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Top Ebay Auction Collectibles: Some Of The Best Ebay Collectibles

Updated on August 26, 2014

Top Ebay Collectibles

Collectors are everywhere, they want weird and wonderful items for their collections and they trawl anywhere and everywhere to get them, Ebay being the most popular source for their collectible fix is the premier online site for real time auctions and bids to take place.

Allsorts of collectibles are bought and sold on ebay every single day and this is a hubpage about some of the more better collectibles and well recognized collectibles on ebay.

People want certain items and they want them for a good price, if they are willing to pay the highest price, then they win the auction bid for that item, ften though there are lots of items just to buy as there maybe more than one single item up for multiple auctions, so here we could find the collectibles that certain collectors seek out.

Coins for example are a good collectible that is in high demand on Ebay or at least there are lots of coin auctions, so that is a good indicator of a demand for rare coin and limited edition coins.

Ebay Auctions

Ebay auctions currently under the hammer now.
Ebay auctions currently under the hammer now.

Art On Ebay

 All types of collectible art is available on ebay,whether it is by established artists of which there would be more demand and bids made for these, but there are also Ebay auctions running with art from people who just like to create works of art whether it be paintings, sculptures, Jewelry or some other hand made art or craft.

The very fact that someone has a talent to create something original that they are selling and others may want to buy it is just fantastic to think of, because everyone has different tastes to what art they prefer, so if you list it right they could very well buy what you are selling.

Limited edition prints of good quality paintings are usually quite good sellers,even if you're not a famous artist yet, if you write a good description and place a quality photo of your print then there is a good chance of it being viewed and possibly bought.

Stamps On Ebay

 I used to collect stamps years ago as a child when I thought it was cool and a great hobby, but since losing interest and finding other things to pass the time, I lost touch with the stamp collectors vibe.

But I am happy to report that people do still collect stamps of all shapes and sizes, form all over the world just like coins and just like coins they are small and easy to place into stamp books for care of your stamps. I suppose the allure of stamp collecting for some is to have memories of visiting places all around the world or have a letter from someone from the other side of the world or maybe you want to seek out them rare and costly stamps for your collection so that you can try and make money off them by auction trading of stamps.

Antiques On Ebay

 Antiques can be anything that is over 25 years old, jewelry, ornaments, furniture, that sort of thing and some pieces are highly sought after for there value and old style design or whatever is in keeping with their own house furniture, but many antique dealers only want to make money off the antiques that they sell which is how they obviously make a profit.

If you are an antique dealer, then spotting an antique is probably an easy thing to do, but if you are not, then it is well worth trawling the antiques on ebay to take note of what is antique and what is not, so that, should you ever come across a genuine antique at a car boot sale that is pence and you know full well that it is worth a lot more, then you'll have a little advanced knowledge over someone who doesn't!

What Other Ebay Collectibles Seem Popular?

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    • stanleyreese profile image

      stanleyreese 5 years ago from Alabama

      Good info! Thanks. Check out my hub about how to teach family values with yard sales and ebay.

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      That's good well done!

    • Doll Heart Candy profile image

      Doll Heart Candy 7 years ago from Belfast


      Great hub. I have just started y own business selling my own handmade jewellery- so ebay and the bead sellers have been a God send.

      Check out my designs at

      Take care

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 8 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Er ok, cheers now!

    • denise.earwen profile image

      denise.earwen 8 years ago from Stockholm Sweden

      You are absolutely right. The motorized lounge chair confiscated by police after a Minnesota man drove it while intoxicated is has been sold on ebay. The can zoom up to 20 miles per hour. WCCO's Heather Brown has more.