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Telemarketers Are People Too: Things You May Not Know About The Business And The People We All Love To Hate

Updated on December 16, 2009

Someone Who's Been There.

As a former telemarketer and telemarketing trainer, I would like to clear up a few misunderstandings about the business and the people. First off there is something we all forget when we pick up the phone and yell obscenities, humiliate and degrade the caller.....They are people too just trying to do a job the best they can.
One of the first things I stressed when I trained new hires was, You WILL get yelled at and you WILL be called names or worse. Please understand this is a very stressful job because the people called don’t know how it really works. You are just a voice to them. Don’t take it personally. But it’s hard. There were many days I myself sat and made calls with tears running down my face. No one likes to be bothered with those calls. Telemarketing is not a perfect system by any means but it does provide an income for many people, many very nice people.

With that said let’s get started.....

Who Are Telemarketers?
Most telemarketers fall into three main categories, ELDERLY, because they need the money and are too old to be hired anywhere else, DISABLED, also because of job limitations, and SINGLE/DIVORCED/WIDOWED MOTHERS, who are just trying to raise and provide for their kids. This may be the only job available for them and it is a real job.

What is Telemarketing?
Telemarketing is a cost effective way for companies to promote products or services to individuals and businesses across the country. Companies such as banks, credit card companies, unions etc., hire call centers to market their service or product to current customers or cardholders across the United States. The call centers are provided with a call list, (which is not perfectly updated for it is nearly impossible to do that), then it's fed into a huge computer called a dialer. It distributes the calls to the terminals where someone is sitting ready to receive your hello as your name pops up on their screen.
The telemarketers are in a large room filled with computer terminals that receive the calls. There may be at least 200 people separated into groups called teams. Each team has been trained to a specific program or product that was brought in by a client . They are all talking at once to different people about different products/services so that is why you hear all the back ground noise. Some people get spooked when hearing other voices thinking they are being called by scammer but never fear it is a legitimate call. It's just the way the business is set up.

The call center employees ARE taught the laws that govern telemarketing, everything involved in presenting the product/service professionally, how to be courteous, and extensive selling techniques. Then there comes the product knowledge training that includes all the information that a “client” has provided about their perspective product/service. The training can be very in depth and detailed. Clients want the telemarketers to KNOW what they are talking about when they talk to you. After all, the telemarkerter, though not an employee of the actual client, DO REPRESENT them and their product/service. I can’t stress this enough. A lot of people have the mind that the telemarketers are actually calling from their local bank etc and even threatened to change banks because of the calls . Please don’t do that. I’ll explain why below.

The most frequent questions and complaints telemarketers deal with:

My Bank etc. Said They Didn’t Call Or Don't Have A New Credit Card Promotion.
That’s right , your local union or bank more than likely didn’t. For example: If you are a member of a union, and their national office has decided to promote a new card, that offer will extend to all members of that union nationwide. Same with a bank. A list of nationwide card holders will be compiled and provided to A Call Center.

If You’re Calling About My Union Credit Card or Calling About My Bank Card You Should Already Have My Information.
I heard this over and over. Most of the people I talked to had the impression I was an employee of the bank etc. As I mentioned telemarketers do not work for the client, per say and they know nothing about the people on the list. They don’t know your work schedule, if you are retired, no longer using that bank, got a raw deal from the company before, are laid off, sleeping or eating etc. The ONLY thing telemarketers have access to is the name and address that pops up on the screen so they know who to ask for.

Why Do You Call Me Every Day At The Same Time?
You have to realize the telemarketer has no control over who gets called or when unless the the consumer asked to be called back and then a “call back” can be set at the telemarketers terminal, but even then it’s not a perfect system. You will never speak to the same person twice. The call lists are fed into the dialer, sorted by timezone and then sent down the wires to any and all open terminals. Each list is set on a timer and coded so that particular call list will be repeated the next day at the same time.

How Do I know If You Are Really Who You Say You Are?
Good question and a smart one in this day and age. By Law EVERY telemarketer has to identify themselves immediately using their REAL name. If you have doubts there is a number for the call center and a toll free number for the actual client you can ask for. If any telemarketer leads you to believe they are employees of the bank etc., they do so illegally. The best advice I can give you if you are truly unsure is ask questions. A legitimate call center employee will gladly answer your questions honestly and explain who they are and even offer you the numbers to verify. Telemarketers are also assigned a TSR# , (Telemarleting Service Representative), when hired. It identifies them so they can get paid, shows what terminal they are at etc. When you ask for a number to call they are required to also give you their TSR# number. If they refuse, either it's a bogus call or they are just being difficult. Which ever that case may be hang up. In a situation like that it's better to be safe than sorry.

