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A Guide to Human Resources for Executive Assistants

Updated on December 12, 2016

HR Functions

They will actually often have Human Resource activities included into the job role’s tasks. As an Executive Assistant, your boss will form part of senior management, which will mean that his managerial responsibilities will bring about countless interactions with Human Resources. Here are some examples of how you will often have to deal with HR. There is a lot of chances to develop your profile in HR.


Given that you are an Executive Assistant, you may encounter direct recruitment by your boss and many cases for less senior managers, who report to your boss. There are many HR functions that an Executive Assistant may have to carry out.

What does this include?

- In the case of direct hires, you may need to design a Job Role on discussion with your boss.

- For middle and junior manager’s request, you may need to vet the job role before sending to HR.

- Chase up HR approvals to hire.

- Chase up your manager’s approval for more junior managers.

- Ensure that HR protocol is followed (I.e. You may have to advertise role internally first).

- Handle adhoc communication with Human Resources.

You HR tasks and communication may even increase once a job offer is being made:

- You may need to work to tight deadlines to ensure that job offer and contract details are agreed and sent out to the appropriate candidate.

- You may need to chase up HR and manage the relationship with HR, when checks and other formalities are being done. Often HR can delay the process and your managers may lose patience.

- Coordinate start dates to suit all involved.

- You may need to coordinate or arrange the induction process from an HR perspective. Therefore, you may need to brief the new starter with HR information and get them to sign any mandatory agreements. This could include signing pension agreements, confidentiality agreements or simply applying for work ID passes.


Holiday, Leave or Sickness

One key aspect of administration could be the holiday, leave or the sickness calendars. This will require keeping accurate records, communication and enforcing of any policies. (You may have to report 7 days off or more and chase for a doctor’s note or ensure that staff takes the HR policy amount of leave annually).


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