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Production and you360

Updated on April 8, 2009
It is important to write it down!
It is important to write it down!

You need to ask yourself these questions about your production.

Preview 11… Speaking of asking questions. When you're asking those hard questions at the end of the day, while looking in the mirror, look yourself directly in the eye and ask yourself these hard questions:

  • How many sales did I make today?
  • How many people did I recruit today?
  • How many people did I email today?
  • How many people did I point to my website today?
  • How many people did I follow up with today?
  • How many people did I share my business with today?
  • How many people did I share my product with today?
  • How many business cards did I pass out today?
  • How many?

You see folks, that's really not hard stuff to do, that's part of your DMO (daily method of operation). That's part of your activity for the day.

That's part of your activity today. Today's, what's important. Today is what counts. What you did yesterday doesn't count. What you did last week doesn't count. What you did last month doesn't count. Last month isn't important. Last week isn't important either. What you did last year isn't important anymore. You could have been a superstar last week or you could have been number one last week. But that doesn't matter.

What matters is, today.

What's most important is, today. What you do today, is going to determine where your business is going to be next week, next month and where your business will be next year! And remember, you don't get paid today for what you do today. You'll get paid next week, next month and next year for what you do today. That's the way it works. You have to focus on today. Forget about yesterday. Forget about tomorrow and focus on today. Live for today, live for the now and live for the present. Today is what is most important.

Today is most important because you're filling the pipeline everyday. Everyday you're keeping the pipeline full. You're pouring it in everyday. Some today, some tomorrow, some the next day and some more the next day and then pretty soon, next week, next month, next year, it's still coming out of the other end of the pipeline. However, for that to happen, you have to keep filling it up everyday …consistently, day after day after day, everyday. That's why your activity everyday, today, is so important.

See, you can lie to the other people about how busy you are today.

Repeat. You can lie to the other people about how busy you are today. You can tell them whatever you want to tell them. You can tell them anything. However, you "cannot" afford to lie to yourself about how busy you are today. It doesn't work that way!

You have to be honest with yourself about what you're doing and what you're not doing. See, sometime, you lie to yourself without even knowing it. You think you're busy, but really, you're not. Sometime, you're just spinning your wheels, not going anywhere. Sometime, you're just going through the motion. Sometime, you think you're busy, sometime you sound busy, sometime you look busy and sometime you may even act busy.

And it's real easy to lie to yourself when you don't hold yourself accountable to your DMO.

It's also easy to lie to yourself when you don't keep good records. It's easy to lie to yourself when the only record that you do keep, are the records in your head. It's easy to think you're busy and you're doing more than you really are doing. Don't lie to yourself!

Because, whenever you do ask yourself what you've been doing, like what was my production today, your mind isn’t going to be honest with you. Your mind isn’t going to give you the truth. Your mind isn’t going to give you the facts. Your mind isn’t going to tell you just what you want to hear to make you feel good about yourself and how great you are!!

That's the way it works. Don't trust it.

Don't trust it, because, if you listen to that stuff, you're going to be way off spot …after all, it seemed like you did such a good job today, it seemed like you worked very hard all day long. It seemed like you accomplished lots and lots of stuff. In fact, your minds going to tell you that you had so much production today, that you might as well reward yourself and take the rest of the day off! Have you ever had that feeling? Don't fall for that trap. Don't lie to yourself.

The only way to get the true facts about how busy you are and how much production you've produced, is to write it down. GAP, grab a pen and write your progress down. Don't trust your fortune to your'll lose it every time!

The only way to get the answer's you need about what you're doing with your DMO is to write it down. Example, I personally use an hour-by-hour day planner and it works just fine for me. It keeps me on time and right on track. At the end of the day I know exactly what my production was for the guessing. Soooo, do whatever works for you. That's a "have to.”

Are you writing you DMO?

See, you can alter the facts in your head, but you can't alter the facts if you write them down on paper, GAP, you either did it or you didn't do it. There's no disputing what you did or didn't do, when it's right there in black and white. That way, you can't lie to yourself about how busy you was or what your production was for the day. Then, when you have all that stuff logged into your day planner, you won't be able to lie to yourself anymore. Make sense?

At the end of everyday, look into the mirror and ask the important question...what was my production today? Did what I accomplish today, reflect my personal best?

Next you360-12

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    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Feline Prophet...I am glad you see the importance of making a list.  So many time I have had something to do during a days time and all at once I was distracted and guess what ...I was late to get the job done.  You know the drill ..."don't trust your fortune to your memory, you will lose it every time!" 

      So ...making a list is so important.  I know we have all the tech gadgets and things that say they are proven ..but I have not heard my phone when it was supose to alert me to something.  So ...write it down and check ,..check ..double check!!

      Thanks for stopping ....I do appreciate your interest in you360 ...please come by again!

      My best to you and your focus for today!!

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 

      9 years ago

      I'm not a list person at all, but I like the idea of focusing on today - that would apply to all aspects of life, wouldn't it? :)

    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Yes. chaser4 ..sometimes looking in the mirror can tell us a lot about ourselves. The last question at the end of your day should be "What was your production today?"

      And the first question in the morning should be, "Where is my list?" :-)))) L0L Well ...tape it up on the mirrow at night so you can find it in the morning.

      Thank you for coming by chaser4 .....please come by again ..I can always depend on you! My best to your health and success!

    • chaser4 profile image


      9 years ago

      Hey gjcody, I like the idea of asking the question in the mirror.

      That's a huge list of question to ask ...but their all right on the money and best of all, I see they can really keep a person on track. Thanks again for the hubs....I'm using the tips, thanks and keep them coming.


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