Why Do I have To Give You My Social Security Number?
First off if a telemarketer asks for your whole social, hang up immediately. The only time you would EVER be asked to provide your SS# would be if you are doing a credit card application over the phone and then only the last 4 digits are required. Since the terrorist attacks, it is now mandatory to provide the last four digits so the bank can verify your identity, You certainly wouldn't want anybody else to be getting a card in your name. There is no need to be alarmed about this. Nobody can do anything with those four numbers alone. But you have my name, you say...
Doesn’t matter, there is still nothing a telemarketer can do with that information, besides, we are never allowed to have pens, pencils or anything of that nature at our terminal. That is watched closely by supervisors walking back and forth. Each “team” has a supervisor and of course the floor manager is watching everything that goes on along with the cameras.
Besides who is going to remember a number and a name after taking upwards of 3oo calls a day each and the calls are never local or most of the time not even in the same state as the telemarketer.

What Happens To My Information Once I Give It to You?
If you are filling out an application for a credit card and have verified that you agree to the terms and conditions that were read to you then the telemarketer punches a submit button and it immediately goes to the bank for approval.
It will never be seen again by any telemarketers eyes. The computers are programed and coded for each client so if you are receiving a call about a new credit card from the national bank or union you are affiliated with, that bank or union ONLY has access to your information. It's information on file which you provided at the time of becoming a customer. It will go immediately into their computer system, for verification. You will then get a letter stating the details of the transaction, whether it was approved or declined. Actually giving the last 4 digits over the phone is much safer than applying through an application in the mail. They require the whole number and there is no guarantee how many people will see it.

Why Can’t You Tell Me If I’m Approved for the Credit Card?
Again, telemarketers have no access to your personal or financial information. Their job is only to tell you about the offer, verify your name address and last four digits of your social. With that done, it is submitted to the bank, their access to you is broken and another call pops up. It is for your safety that telemarketers are limited in that sort of knowledge.

Wrong Numbers
Boy was I ever yelled at over this one and every time I had to just shake my head. Please tell me how a telemarketer could possibly know the number showing up on their screen is wrong. Or anybody for that matter. Please politely say it’s a wrong number so the telemarketer can dispo that as a"wrong number", so it can be properly removed from that particular CALL CENTERS list. It may take a day or two for that process to complete so be patient. It’s a nuisance for sure so just politely say wrong number each time and it will gradually lessen the calls. If you just hang up the call goes back into the loop to be repeated thus adding to your stress.

Why Do I keep Getting Calls From The Same Company After I Was Put On Their Do Not Call List ? Unfortunately this is unavoidable. And not the telemarketers or call centers fault. Sometimes a company may have several promotions going at the same time. If this is the case, the same calling list may be provided to the call center for each promotion.

Why Do You Keep Talking After I’ve said NO?

Simple answer...Because they will get fired if they don’t and they NEED the job. It's part of the selling. It's the thinking of the client that the consumer may not have understood all the benefits of the procduct/service so the telemarketer is required to give you more information.

With the conclusion of this...
I’m not saying all telemarketers are wonderful. Some can be nasty and most get fired for it. That was a huge no no in the call center I worked for. There were to be no hang ups on the consumer, if they were screaming at you, you waited till they were calmed down enough to politely say goodbye. No laughing at them if they went off in a fit, no snide remarks or anything. If you were caught, you were out the door then and there. And in the same sense I'm not saying all the consumers we called were bad either. There were days I enjoyed some of the funniest and most pleasant conversations I've ever had as a telemarketer. Let me tell you, that makes the day. I’ve been flirted with and even got a few marriage proposals right along with the death threats and name calling. Sometimes you get a hold of someone who just wanted to talk to someone because they are lonely, so you chat a bit. Those calls nearly broke my heart.

I realize there are lots of things you may still have questions about so feel free to send me a comment. I just hope that this shed a little light on a business that few people understand and most all hate. I in no way meant to point a finger, to make anybody look bad. My intention here is to cover as much as I can in basic terms to make it easier for both parties when dealing with future calls.

