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How to Make Money Writing About Love

Updated on April 21, 2011

Love For Sale

Love is the most expensive commodity on the planet, some would even say it is priceless. Love is the one thing we all have in common, it is elusive, it makes you complete, it breaks your heart, we live for it, we die for it and it has the potential to make you money.

When you read the title of this article what did you think it was about?

Please let me know what you thought in the comments box below.

If you have come here too buy love then I am very sorry, I have none for sale. Instead I have some great ideas that will help you make some money from the topic of love. This article continues the theme of profitable evergreen subjects, it is intended to explore in more detail how we as writers can make money writing about love.

If you have read my evergreen article you will remember that love is a fantastic subject to write about because there are so many sides to it, it's timeless as people will always want love and it's very profitable as people will always pay for information on how to find love.


This article is aimed at helping new writers and seasoned freelance writers who have lost their way. Some of the best advice ever is write about what you know, love is one of those subjects as we all know about it:

  • Being in love
  • Nobody loves me
  • A mothers love
  • Finding love
  • Losing someone you love

The list is endless and more importantly timeless which means it is a great evergreen subject. In the rest of this article I would like to break it down even further, my hope is that I give you some useful ideas to write about, some tips on how to write about love and the best way to set your article up for success.

Choosing what to write about

The beauty of writing about love is that we all have prior knowledge and experience, even if you have had bad experiences this is still relevant writing material because if you have suffered at the hands of love and survived you can be sure someone else is and can learn from your experience.

You can be as personal as you like writing about love or as vague as you need to be to protect your identity. Your articles could be advice that people can use, true stories of romance, love poems, jealousy, addiction, Internet dating, forbidden love, having an affair even the love you never had.

The secret if there is one when writing about love is to write from the heart, put yourself in your readers position, what will they be feeling, what can they gain from reading your article, can you offer hope or will your advice be to walk away.

Write a group of articles around the same love niche, offer resources for further help, end your article on an upbeat note if possible and give your reader a reason to come back for more.

How to write about love

Writing about love is easy because we all know what it is or isn't. Keep your words simple and real, promising prince charming will arrive on a horse is probably best left for fiction writing unless your story backs this Utopian idea up.

Consider what the reader will gain from your writing, why would they be searching for what you have to offer, where are they coming from in terms of emotional mood and when are they reading it in relation to time; maybe they have been alone for a long time or just finished a violent relationship.

You obviously can't know the answers to these specific points but you can set your article up to cover generally all scenarios. If you think about it; you have then wrote for an in demand niche, on a subject that will be of interest to a wide audience and maximised the general interest factor.

Maximising profit from your article

The first thing I would recommend to create a profitable article is great title, using the Google keyword tool you can check whether people are typing in the words you are using. Take "love" for instance, it has and unbelievable amount of searches with very low competition, if you don't believe me finish reading then go and check it out.

I asked a question above "what did you think this article was about when you read the title", for me; selling love conjure up so many scenarios so I guessed it would have the same impact on others, enough to make them read it.

Secondly decide were your profit will come from, will it be from selling books via Amazon or will you be relying on people clicking on adverts from Google or the Hubpages Ad program. My advice would be to go with the latter as Amazon ads don't lend themselves to heartfelt advice. If you want to sell love books, songs or films from Amazon write a review hub instead.

I am not going to teach you about backlinking etc as there are people more qaulified than I here on Hubpages, what I will say is once your article is written share it with the world, every article you write is like a micro business, make sure you are open.

More ways to sell love

As we have hopefully demonstrated love is a brilliant subject to write about and here are a few more ideas that you may be able to utilise to sell it:

  • Review love related products from Amazon
  • Start a blog with love related topics
  • Contribute to established blogs
  • Write love stories for magazines
  • Sell love on EBay
  • Write love captions for the greeting card industry
  • Write a love song
  • Train to be a relationship counsellor

Whatever route you take you can be sure that love endeavours will always be in demand, will always be profitable and will hopefully make someones day.

Selling love summary

I genuinely hope you have found this article useful, if you have please share it and vote it up.

My intention was to help you find topics to write about, show you how to write them and guide you into maximising their potential, I hope I have achieved this. Your comments are welcome as they let me know if I am on the right track.

If you are a new writer I can recommend writing here on Hubpages, you can learn to write online, get plenty of advice and encouragement and earn at the same time.


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