Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Jobs [HVAC & related] 26% - Mfg, & Maint/Repair
  6. Home Health Aides [HHAs] 25%
  7. Market Research Analysts 25%
  8. Social and Community Service Managers 25%
  9. Community and Social Service Specialists 23%
  10. Special Education Teachers for Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary 23%

Medical, Health and Fitness occupations are increasing quickly in the Muskegon market area, but the numbers of jobs being created yearly thrugh 2016 are not large. Still, these occupations require training and certification and individuals already posessing these credentials have a good chance for hire. Others interested in these careers should access MichiganWorks! and determine if they qualify for educational assistance and job placement services. Be persistent and followup every day with your interactions with MichiganWorks!

The increasing demand for Special Education teachers at most levels of the Pre-K through 12 educational system of Greater Muskegon may speak either to a longer-term shortage of such professionals, or an increase in the local population's children that require these services. Both of these situations demand remedy and such shortages (Teachers) can be filled by Qualified Immigrant Workers under the Green Card Lottery.

Social Services and Community Services jobs may be increasing in response to 1) some financial downturns in this region as well as the 2) increasing need for Special Education Teachers and 3) a changing employment landscape that is beginning to focus more strongly on green collor jobas that require several transitions among industries and workers. Another reason for this jobs increase is 4) the aging population with its increasing load of older elderly women (80+ years) without families and the number of laid off workers that have not found replacement work yet and have run out of unemployment benefits. Other reasons likely exist.

Rising From the Sawdust - Muskegon History

SmartZones - Green Jobs, Universities & Malls

Downtown redevelopment includes a new mall and the Edison Landing complex that spans 34 acres of the Muskegon Lake waterfront. EL is one of just 11 SmartZones in Michigan, designated for use in special taxing incentives to attract and cultivate High Tech Business Incubators and Research Institutions.

The Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center is sponsored byGrand Valley State University in EL. Underway, it features condominiums, businesses, marina, boat docking, and boardwalk.

YUP Muskegon Young Urban Professionals recruit and keep talented young people by connecting them with the community socially and professionally, and developing them for city leadership.

Top Jobs with the Most New Openings Yearly

  1. Food Preparation & Service
  2. Sales and Related, Including Sales Supervisors
  3. Healthcare Support - Also Fastest Growing.
  4. Healthcare Practitioners and Techs - Also Fastest Growing
  5. Education, Training, and Library Jobs - Also Fastest Growing
  6. Building and Grounds Cleaning/Maintenance
  7. Retail Salespersons
  8. Construction and Extraction Jobs
  9. Transportation and Material Moving
  10. Personal Care and Service Positions

Healthcare and Education appear on both the Top 10 Fastest Growing Jobs list as well as on this list of the Top 10 Jobs with the Most Openings. .Heathcare Industry occupations are forecast to increase through ast least 2100 because of the aging population, the retirement of Boomers and the replacement of Boomers by the Millennial Generation [b~ 1980 thru 2000] that is just as large and will likely live even longer and require more Health and Social Services because of their longevity. ..

Food Service and Sales positions are also offering more jobs than other fields of business in the Muskegon Area, attesting to the Travel and tourism dollars coming into the region and the relatively high median wages mentioned in the introduction of this article. .

MichiganWorks! - Amazing!

Look for the Muskegon division at Muskegon-Oceana Area.

Access this site for Assessment, Training, Childcare, Transportation an dnumerous other Support Services.

There are SIX Service Centers for just two counties and dozens of programs are offered, including job-matching and job placement types of assistance.

Muskegon - "A Lake Michigan Must"

Education & Training Programs


Downtown Professional Sports

On e professional sports franchises play at L.C. Walker Arena:: Muskegon Fury/Lumberjacks.

Additional sporting opportunities are available through local middle and high schools and colleges/university sports programs. Teachers in these schools often icnrease their pay by performing coaching duties as well. The West Coast also offers ample options for marine activities such as fishing and boating.

Major Employers

The following list is that of employers maintaining the largest employee pools in Muskegon.

  1. Howmet Castings in Whitehall, Muskegon County - Aerospace Components
  2. Mercy Health Partners
  3. L3 Communications - Armored Vehicles
  4. Johnson Technologies - Turbine Engine Components
  5. Mahle - Aerospace Components
  6. SmartZone projects - Edison Landing & Others
  7. Brunswick - Marine, Fitness, Bowling, Billiards
  8. Michigan's Adventure Amusement Park


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    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 2 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      Update: Over 6,000 job listings on July 4, 2015. Lots of truck driving jobs in addition to healthcare and engineering/IT. Sales and customer service are increased, likely because of summer business.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 6 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      I found 1,986 job openings within 25 miles of Muskegon, but and 898 jobs in town on March 24, 2011. Most are health care jobs that require certification or a degree, with some in Sales and some in Engineering (degree needed); also 46 jobs at Pizza Hut (some of them MGR jobs). probably not many in the newspaper. Best of luck!

    • HattieMattieMae profile image

      HattieMattieMae 6 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

      ha ha, well I live here, and haven't found to many jobs! The headlines today in Grand Haven stated that! But maybe there far and in between! Good luck to those who find them.