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Saving money and learning how to make money on hub pages

Updated on August 17, 2014

Reading hubs can save you money

Spending time on hub pages reading what others have written saved me almost $500 this week. For some reason lately all kinds of companies have been calling me with "new ideas" for making money online. Most likely my phone number is out on the net somewhere with the word {sucker} printed in bold lettering right next to it. We found our number is available because we didn't keep our information about the URL we purchased private.

Thank You authors, for writing articles showing others what to shy away from and why. Our recommendation is don't buy from anyone who calls on the phone. If you even consider it do a search to find out if they even have a presence on the internet. Something which has always worked for us is telling them if they can't be located on we aren't buying. Most of them are not.

One example of this is a website such as www.andanythingwiththisfollowing/hh2342. This means any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols. Most of these calls are trying to sell the type of site where you may be one of thousands with the only things changed the initials and numbers.

There are two of these which were bought by "my corporation" one over a year ago, which has never received one hit much less a sale. The other site never even went online even though it was paid for. It's sad that while doing research for the original website, hub pages was found about four months too late for me.

Learn from the mistakes of others

Those of you who know anything about me know a way is needed to recuperate at least some of the $10,000 spent on the above website. This included a builder, tax help, a book keeper, and a business plan which were shut off when they couldn’t collect the about one hundred dollars of fees they charged monthly.

This happened because someone hacked my computer and took all my personal information including credit card numbers and all my personal banking information. Luckily the hacker only had time to get a few hundred dollars before everything was shut down. So far one credit card has been reissued and a savings account has been being used to pay bills which absolutely must be paid.

Today someone told me that writing articles for places like hub pages doesn’t pay. I have been here six weeks and Google is saying there is money in my account. Granted its not much but for only having written 10 articles on three different subjects you'll get no complaints from me. Knowing search engine optimization SEO would probably help me and anyone else here. There are people here on hub pages who write articles about it.

Here also reading others articles will help you learn about things like back linking, sites to use for this and sometimes even the ones to avoid. Editing and proof reading articles can help some of us, me included. There are enough people here who write about these things so someday maybe those of us interested will be able to figure it out. If you spend any time reading the articles written by others especially the ones 95 and above you will soon learn people do make money here.

Learning how to make money on hub pages

The new ad program has really given me a boost. Ebay and Amazon are helping too. What helped most of all was Brett Tesol's hub Do you like to share as we have been sharing since about three months after starting on hubpages so this really made sense.

Any one who has followed what has happened because of not so much his concept but the because the idea of mutual sharing works. This sharing gave many of us the social links we needed to be ranked higher by search engines.

We have also learned quality is better than quantity, and our hubs most found by search engines are in very small niches where we rank first page. Don't forget the title tuner is a very useful tool. For us it does two things, gives us ideas for keywords and keyword clusters for new hubs, and lets us know which hubs are being found on search engines.

Since this article was originally written we have learned search engine optimization, how to use social media to increase rank and how to speed up the process of being ranked by search engines. With a staff worldwide we now do it for others which is how we earn a portion of our online income. The money from that site helps support two houses where people who come from abusive relationships learn a new lifestyle.

The value of hub pages

We haven't met many people who don't like saving and earning money. On hub pages we can learn to do both. Each thing we do which increases our income helps people worldwide be less dependent on our prospective governments.

© 2011 Dennis Thorgesen


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