I hope this helped in some way and I Thank You for visiting .


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    • profile image

      jeff 3 years ago

      Let us not forget many places sell your info to these company's if you get a grocery store discount card which gives you a discount it is not because they like giving you a break it is because you put your info on it and signed the bottom allowing them to sell that info. I worked for a telemarketing company for about a year I have a bachelor's in robotics and animatronics but sometimes you got to take a job. When you can't find work, this job taught me to loath people I'm surprised more marketers don't snap, lol.

    • profile image

      Steven Ph 3 years ago

      Hi. Im steve from Philippines and im a Telemarketer too. Im in college and my Father needs an operation in the heart. The reason that I apply to this kind of work is to sustain myself and not to depend on my parents. I saw your post and cited details about the real life of Telemarketers and also I've read all of your comments and I was moved. Wrapping up all things, we have a reason why we work. And as an agent, it is our duty to listen to people despite they keep on shouting at us. I hope everybody who encountered telemarketers get a chance to read this and ponder what who really are. Thank you. God bless us all

    • profile image

      Jenny 4 years ago

      I think it speaks volumes about the lack of humanity some people have for total strangers. I am a telemarketer and we cold call for free estimates for home exterior updates. It is a small office, 10 people or less and we are not forced to rebuttal (however) Our pay is based on how many leads we make as a group (stressful eh?) We are kind, do not follow a script and we do remove you from OUR list if you ask. But I still get about 3 death threats a week or more, cussed at hourly and so on. The part that really bothers me? We're calling all local areas, promoting a local business with Canadian made local products. Everywhere we call is within an hours drive from our office.

      I had my neighbour threaten to come to my work and shoot me. Funny enough, I have never spoke to my neighbour in Person, he does not know it was ME who phoned him...but every time I see him I think "What a psychotic asshole" I told a customer once to please not yell at me as I was a single mother only doing my job to which she replied "You shouldn't have had a child then" Again she lives not far from where I live... What I am trying to say is so many people have been verbally abusive, threatened death, talked down to me, called me pathetic and in such a condensed area. A friendly, pleasant well spoken 30 year old get's you that heated? Like...there must be something wrong with these people. Severe anger issues. Someone blew a whistle in my ear once. What is with people?! See...who said all Canadians were nice/pushovers?

    • profile image

      Jack 4 years ago

      There are different types of telemarketers.

      1) The ones with no rules or laws like rogue telemarketers.

      2) Lawful and real telemarketer.

      The lawless ones have that messed up call ID you see on your phone. They yell at you, they trick you etc. They are they horrible kind. They do what they want etc we've all experienced them.

      The real ones are respectful, nice, and kind and listen to you. At work, they are monitoried constantly by their boss and the client. They have to read a script word for word and get in trouble if they don't. They have strict rules and regulations. They can get fired for many reasons like not getting sales quota. They are recorded when they use the bathroom. They are discouraged from using the bathroom and sometimes get in trouble for it. They are recorded when they go for break they have to use a computer to record this. If the computer locks up and you spend 5 minutes after coming back from a break, you have to fill out paper work so you don't get in trouble. You don't know if you will have a job the next day sometimes. On top of this they have to deal with the disgusting and horrible way they are treated.

      These people are made fun of and mocked and threathened and hurt constantly on the job. I've had people make racial remarks, make fun of my voice, threathen me, basically hurt in any way they can. I've once had a father who rounded up his wife, and kids and each got them to take a turn degrading, insulting, and swearing on me and then taking time to laugh at me after. I remember him saying... your gonna take this cause we know you can't hang up. At the time it is true it was a regulation where I worked. Sad for another human being to do this in front of his kids huh?

      If you want to know how if feels imagine if on your job your boss and coworkers are allowed to make fun of you, say racial remarks, insult your family and degrade you on a daily basis whenever they want and you can't do anything about it. Imagine you take pride in your work and do a good job but you are held back because of the ways other people treat you? What would you do if your were not sure if you would have a job the next day because of the way people treat you on the job?

      Lets not forget other types of phone workers like charity workers and survey workers. Chairity workers are just trying to do a good deed in life. Survey workers just try to get opinions ot make prooducts and services better. (it's funny because people complain their opinion and voice are not heard and they often wish their idea about product or service improvements were heard and get upset about it but yet hang up or make fun of someone when they are called to express their opinion.)

