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The Greastest Wealth is At Your Fingertips

Updated on July 28, 2016

The Dream of Wealth

The thought of financial wealth conjures up the idea of a stress free life, grand houses, fancy cars, fine clothing and faithful friends. A state of being in which whatever your heart desires is only a spoken word away. Everyone wants wealth but, how many are willing to do what it takes to legally get it?

There are some who say that the way to wealth is lined with the failures of others. There are those who say hard work over a long period of time is the only way to wealth and there are others who say, wealth is just an illusion; the more your have, the more your want, you can never be truly wealthy because you will never be truly satisfied.

Before we go any further, let us get a good working definition of wealth. Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or material possessions or the control of such assets . By definition, wealth is more than money. There is power and control in wealth. We see the truth of this in our everyday lives. Those who have get more, those who have not, pay more.

I suppose there are many comments and cliches that can be made about wealth, from the most sanctimonious to the most crass. The bottom line in my thinking is this old adage, Give a man a fish, feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish and he is fed for a lifetime.

Money Magnets

People like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and others who are financially wealthy understand the importance of giving.You may think the reason they give is because they have it to give. That sounds logical, but it is highly unlikely. People who give big out of their wealth generally are people who gave big out of their lack. People are creatures of habits. And, the habits that you form before you get money are likely to be the habits that you keep after the money comes.

You may think they give money to protect the money that they have. Well, if that is true, it supports the idea that giving brings wealth. The tax laws in the United States give you credit for gifts that you give to various categories of businesses, specific causes and less fortunate people. The whole country practices giving.

In the recent Haitian relief effort, to date, the United States has given 19% of the finances received. Although third in the list, it is the country that has given the most. Private individuals and organizations are listed second with the anonymous category of "others" giving the most overall.

The Power of the Seed
The Power of the Seed
Nothing can withstand it
Nothing can withstand it

The Seed of Wealth

To everything there is a beginning, a seed, which once planted begins to produce fruit after its own kind. What is the seed to great wealth? What is the defining factor in the ability to gain wealth? What is the key common to all those who have attained great wealth, what is it?

Despite all the head scratching, mind numbing debate, after all the intellectual query and analysis, after the frustration of trial and error. The answer, the key, the seed in its simplest form emerges from antiquity. The beginning of great wealth is giving.

Every world religion has passages that encourage their followers to give. These holy books reinforce the giving concept with the promise of an equal or increased return for that giving. Whether this giving is in finances, kindness, love or any other attribute both the good and the bad you are promised a like return.

Parents in generations past told there children that it was more blessed to give than to receive; that others are less fortunate than they and that they should be grateful for what they have and always be ready to give of their substance.

And the Point Is.....

The point is that although you may never reach the financial heights of a Fortune 500 leader, you can rise in the quality of your life. It is up to you. There is no gimmick, no course to take, no books to buy.The only thing that it costs is a commitment to give.

Giving to Get

What do you need? Is it money, is it peace, is it security? Whatever it is try giving some of it away. Don't be afraid...just give. The person who needs love the most is the person who needs to give the most love away. Give to others what you need the most and soon you will have an abundance of what you give.

Don't have anything to give? Sure you do. Use your imagination, look around your house for things that are no longer being used. Instead of selling them, give them away. Are you creative? Make something and give it away. Can you cook? (I mean really cook) Cook some meals for your neighbors and give them away? (Make sure that you observe health laws).

Are there children in your neighborhood who need help in school? Offer to tutor some of them. This is not only a way of giving but it will also ensure that your summer will be more pleasant. The kids will be grateful to you for your help and they will play farther away from your house.

Do you know how to fix things? Let your neighbors know and fix some things around their homes without charge.

Give your time, give your love, give your wisdom, give your knowledge, give, give, give. It may not make sense that you can give away much and get more in return, but it's true. Give nothing get nothing, give much, get much.


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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      With all conscience we have to give. Thank you!