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Play Video/Computer Games For A Living

Updated on April 4, 2015


This sounds to good to be true? This is what you must be thinking. Well I can assure you that this hub is not some sort of intricate ploy to advertise games to say the least, but this based on my personal experience and income I have personally generated off playing games for a living. I make a sustainable living through the manipulation pixels believe it or not. Playing video games for a living is almost every teenagers/adults dream, but is it truly attainable?

My honest answer is yes, it is acquirable however, just like anything you have to be willing to invest your time, effort and do lots of research! When I say make a living off video games, most of you reading this probably have automatically thought enter "professional gaming competitions and win big prize money." No, this is not the type of income from games I am talking about. Your chances are similar of that of winning the lottery. Nor am I talking about getting huge company sponsorship deals like "pewdiepie". In fact the way I make a living off games can be done by almost anyone and everyone, but as I mentioned before it will take dedications, research, trial and error and a lot of time. But by all means if you are a talented console game player I encourage you to enter tournaments and test yourself among other gamers to win prize money. But again, the way I make my income has NOTHING to do with "tournaments or competitions".

So lets get to it. First and foremost the games you will have to immerse yourself in are online computer games, MMORPGs to be specific. I strongly suggest you have high speed internet, decent computer and time before you start on this endeavor.

Gold Farming

Now I'm sure some of you are familiar with this term, "gold farming". But what is it actually? Gold farming is when an individual hoards and supplies in game currency and exchanges it for real world money. This is considered a virtual economy and it is always thriving. The virtual economy's value is in the billions!! Believe it or not. Gold farming is so big that companies and organizations have been erected to sell gold or in game currency to players who are to lazy or incapable to hoard gold for themselves. In countries such as Australia Gold farming is considered a profession and revenue generated by it is subject to income tax like any other job.

Now I am not saying leave your day job and put an all or nothing risk in games. No! That's just idiotic. Always have a plan B. Before I made a sustainable and stable living through gold farming, I worked part time jobs to live off. In my spare time I would gold farm.I can say I make over $1000 per month from gold farming and this is subject to change due to continual growth. But let me tell you I had to jump through hurdle after hurdle after hurdle. I am not exaggerating because when you choose a game you want to gold farm in you must be well versed and have ample knowledge of the game. I sell my in game currency to companies overseas usually Chinese gold farming Corporations.

It's similar to real world economics and stock markets, you gotta study up on what's trending, what's rising or declining. Virtual games have their own virtual market and operate on the basis of supply and demand. A tip from me usually items that can generate more "gaming experience" for a particular skill tend to have higher value than the finished product itself. Which is quite the contrary in real life. Which ever game you choose you're going to have to level up, grind and complete tasks before you ever start making profits. You'll spend endless amount of hours developing your character. I personally used the pragmatic methodology of "marcoing" or in layman terms botting, which I will discuss later on in the hub as you continue to read.

Which Games to Play?


RUNESCAPE (2007) * (I've personally used)


WORLD OF WAR CRAFT * (I've personally used)




Above is a compiled list of games that have a lucrative prospect for gold farming. Again, the game you choose is completely up to you and is of your volition. Some games maybe easier than others due to the friendly or thriving player base. In choosing a game the best way to do so is look at which games have the highest player base and let that influence your decision. Also on another note, some of these games will require memberships (paid) and some of these games you can play for free. My advice if you want the most out of the game and to quickly develop your character so you can gold farm, I suggest to get a membership. Look at it like an investment which will yield a great return if you play your cards right.


Macroing or Botting is the use of any third party software which aids you in gaming/gold farming. Sort of like an artificial intelligence, this is utilized usually for tedious tasks for skills which MMROPG games are well known for. I personally used bots in both games in which I gold farm in ( Runescape & World of War Craft). There are many free bot clients available and some paid. I personally use free, but paid usually has more benefits. But before you select your bot clients, please do your research! The last thing you want to is be scammed out of your account.

Just do a Google search through the internet and find best reviews for botting clients. That's what I did. If your not tech savvy, there are tons of videos on YouTube on how to use botting clients. Listen, I was not the most tech savvy person, believe it or not. As I mentioned before I had to jump through so much obstacles, I did not even know how to operate the botting clients when I started. But I had a will to learn and to get things running. I had a vision and I would pursue it by all means,. If I could do it you can do it too!


I wrote this hub to be an inspiration to any avid readers who have the passion to make a living off games, MMROPGs in particular. You tired of working a typical 9-5 job? Living under the thumb of the system and always struggling to make ends meet. Well, than take things into your own hands and start gaming! Self-employment is the best employment in my opinion. Nothing beats being your own boss and having people come to you for your service.

These are the primary reasons why I got into gold farming. It was outside the box and is an area that is not heavily plowed or harvested. But I'm not going to lie only the best of the best thrive in this industry and its not due to some sort of "super intelligence". But as I mentioned before hard work, dedication, trial and error and ultimately the will to pursue your dream till the ends. Even If you cannot make a living off gold farming, at the least it can supplement you with additional income.

There are kids ages 15-17 making six figures salaries! Off gold farming. The saying is true "age is but a number", remember that and pursue your dreams. Anything is possible as long as your realistic, measure your progress and goals and ultimately pursue your dreams! So I encourage anyone, especially if you have the passion for games to get into this industry and watch income come flowing through consistently. So I wish all of you the best in your endeavors and hopefully you can become a successful gold farmer! Best wishes.

Video Games

Below is a link for any of you interested in purchasing console games, feel free to do so through the links provided safely and securely. =D (Ps3 & Ps4)


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