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Participate in a Workplace Communication, Part 11

Updated on March 12, 2011




The Technical writer should be careful about the length of his sentences. The amont of difficulty a reader experiences in reading a given tex is positively correlated to sentence length and number of syllables per word. Since technical subject matter often requires the use of a complex technical vocabulary and the expression of complex ideas, the use of shorter words and sentences simple in structure will help a lot in the readability of difficult material.

A. Paragraph Structure and Length

Typically, a paragraph begins with the topic sentence which state the main idea to be developed. The other sentences of the paragraph develop, support, and clarify this central idea. But this topic sentence may appear in the middle, ir it may appear last as a summary or generalization based on material already presented. Sometime, it doesn’t appear at all, in so many words, but is implied.

In technical writing, the topic sentence comes first in the paragraph, or, at the very latest just after whatever transitional sentences appear. When the writer states his thesis or main idea at the start of the paragraph, he uses the rest of the paragraph for proof, discussion, or other kinds of amplification. Sometimes he does the opposite and give his details, facts and examples at the beginning and then concludes by stating the main idea.

Two things govern paragraph length: unit of thought and eye releif for the readers. The use of one or more very short paragraphs achieves an especially forceful effect. All sentences in a paragraph must be about the same topic, but paragraphs should not be too long. One or more breaks on every page of a report is ideal in technical writing.

Paragraph Writing for Functional Purposes

Your proficiency in English is shown by the ability to use functional English. Functional English is the English that people use in order to communicate with a purpose. The functional purposes that language service in connection with rhetorical modes are generally the following:

  1. Narrative

a. to tell what happened or how an incident occurred

b. to show steps in a process or sequence in procedure

c. to give direction on how to reach a place or achieve an objective

In this type of functional English use the parts of speech that abound are verbs and adverbs.

  1. Descriptive

a. to describe a person or persons

b. to describe an event or idea

c. to describe a place

In this type of function the part of speech abounds is the adjective.

Narration in Description of Process

One of the most common function of narration (not in the sense of story telling but of relating sequence) is in description of process, considering that process is a series of actions done in sequence.

The careful step-by-step exposition of a process necessitates the use of narration in the sense of observing sequence of action or order of occurrence. In this sense the development techniques used is chronological.

Note the following illustration and be able to answer the questions that follow:

Salt-Making in the Ilocos

Ilocano salt takes time and effort to produce. For the saltmaker it means leaving home and building a make-shift dwelling near the seashore. It entails days of hard work under the heat oif the sun and nights of tending the fire.

A least two persons must work together in producing salt.

First they stake out a portion of the sandy shore for their use. This is usually twenty to thirty square meter in size. The sand is then sprinkled with sea water and allowed to dry. This process is done three times

When the sand is caked it is scraped off and deposited into an unglazed earthen jar called burnay which has a spout at the bottom. Additional sea water is sprayed into the jar.

The resulting saline fluid is straineed and collected. This fluid is then brought to the hurno, a large oven-like cooking place made of clay. It is cooked for hours, sometimes overnight, under very high temperature until salt crystals form.

The crystals are then cooled off and allowed to dry in a large bamboo basket.

Salt made this way is very fine and almoist sugar like. It is not course nor bitter in taste which may be the result is made simply from sea water allowed to dry until the salt crystals remain.

Producing good fine salt than means sacrifice and hard work, but is well worth the effort.



The topic sentence which is the controlling idea in the paragraph consists of the broad topic or subject, the specific topic and the limiting terms.

Example: The coconut palm is one of the most important trees in mIcronesia because it provides many of the necessities of life for the people of the Western Pacific.

Broad topic or subject: trees of Micronesia.

Specific Topic : the coconut palm

Limiting topic : 1. it provides many necessities of life

2. it is important to the people of the

Western Pacific.

English ______ Under _____Student ________________________________

Date ___________________Score________________Grade_____________

Scale: 24 = 100% 21-23 = 95% 18-20 = 90% 15-17 = 85% 12-14 =80%

9-11 = 75% Below 5 = 65% No Test = 60%

Analyze the following topic sentences and give for each: a the broad topic or subject b. the specific topic c. the limiting terms.

1. Training a fighting cock requires skill, patience and a deep knowledge of chicken pshchology.




2. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tragic drama about a young Italian couple who died for love.




3. My eighteenth birthday was a day of both happiness and sadness.




4. Among Batangas’ most interesting tourist attractions is Taal Volcano.




5. Furniture making requires careful planning, well selected materials and fine craftsmanship.




6. Lord Jim is one of the most exciting novels that Joseph Conrad ever wrote.




7. The student of karate should have strength, agility, patience and a good supplu of bandages.





A. In three or five sentences develop at least two of the following topics into a single paragraph.

NOTE: Topic sentence should be at the beginning.

