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Need a Job? - Online Seattle Employment Resources

Updated on February 26, 2012

Times are tough everywhere with the economy so unbalanced. So it makes sense that you're looking for some better resources for sourcing employment opportunities. Thankfully, you've got someone like me around, who just so happens to know of the best online employment sites for Seattle. So whether you're in Seattle looking for work, or you considering relocating to Seattle and you need work, then you're in the right place!

Work Source

WorkSource is a service supported by Washington State and many city governmental agencies, and is widely used to help the unemployed and underemployed, find work all around the state. It's really easy to use, and is often even has it's own kiosk's in Libraries, Colleges and DSHS offices. They also have various locations around Seattle, in case you would like some help using their job seeker services.

They are really easy to use, you just go to the WorkSource Website, enter in your county location (ex: North King County), add any details if you're looking for a specific type of job, then click search! From there you can view current employment opportunities, make an account and get in contact with your future employer.

NW Jobs

Northwest Jobs is basically a search engine for Puget Sound job seekers that is supported by most Puget Sound newspapers. NW Jobs allows you to search for specific jobs, or just to take a look at all jobs available in your area. You can post your resume, visit their career center or create an account.

Seattle Craigslist

This one is pretty self explanatory if you've ever used craigslist. If you're new to it, craigslist is basically a free online classifieds site, and they are rarely short of employment opportunities! Just check out the "jobs" and "gigs" sections.


Jobdango is another search engine based employment directory, though not quiet as comprehensive as NW Jobs or WorkSource. They also tend to focus on hirer end jobs, so if your an IT geek, financial guru or an awesome analyst, then this is your ticket. If you're not any of the above or anything similar, you should still check out Jobdango from time to time. It never hurts to keep your options open.


I'm not sure whether it's a sign of the times, or if is just another Techie employment source. Either way, there are plenty of opportunities abound on, especially if you like games.


Your options are much more open with SeattleRecruiter.Org. Just as the domain name says, this is a database of companies looking to recruit. The difference between this database and the others, is that utilizes dozens of other employment search engines and puts them all in one place. Some of the search engines you might notice are Indeed,, AT&T and Datasphere (though you're not limited to only those!). Check it out.

Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP)

Pacific Northwest Careers

Pacific Northwest Careers is not my favorite source of employment, though on occasion they have some gem jobs, which get snatched up quickly. So if you're really looking hard, keep an eye on Pacific Northwest Careers.


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