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Participate in a Workplace Communication, Part 1

Updated on June 22, 2011


(First of 12 Parts) In order to achieve the learning outcomes stated in the learning material, you must follow the steps indicated below. Each step has a corresponding resource or specific instructions to be used in accomplishing the given activities.

Note: Upon accomplishing the activities, the instructor will observe the following:

In Reading Activities:

· Proper intonation

· Correct pronunciation

In Writing Activities:

· Capitalization

· Spelling

· Proper use of punctuation marks



1. The trainees will ask the modules from the instructor.

2. Read: Information Sheet No. 1

3. Follow the instructions given in the activity Sheet No.1

4. Answer Self Check 1.

Note: Follow the same steps No. 1-4 mentioned above to accomplish the Information Sheet Nos. 2-9:

· Information sheet # 2: Communication Model

· Information Sheet # 3: Information

· Information Sheet # 4: Causes and Effects of Ineffective Communication

· Information Sheet # 6: Reasons for Communication in the Workplace

· Information Sheet # 7: Significance of Vocabulary

· Information Sheet # 8: Effective Reading

· Information Sheet # 9 Dealing with Paragraph

1. Communication Instructor will give the

learning materials.

2. Information Sheet No. 1: What is


1. Activity Sheet No. 1 What is


2. Self Check No. 1

Activity Sheet No. 2 to 9

Self Check No. 2 to 9

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Participate in a Workplace Communication, Part 1


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    • profile image

      gwenz 4 years ago

      Tnx. it helps me a lot in improving my learning guide.

    • profile image

      Jerard D. Joaquin 6 years ago

      communication is to communicate with other people through technology using some useful gadgets like cellphones or mobile phones,e-mail,or through writing letters.There is so many ways on how can you communicate with other people. You can communicate using sign language,different faces expressions or through can also share your ideas,you can get some informations,feedback,and your message..

    • profile image

      michael P. cadiao 6 years ago

      communication is about your ability to share your ideas,thought,and messages w/ others.If you communicate you can sight a information from other people,you express ideas and thought to others......

    • profile image

      jerard D. joaquin 6 years ago

      communication is you can see the people is near from you in the cOmputer and you can share your ideas to others

    • profile image

      michael p. cadiao 6 years ago

      communication is about your ability yo share your ideas,thought,and messages w/ others.if you communicate you can sight a information from other people,you express ideas and thought to others...