  1. What I Hope to be in the Future……
  2. How to do…..
  1. Ladder Diagram d. Repairing
  2. Trouble shooting e. Operating a machine
  3. Installing

B. Written Notices in the Workplace

In a workplace, written notices refer to short notes, memorandum, written announcement in the Bulletin Board and letters are the most commonly used methods of communication.

Read the three samples of written notices below:

Sample Memorandum:

TO : Ms Sanchez

Ms Ramirez

Ms Malabanan

Ms. Valdez

Messr: Anderson




FROM : Emily Rodriguez, Secretary

DATE : June 16, 2006



There will be a meeting of all members of the Executive Roundtable on Thursday, June 29, 2006, at 11:00 am, in the Beacon Room of the TowerBuilding in Makati, City

Luncheon will be served at 12:15p.m. If you cannot be with us, please call 713-9731 no later than June 5, 2006

An agenda is enclosed. Also, you will find a map with complete travel directions and a description of the parking facilities at the TowerBuilding.

It will be a pleasure to welcome all members to this important planning session of our organization.

Emily Rodriguez

RF: cea

Enclosures: Agenda


Answer the Questions:

  1. Give the important message of the memorandum?
  2. List down the related details included in the memorandum?


Sample Letters:

A. Inquiry


436 Amorsolo Street

Makati City, 1600

July 16, 2006

Mr. Rico Almendras

Sales Manager

Ayala Industries

1231 Condo Street

Makati City, 1600

Dear Mr. Almendras:

Presently we are planning to add yard and garden tractors to our line of leased equipment. It is my pleasure to announce that we shall feature Kamagong Tractors.

Would you please send us a complete list of model and specifications for Kamagong Tractors. It would be helpful to have the following data as soon as possible:

1. Horsepower/range of job function

2. Commercial/homeowner equipment

3. Contract samples/sales terms.

Since the publication date for our catalog is slated for November, your early reply will be appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Christopher Fabregas

Marketing Manager

CF: cea

  1. What is the purpose of writing this letter?
  2. Why is there a need to get the data immediately?

D. Sample of Marketing Material:

(Poster) JZGMSAT Brochure

  1. What is the main idea presented by the poster?
  2. Why is the poster necessary for meeting?

E. Sample of Briefing Notes:

In the absences of the officer-in-charge, briefing notes may be written: Below is a sample of a note written by an Administrator who will be on leave.

In two month leave of the JZGMSAT Administrator Mrs. Yolanda S. Naval, the Vocational Instruction Supervisor will be in-charge of the following;

  1. Management of tools and materials;
  2. Attendance of workers;
  3. Supervision of workers to their assigned tasks;
  4. Submission of monthly report

Please be guided accordingly.


Vocational School Administrator II


  1. What is the content of briefing note and when does a person write a briefing note?

F. You have read and understood the above written notices, what would you do if you are:

  1. Messenger of Mr. Sanchez
  2. Mr. Rico Amendras
  3. A worker/student/parent




1. Identified and understood the forms of communication

2. Illustrated the flow of communication.

3. Followed the organizational procedures.

4. Gathered and recorded information read and listened to.

5. Grasped the ideas heard.

6. Followed routine spoken messages.

7. Comprehended and identified the ideas in reading materials/ written notices.

8. Gave feedback based on the instructions information received.

9. Interpreted the written notices


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    • profile image

      Rocky F. 

      8 years ago

      write paragraph in a good way so that it easy to understand.

    • profile image

      Rocky F. 

      8 years ago

      write paragraph in a good way so that it easy to understand.

    • profile image

      Ariston III A. Jimenez 

      8 years ago

      *How to write a paragraph=>organize thoughts into a conherent piece of writing can be a daunting tash for children with learning disabilities.The best way to pin those ideas how and put them into a form that other can follow is to use an outline.The tried-and-true I-II-III A-B-C outline works whether you child has to out a paragraph, a page or a paper.

    • profile image

      Ariston II A. Jimenez 

      8 years ago

      Writing a paragraph is not begins with the topic sentence which state the main idea to be developed.Other sentences of the paragraph develop , support and clarify the central idea.So also you are open mind , enhance the knowledge , writing skills and being creativity to write a paragraph or sentences.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      If you write paragraph make sure that sentence is easily understand. because if i understand a sentence the reader easily put the idea...what toking about sentence..

    • orlansison profile image


      8 years ago from Pangasinan Philippines

      Writing is not an easy task. It requires knowledge, skills, style, originality, and creativity. I've been already engaged in writing yet, I still meet some fun stuff that are really useful on my part.

      This hub is informative and useful. It gives me the basic information about the structure of a paragraph, that I often forget each time I write new hub.

      Thank you sir I learned a lot!

