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Prosper and you360

Updated on April 27, 2009

Are you ready to prosper in your business?

Preview 17 …In the last article I finished with number three of the Big Three bad habits. Earlier I said that whenever you decide to open your own business and become self-employed, when you decide to do that, your going to bring with you certain habit to the table of your business.

Some people will bring bad habits. Some people will bring good habits. Some will bring exceptional good habits while others will bring exceptionally bad habits. However, remember, all habits are equal, and to get rid of the bad habits, you have to replace the bad habits with good habits if you expect your business to prosper.

On to the first challenge!

Now, let's move on to some of the challenges. Let's move on to biggest challenges most people encounter when they make the decision to become self-employed. One of the biggest challenges you'll have to overcome is the driving or pushing of yourself to do whatever it takes to make your business successful. What ever it takes. Write that down. “I will do what ever it takes.”

That's a right folk, driving yourself, pushing yourself, forcing yourself to do whatever it takes. Getting out of bed an hour earlier, going to bed an hour later, pushing yourself to go the extra mile, driving yourself to make that extra effort and forcing yourself to get the job done on time and done right the first time.

Because here's the deal, when there's no boss around, no one looking over your shoulder, when there's no one checking up on you …when there's no one monitoring your daily production, your daily progress …when there's no boss to make sure the jobs done on time and done right the first time, it's real easy to slack off. It's real easy to skip the important stuff and do some backsliding. It's easy to settle for…

  • Settle for not following your DMO.
  • Settle for not following up.
  • Settle for not prospecting.
  • Settle for not inviting.
  • Settle for not presenting.
  • Settle for not doing the demo.
  • Settle for not promoting.
  • Settle for not advertising.
  • Settle for not pointing those ten new prospects to your web site.

It's easy to settle for and slack off; and let the important things slide.

What does matter for my production?

See, in your mind, the problem is, it doesn't seem to matter. It doesn't seem to matter if you slack off and skip a day, skip two days or even skip three days of production. In your mind, it doesn't seem to matter if you shortcut your goals. It doesn't seem to matter if you come to work late and quit and go home early. But it does matter. It matters big time!!

What about starting at 10:30 instead of 8:30. Does that matter? What about quitting at 2:30 instead of 3:30. Does that matter? You bet it does, it matters a lot! You wouldn't do that at your regular job, would you? You wouldn't do that if you worked for someone else, would you? So, if you wouldn't do that at your regular job where you're working for someone else. Then why in the world would you shortcut yourself, when you're working for yourself, working for your family and working for your future?

Why does all this matter?

Do you want to know why? As I said before, because in your mind, you don't think it matters. Because in your mind, you're the boss now and you think that you can do whatever you want. You think you're entitled. Because in your mind, you think, I'm the boss, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and however I want. In your mind, you don't think the slacking off will have an immediate impact on your business or your income.

Unfortunately, it will, it will have a major impact on your business as time goes on. In fact, in the weeks, months and years ahead, it will have a huge impact on your business, on your income and on your psyche.

Remember, the habits you bring to the table of your business will always have an impact on your business, your income and you psyche.

Next you360-18

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    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 8 years ago

      Feline Prophet ...see, I know you can do it. You just have to employ yourself. As I said in one of your articles have to keep a positive mind. You have to go after it. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do it.

      I had a girl that worked in our business that was making money but would only put in 4 hours a week. I told her if she would put in even 8 hours a week she could double her money ...but she could not employ herself. And remember what I said ..she has moved on to other jobs ...but she took herself with her. She did not change ...she needed to work for someone else to have them tell her what to do. She could not employ herself.

      Feline Prophet enjoy the approval ..I can see that ...go after it. Do it now!

      My best to your success!

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 8 years ago

      I am self employed but not in the brick and mortar a writer/editor I don't necessarily have something to sell everyday, and I have to admit I can get lax at times. The hard thing is to discipline yourself to work as you would for another employer. Thought provoking as usual gj. :)