      Another thing to think about is this..... if people treat good decent phone workers bad because they had a few bad experiences with the bad phone workers, why does it not follow though with other things in life. Example..... I went to a garage and the people treated me badly. So now I treat every garage worker in the world badly. Does that make sense? Maybe similar to a stereotype.

      A phone is a device that is you use to make and receive calls. You call someone to install it for these reasons. Yet people get upset when they are called. It's just a ringer that you have control of. You can turn the ringer down, even turn it off. When I eat or sleep I turn the ringer button off, it takes 2 seconds. I have call ID so I see who has called and can call them back. Voice mail and answering machines allow others to leave messages. So there is no need for anger or fear or rage at all.

      People take phone jobs for different reaons. Some are retired and need extra income. Some people are sick. Some people are unemployed and want the dignity of at least having a job vs no job while they look. Some are students. Many reasons. It's a hard economy and a job is better then no job.

      Remember we all have loved ones. We have grandparents, kids, neices, sisters, brothers, fathers mothers. These are the kinds of people who take these phone jobs. How would you like it if you someone threathened your loved one, your grandfather for example? Imagine if your parents were made fun of and degraded. How would you feel and what would you do? When you make fun of a phone worker you are hurting these kind of people.

    • profile image

      aaa 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Chuck 4 years ago

      Don't care. Sure, it's not their fault that my number has somehow gotten onto 50 calling lists for a service I didn't request. And somehow it's not their fault that all my requests for removal from the various lists have gone nowhere. Crap flows downhill. I get 8 to 15 calls a day from these ppl despite being on the do not call registry, they can put up with my ill temper.

    • profile image

      uchu 4 years ago

      Sorry, I still can't stand them. I simply ignore their calls; that's what caller id is for.

    • profile image

      Jeremy 5 years ago

      I like being treated with respect and dignity every day, therefore I am always polite when talking to telemarketers. I have actually ordered things this way before, and I too actually enjoy a bit of chit chat while placing my order. many telemarketers are very interesting people. I remember I was saving up for college several years ago, and so too was the telemarketer. We had a great talk about going back to college, and I got a sweet deal on a hotel for 5 nights in Los Angeles.

    • profile image

      Laddy 5 years ago

      I have never spoken to a telemarketer that I didn't like. I usually just hang up on them.

    • profile image

      Hikaru 5 years ago

      AnythingArtsy mentioned the problems of the DNC lists... but nowadays there are National and State level DNCs you can add your number to online that WORK, simply because if people call you they are fined up to $10k a call. Of course, charities can still call you, and companies you are a client for can call you too. I'm in Canada, and the Canadian nDNC also has provisions for newspapers and politicians to call you even if you're on the national DNC. That small fact is something not many people know, so when we call for a newspaper and call people on the nDNC we get a lot of angry ppl.

      One thing I'd add about call centers is when you call back to be put on their internal DNC... you have to give them your number. It always amuses me when someone is all "Oh you have my number already because you called me". Yes, we do, along with another 200k numbers. Our office in particular, due to the incoming phone system doesn't even show us caller ID... so unless the person calling gives me their phone number I cannot put them on our internal DNC and they will keep getting called!

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 5 years ago from OHIO

      Betsy.... Also, I don't know what call center you are referring too or worked for but the laws are quite clear about the patriot act. I couldn't possibly investigate the thousands of call centers here and abroad and how they are run because despite the laws all are run according to the managers standards. But having been in the position to teach the laws governing telemarketing at the time this is what they were. Granted, not all call centers are on the up and up and some fly just close enough to the law to stay open but... Hmm might just be another story.....

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 5 years ago from OHIO

      BETSY..... I'm not sure I know what inaccuracies you are talking about. Since the inactment of the Patriot Act, it is required that anybody applying for a credit card over the phone provide the last for digits of their social for identification purposes. Not only to prove citizenship but to verify nobody else is getting a card in someonelses name. It was all that was required for the bank to verify their customer and send a credit card. We were under no circumstances allowed to ask for the whole number. Actually the program was set up to only accept four numbers on the application. I hope this cleared whatever you were talking about up.