    • profile image

      bryle altre 

      8 years ago

      in writing paragraph you need to write the sentence that has sense and make sure that the reader understand it..

    • profile image

      jehiel ram r egbalic 

      8 years ago

      If you write paragraph make sure it is understand. because if you write a sentence rung it is reading a paragraph.

    • profile image

      Earvin Michael C. Obial 

      8 years ago

      in writng a paragraph or sentece,be sure that your thought and expression or idea and also the message you delivered to the readers was making a paragraph,it's either short or long,the important their is he main ideas that you want to show or delivered to the readers.

    • profile image

      Mario S. Macaraeg 

      8 years ago

      What i hope to be in the future.

      I want to become a God-fearing, loyal and obedient worker someday in the field i am capable of. To serve my employer honestly is only an exchanged of the salary and thus making a good mutual relationship. It would be of a very nice and enjoying experience of implementing always the morals of a good worker. And becoming so already contributes to the attainment of organizational goals.

      A memorandum is a written notice consists of specific dates, persons involved, directions, exact places, agendas and meeting areas.

    • profile image

      orate,phimar d. 

      8 years ago

      in making a paragraph or sentence u make sure that she or he undersatnd it your sentence.andshe can peak more lesson base on your paragrah

    • profile image


      8 years ago


    • profile image

      Rhon P. Victorio SMAW-A 

      8 years ago

      1.There purpose to buy a equipment and add a yard and garden.

      2.Because it would be helpful to them,if they have the equipment or the following data that they need immediately.

    • profile image

      Jayson T. Bautista SMAW A 

      8 years ago

      In making a paragraph or sentence u make sure that she or he understand it your sentence.And she can peak more lesson base on your paragraph.

    • profile image

      raymund pabuna smaw-b 

      8 years ago

      in making a paragraph,or sentence make sure that all, that you write must be understand by the emphasize your paragraph and to learn..

    • profile image

      Edmar N.Nacario SMAW-A 

      8 years ago

      In writing a paragraph make it sure that the reader understand what your writing.

    • profile image

      Gerald A. Tandoc SMAW-A 

      8 years ago

      But in this particular case, we have a list of paragraphs, and want to provide a one line summary.

      All sentences in a paragraph must be about the same topic, but paragraphs should not be too long.

    • profile image

      remy daniwan 

      8 years ago

      In making paragraph first sentence must be direct your main idea,your thought,you should aware to your sentence,must not to long.and at the middle of your sentence,it is the support of your idea or the develop or clarify,and also it may appear as last part of your sentence as a general to cover your paragraph.

    • profile image

      Benjie D.Aquino 

      8 years ago

      When you writing an paragraph or an sentence make sure that all that you write must be understand the readers....because when doing an sentence make sure that you have an sense of humor so that the readers must be understand what they reading..I give an example when doing an biography make sure that all that you wrote must be truth and not to be lie...short or long sentence/paragraph must be clear and nice to understand.

    • profile image

      kristel ann fernandez 

      8 years ago

      in workplace, writing notices refers to short notes, memorandum,writing announcement in the bulletin board and the letters are the most commonly used method of communication.

    • profile image

      robin o.atractivo SMAW-A 

      8 years ago

      All sentences in a paragraph must be about the same topic, but paragraphs should not be too long.

    • profile image

      jerome a viray 

      8 years ago

      to right a paragraph all ways make sure that the reader is to understand the sentences or paragraph he/she reading and have a purpose

    • profile image

      By:Renalyn R. Madriaga 

      8 years ago

      Falling Star

      (Only Remember Love Always Need)

      Someone's fall in my heart

      Then i try to search him out

      I wish give me a sign

      To prove that his my man

      I found that unexpected night

      I look up the sky and it was so bright

      I can't believe there is a falling star

      Suddenly appears but it's too far

      Hoping to be with you floating with a

      thousand lights

      Embracing the breeze that full of hearts

      Open the gate to the heavens of love

      And i want to see your face for a while

      I'll dedicate it to him for being my special person for me.And i want to say sorry for the times that i get you mad.I can't control myself to get away from you because i am shy.But i want to thank you for being one of my inspiration to wrote poems.You know that i really,really like you.This is what i can do to express my feelings for you.I wish you can read this.Who's this person i can give you a cue.In the second title it is a name.He's the one that i am talking about.

    • profile image

      glennorfe r. calugay 

      8 years ago

      All sentences in a paragraph must be about the same topic, but paragraphs should not be too long. One or more breaks on every page of a report is ideal in technical writing.

    • profile image

      alona f. ocsillos 

      8 years ago

      But in this particular case, we have a list of paragraphs, and want to

      provide a one line summary of each.

      to prepare this one-line summary, we need to retrieve the entire text,

      and then call sub-string, to get the one line summary.


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