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Social Media Training for a PA

Updated on December 14, 2016

Social Media is a very popular and growing area of business. In the past it had been delegated to very junior members of an organisation because they were younger and more versed with social media, but also its importance was not recognised.

The primary areas are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, there are numerous other platforms that have popularity in different areas, countries and sectors.


What is Social Media Marketing?

Companies marketing to the public through social media, so they focus on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and other sites.

Why is it so attractive to do Social Media Marketing?

Social media is popular as it provides a new means of marketing. Through these means of marketing it is possible to reach customers that were previously hard to reach. The publishing of information can spread very quickly on social media if it goes viral.

The social element of this type of marketing makes it all the more trusted and enables the benefits of word of mouth advertising. This enables people to gain from the most sought after form of marketing without spending a lot of money.

The Social Media marketing can be cheap if you deliver good material. Their information is likely to be spread if the media is good quality. This opens up marketing to new players and companies. Also most people now have social media accounts that they look at regularly. They also trust the information that they see as it appears to be coming from their friends and family.

Why is running the employer’s Social Media campaign beneficial to a PA?

If you are given the opportunity to get involved in the social media marketing it could be very interesting, as you gain exposure to IT, marketing and general communications. This opens up your experiences, widens your skills and gives you career opportunities to advance or move.

If you do a good job in Social Media, you could form new relationships with clients which will be a clear gain for your professional image. You will be able to use the achievements to show that you deserve promotions and good advertising.


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