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Getting Started With and Maintaining Your Adsense Account

Updated on January 16, 2014

Adsense is the widely known of but mysterious force behind many of the bloggers, YouTubers and other online taste makers that are so often talked about. Why? Because that is how many of them make the bulk of their money! The thing is, it is not always the easiest thing to become a part of adsense nor is it easy to stay! Adsense has been much like a fraternity or sorority in which it has many secret benefits, tips and tricks for its members who must first prove why you want to be a part of it and stay a part of it by contributing to the community as a whole. If you want to start adsense, I'll share with you some tips on what you might want to look into.

1. Originality

Simply put, your content must be your own! Wouldn't you want to make a mark doing your own thing, showing the world something that has never been done before? Or wouldn't you like to create a new and improved way of doing something? Just about everyone you admire is going to be doing exactly that to be getting your attention and keeping you coming back for more or in simplier terms, connecting with their audience! The great thing is, the online taste makers making money with adsense, like you are probably looking into doing, do this naturally. It is not forced but completely the. Everyone does something a little different because none of us are exactly the same. The difference between these taste makers and those that are not yet taste makers is they are not afraid to show the world their differences so be a little fearless and show your originality!


Plus, because of copyright and trademark laws, adsense is not going to pay you for publishing content you did not create. You will not be able to just upload a full documentary from the History Channel or a music video from your favorite artist and be paid for it. The individuals who put a product together whether it be written, visual or other used time and skill to put something of value together and it's sort of not cool to just rip off someone else's work. It's even happened to a previous writing of mine. Another writer told me my entire article was copied and pasted to someone else's website. Not Cool! There is a line between inspiration or even paraphrasing and outright stealing. Your content needs to be original!

Not only will you be running the risk of having a content creator not being very happy with you but there is also the high risk of getting kicked off from Adsense or being denied if you are applying. This is one of the things adsense takes extremely seriously and penalizes individuals with a quickness.

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2. Interesting Content

Content is king both online and off and Adsense needs to see that you are right on board with that. Have content that is engaging. Whether you are writing, have photography, a blog, a vlog or some youtube channel, what you are putting out for the world to see should be something the world loves to see! For my youtube newbie's, try uploading videos showing people how to do something. DIY and how to is big throughout YouTube and if the way you present this information, which may not necessarily be new, makes people connect with you then adsense will love you! The same goes for any type of writer or artists or any other creative for that matter. Make original content that is peaks people's interest!

Oh and make sure it is a significant length. Adsense does include in its payment factor exactly how long people are visiting your content. Adsense does not work on clicks alone! If you are a writer, aim for a minimum of 250 words. For video, there is not a set amount of time I would suggest to starting off. Just make sure there is enough time in your videos to get your point across without it dragging on.

3. Consistency

Would your favorite channel be your favorite channel if it did not consistently play shows you like? Probably not, so put yourself on a schedule or require yourself to publish a minimum amount of work every month. Behave like you are working for NBC and you need to have a consistent flow of work to give to people.

This is of course much easier said then done because we live in this thing called life where unexpected things can and will happen. You have to tend to things outside of the content you are creating and trying to use with adsense or anything else you would like it for. Figure out a system that works for you to keep the content rolling. Automate if you must!


The main thing to know is that adsense is constantly changing so what may be an absolute necessity today may not matter this time next year. As long as you have the basic 3 things down, you should be in a pretty good position to join and stay with Adsense and see yourself getting paid.


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