    • profile image

      Betsy McCall 5 years ago

      Good overall, but some of the information you provided is inaacurate, for example, asking for only the last 4 digits of the SSN. Those inaccuracies make the job more difficult. I advise caution when extrapolating your experience to all call centers.

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 5 years ago from OHIO

      B/S..... Yep that's usually why people ask to be put on that list but to be honest, it's fruitless. If your name is out there on a list it WILL ALWAYS be out there and WILL be called again for some other promotion. You can be put on that particular call centers do not call list for that particular promotion at the time, BUT, if another client comes in with another list of names to be fed into the computer system and your name happens to be on it then unfortunately you will get a call for that too. The telemarketers have NO KNOWLEDGE and NO CONTROL over who is or isn't on a do not call list. However at your request they will gladly add you to it again when asked to do so during each and every time you get an unwanted call. Also another little known fact about those Do Not Call Lists is, for example, get a call about a new credit card deal from the national office of your company, you don't want to be bothered by them again, fine, ask to be put on their "national" Do Not Call List...BUT, as soon as you use your card again it disqualifies the request and opens you up for new calls about new promotions. It stinks but that's how it works. Yelling, threatening and cussing the callers truly doesn't do anything. I can't stress it enough that the telemarketers HAVE NO info about the person the computer calls. The ONLY thing that comes up on the terminal is the name and address of the person so they know who to ask for. I know the business but even I don't like getting calls so, this is what I do, If you have caller ID, don't answer. After so many times the computer dials and gets no answer it is determined to be a non productive number and the calls will stop but it takes time for no one knows how many lists their name is on. After bein in the business and knowing how it works I simply don't stress over unwanted calls anymore. It's out of my control and life is too short.

    • profile image

      B/S 5 years ago

      If I register on the do not call list, this means exactly that......I DO NOT want unsolicited phone calls.....PERIOD!!!

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 6 years ago from OHIO

      You are very welcome Youngstowncoupons. You have a very challenging job to say the least so hang in there. It only gets worse lol lol lol (only another telemarketer could appreciate that remark lol lol) don't let 'em get ya down. Oh by the way is that youngstown ohio? marietta here.

    • youngstowncoupons profile image

      youngstowncoupons 6 years ago from Youngstown, OH

      Great Hub! I recently started working as a telemarketer as I cannot find other employment. Every day I am astounded at how rude people are...cussing, flushing toilets, etc.

      They don't understand...this is a real job, and for most of us, our only job option (other than fast food). We receive above minimum wage, commissions, benefits.

      We work hard and put up with a lot of crap! But at least we are gainfully employed and not sucking dry the welfare system!

      So thank you for the Hub!

    • profile image

      Amber King  6 years ago

      Telemarketing is a noble job. I think people should understand that it is not calling people and taking calls.

    • clicketmaster profile image

      clicketmaster 7 years ago

      This was a nice Hub. Thank you for your insight. I learned something new today.

    • profile image

      Telemarketing Company 7 years ago

      I think that your article is very well written. It shines a different light on the way that telemarketers are treated. I think a lot of the bad treatment is residual from years of telemarketers being too persistent and calling back even though they were asked not to, or told that the party being called was not interested in buying. Times have changed somewhat in that respect, and you are right, telemarketers should be treated with respect as human beings just trying to make ends meet. This is a very good eye opener for all the readers out here.

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 7 years ago from OHIO

      Thank You and I agree with you, That's the hardest part about the business because we all hated to Rebuttal . As far as I was concerned No meant No but some companies are so money hungry.....

    • Money Glitch profile image

      Money Glitch 7 years ago from Texas

      My heart goes how to telemarketers until you ask me again a second and third time to buy the product. It's too bad the owners of these companies don't understand that for many people the first no, means absolutely NO. Thanks for sharing behind the scenes info on a telemarketer. Congrats on being selected as a HubNuggets Wannabe and best of luck to you!

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 7 years ago from OHIO

      You are quite welcome obsexed.

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 7 years ago from OHIO

      You are quite welcome obsexed.

    • obsexed profile image

      Katie Butler 7 years ago from Sensual, USA

      I may be a little more understanding of telemarketers now. Thanks for the insider's look.

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 8 years ago from OHIO

      thank you shaz. I hope it helps.

