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The Customer Services Heroes

Updated on October 2, 2012

The summer heat throws us from one café to another making the gravitation even tougher. And we, the victims of the hard life of customer service representatives’ and the witnesses of wonders, have nothing to do but follow the stream and make own conclusions.

If you ever find yourself in the center of Yerevan, Armenia and decide to enter Yerevan cafes, be prepared to meet the following heroes:

Please note that this is my subjective opinion and personal observation and in no way reflects commercial purposes. Excuse the descriptive and grotesque language used in the article!

Ms Excellent Customer Services

Ms Excellent Customer Services Central works at Café Central Yerevan at Abovyan Street. The attitude “The customer is always right” is imprinted on her lovely face and her smile follows you in every movement to serve you at her best. Some of my friends evaluate her as extra caring, but guess it’s much better to extra care than extra not to care. Yes, there is a kind of waiter in a country where every service representative that respects himself/herself is obliged to visibly or invisibly publicize the unfair life and the unfavorable circumstances that forced him/her to work in this field. I want to believe that this waitress really wants to make a difference and do a revolution in this field. Otherwise, she has bet with a friend to demonstrate this kind of behavior for 1 million USD.

Ms Smiles

Newly opened Segafredo at Abovyan Street! The customer service is not flawless, and still there are so many gaps to fill in. But what a wonder! All the waiters smile and are friendly whenever they meet you. They can ask your opinion every time you order the same food, they can bring the bill of the next table, but they’re so responsive to any feedback, and always make you happy with their friendly smiles. So if you want to experience a smile shower, enter Segafredo at Abovyan Street.

By the way, a similar approach is applied at Cinabon at North Avenue, Gelateria nearby, newly opened Green Been Café at Amiryan Street.

North Avenue and Amiryan Segafredo cafes are good only early in the morning when you comfortably sit yourself by the window, take a warm cappuccino, your favorite book, your favorite music and enjoy the wonderful life!

Ms Unexpected

You just drop in at Dolce Mondo café at Cascade to have a snack. While you lift the bites from your plate drawing to your mouth, and meanwhile brood over your daily problems, all of a sudden a weird voice from behind pops up like a flap on your cheek, and asks the weirdest question, “How is the food?” Guys, requesting feedback’s good, but is there a less scary and abrupt way to arrange that?

Ms Weird

Once upon a time the “younger sister” of Ms Excellent Customer Services worked at Cascade Chokolateria, and served as the only stimuli to attend that café. Then she left her job, but developed a habit in us to attend that café from time to time. I do love to communicate with the services staff, but that weird girl with stranger eyes resembling a kind of snake that slowly approaches the rabbit erased my desire.


This year Just Café at Teryan’s street initiated a new summer school for teenagers thus involving 13-15 year old guys in the services staff who demonstrated classic teenage behavior, like pouring Thai beef on my cell phone, soup on my dress, etc. Well at least, before letting them interact with the customers, I would teach these guys to apologize sometimes when they did something very bad.

Mr and Ms Appropriate

The customer services in open air cafes like La Terrace, La Piazza, Al Leone, The Club, Bel Etage suggest appropriate services: professional staff, mainly nice food, and glamorous environment. Meanwhile, I have to confess, that the glamorous environment and glamorous integral elements in the form of some customers is the only disadvantage of these cafes (it’s my subjective opinion).

Ms Queue Manager

Achajour at the Lover’s Park is a piece of location that gives you a feeling of being abroad, European small morning café. Peaceful, green, nice music, sunny mood, and everything! It’s the only place in Yerevan where the queue management is a priority, even though not all the staff members do it properly.

There are still many nice cafes in Yerevan, but guess everything was OK unless I have noted them in my articles. If there are some significant figures, it would be great to know them!

But yet being optimistic, I suggest gluing the following list in the cafes to make the experience in cafes unforgettable:

-Always gift a friendly smile to all the customers regardless the fact you or your colleague serves that table!

-Help the customers with their choices. To help your customer you should know the menu BY HEART!

-ALWAYS write down the order (unless it’s a very high level restaurant, and writing down the order may be against the serving etiquette standards)!

-Don’t forget to show up by the table you serve on a regular basis!

-Always thank the customer for the tips. Unless your service requires, NO CUSTOMER IS OBLIGED TO LEAAVE YOU TIPS!

-Always apologize for any mistake, inappropriate movement! It will ease the situation!

-Over-caring and over-attention in customer services is boring! Don’t haunt the customer!


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