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SMS Text Message Marketing: A Mobile Advertising for Success

Updated on May 2, 2015

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QR Codes are good for: SMS Text Message Marketing, Mobile Adertising Campaigns, Mobile Advertising Marking  and more.
QR Codes are good for: SMS Text Message Marketing, Mobile Adertising Campaigns, Mobile Advertising Marking and more.

In the world of mobile advertising marketing, SMS text message marketing is one of the newest and most effective of mobile advertising campaigns. SMS text message marketing is a direct form of mobile advertising marketing. These messages are sent to customers who have chosen to participate or “Opt-in,” to mobile advertising campaigns. These types of messages have the highest returns on investment of any mobile advertising campaigns or traditional marketing strategies.


  • On average it takes people 26 hours to report they have lost a wallet. It takes people 68 minutes to report they have lost their mobile phone.
  • There are more mobile phones on Earth than there are TVs
  • In the US, 91% of people have their mobile device within arms reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


SMS text message marketing is one of the most efficient mobile advertising campaigns for your business. This is an efficient mobile advertising marketing technique in large part because the messages are sent to those who have chosen to receive your marketing message. In order to receive your text messages, customers must opt in to your marketing campaign. To opt in to your campaign, customers send a SMS or Text message with your keyword to a short code number. This short code number is between five and six numbers long. Once the customers’ text message is received, their mobile phone number is added to a database. Businesses use their opt in database to send out their SMS Text message marketing message.

As part of your mobile advertising marketing you can send a variety of messages to your customers. In these messages you can include a link to your website. This link can also be used to provide a map and directions to your location. You may also include coupons sent my text. The customer will then use their phone to provide a coupon code at your business or your online store front. Using messages with links allows a business to send out a wide amount if advertising materials in one message.

This form of mobile advertising marketing is a very cost efficient mobile advertising campaigns. SMS text message marketing cost no more than sending email with an email marketing campaign. The rate on return for SMS marketing is high. If fact it has one of the highest rates of return of any marketing strategy.


  • 70% of searches on a mobile device result in action within one hour
  • Mobile coupons receive 10x the response rate of coupon sent through traditional advertising media


The fact that most messages are open and viewed makes this form of mobile adverting marketing effective. This is largely due for two reasons. First, 95% of SMS messages are opened within five minutes of the phone receiving them. Second, people tend to respond or act on a SMS message within one hour of reading it. Compare this form of mobile advertising marketing to emails. Most advertising emails go for over one day before they are opened. Often these emails are deleted with the customer ever reading them. Plus, these texts are being sent to people who have chosen to participate in your businesses mobile advertising campaigns.

These mobile advertising campaigns can be timed for delivery unlike other forms of advertising. A restaurant can send out texts at 10:30AM when people are starting to think about lunch. Entertainment business can sent out texts in the early evenings when people are making their plans for the night. Using this type of mobile advertising campaigns business can react to unpredicted events and send out advertising on short notice. This is useful for business like grocery stores who can send out texts before a snowstorm. Or for businesses who's products prices are dependent upon fluctuation in commodity prices such as gas stations or manufactures.


Mobile advertising marketing via SMS text messages is profitable. We know that sending out texts is inexpensive. We know that most customers open their text message within five minutes and act on them within one hour. We know that texts can contain links to maps with directions, coupons, and to a business website. We also know that these texts can be timed for delivery. When you combine these facts together; businesses can get a higher rate of response to their message with a low cost way of delivering their message. When we combine these facts,the result is a high rate of return for businesses advertising costs.


Mobile advertising marketing via SMS text message marketing is becoming a popular method to reach customers. These mobile advertising campaigns are an efficient and effective way to reach customers who want your advertising messages. With the low cost of sending texts, business can realize a high rate of return on their advertising costs. Mobile advertising marketing is quickly becoming an essential way to reach customers.

Other useful ideas for mobile advertising marketing include QR Code Marketing ideas and Near Field Communications.


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