    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 8 years ago from Great Britain

      This is very imformative. I know it is difficult for telesales and you have made it more open for all of us to see how difficult it is. Well done... ! x

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 8 years ago from OHIO

      thank you sage for the wonderful comment and congrats. I've never been nominated before. lol

      Telemarketing is definitely a "different" kind of business. I hope it helps people to know a bit about it. maybe it will make it easier for all concerned when we get those annoying calls. lol lol

    • Sage Williams profile image

      Sage Williams 8 years ago

      Very well written and informative hub. I give you lots of credit, this is one job that I know I could never do. You need to have the patience of a saint and Armour of steel.

      Thanks for the very thorough explanations. Great Job!

      Congratulations on your nomination to HubNuggets!

      Best of Luck!


    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 8 years ago from OHIO

      Yes the tm system is not a perfect one and unfortunately there are call centers that don't quite abide by the rules and let the tsr's get a bit out of hand by being rude. kinda makes it harder for the nice ones lol . and thanks for the nomination. WOW

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      AnythingArtzy, what a beautiful hub as you explained this from a personal point of view. You are absolutely right, we don't have any idea how the system works and we have to be more patient with telemarketers. In our city right now, there are many calls inviting us to open credit cards or make a loan and I always refuse politely. I think I remember raising my voice and becoming impatient when the person refused to take no for an answer. Sometimes it takes two ways too...when we are in the middle of doing something and someone on the other line is forcing us to buy something, we also react! Hahahahah So I guess everyone needs to understand each other somehow. Thanks again for this hub.

      Ooops I almost forgot my other news! You have been nominated...this hub has made its way to the Hubnuggets List. To see the list, please click this link:

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 8 years ago from OHIO

      Veronica and Green, thank you both for your comments. My youngest is now working in the same call center I did so I'm glad I was able to give him the "low down" and prepare him for some things. It certainly isn't a perfect system but in his case it's the only place around here or anywhere actually where anybody is pretty much guarateed to be hired. (so if you know anybody who is in need of a job it will be a steady income till something better comes along for them.)

      So far he seems to have taken to it like a duck to water. lol this is a boy who rarely spoke lol lol lol boy has he opened up. :)

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      This is a wonderful, informative and important Hub Anything Artzy. Not only have you provided some enlightening information about those dearly dreaded TM folks, you've provided us with good advice as to how to respond effectively and cautiously. Rated up and voted up on Hubnuggets! Congrats and welcome to HP :)

    • Veronica Allen profile image

      Veronica Allen 8 years ago from Georgia

      Thank you for this background look into the career of telemarketers. I previously worked in the customer service field, and much like telemarketing, we too had to endure daily unpleasentries. It is due to this, that I've always tried to be patient and kind to telemarketers since that is often there livelyhood. Hopefully this will help others stop and think before they react the next time a telemarketer calls them.

    • AnythingArtzy profile image

      AnythingArtzy 8 years ago from OHIO

      thank you both for your comments. I agree about the Chrisatian aspect. I almost got fired over refusing to rebuttal and elderly man dying of cancer saying ...basiclly... use up your limit cause when you die the insurance will pay it off. You just have to draw the line sometimes and though I trained many people how to make sales I stressed they make a stand for their ethics against an unscrupeless supervisor like the one I had.

    • livingwaters profile image

      livingwaters 8 years ago

      Been there, worked as a telemarketer for a while and it's a tough job, but then again it's a pain in the rear end as well for the telemarketer and the client.

      My take has always been that I prefer to do business with people, that is, I offer a product or service and people CHOOSE to ask me about it, any sales procedure occurs AFTER they have approached me.


      Well I spent many years using sales techniques to sell things to people that they did not need, could not afford and in reality did not want.... as a Christian I know that wherever manipulation, deception and intimidation is involved, there is witchcraft at work, so when I became a believer I needed to reappraise my 'sales technique's'.... and it means that life is much harder, but sweeter too!

      Good hub, it will give many an insight they will be missing!


    • pddm67 profile image

      pddm67 8 years ago from Queens, New York

      An eye opening view into the world of a telemarketer - nicely done. I tried my hand at it a while back but twas not the job for me. Much admiration for those who do stick it out - it ain't easy. I always try to be pleasant on the phone with them (even when not interested) and will even politely say thank you at the end of our conversation. Hey - everyone's got a job to do. Rock on!