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The Adsense Secret by Joel Comm

Updated on January 14, 2010

Making Money With Google Adsense Guide


There are so many articles titled “Adsense Secrets” from the so called online marketers gurus, many worked in the 80s and 90s and are no longer practically applicable today as the online industry keep changing year after the year. And with so many hypes about Google Adsense Secret many non knowledgeable Google Adsense publishers are selling the so called cracked code of Google Adsense, with many new bloggers and Adsense Publisher rushing to buy these outdated information hardly stay in blogging for six months and quit blaming the money making system.

Buying these how make million dollars with Google Adsense does not help when you are knew to online marketing, you will be wasting your valuable time reading what’s works in the early 90s. Even some of these Google Gurus do get it wrong when comes to Google Adsense.


The only one guide I found useful and relevant which is free is from Joel Comm an internet entrepreneur for over 15 years, through his guide you will what you need to get started and make money with Google Adsense. The guide is a Google Adsense start up basic that both so called Gurus and newbie’s need to go through when you want to maximized on your Google Adsense Earning.

The free guide can be obtained from for free and you need not to pay single cents. Through this guide you will learn the following how to design your blog and websites and tweak your Google adsense. This is one of the guide helping many people to get started on the right track that many would not share with you. Hope you will find this guide useful and you will earn more with Google Adsense


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    • Daniel_Martinez profile image

      Daniel_Martinez 7 years ago

      Very good info thank you you have a new follower