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A Working Day for a Personal Assistant Role

Updated on December 12, 2016

One of the most common office jobs is now a PA, Personal Assistant. The role and responsibility of a PA can differ significantly from company to company, or even within a company. Therefore, it is difficult to clearly define the job type.

Emily Chang, 28, from Reading has been living with her husband for 5 years. She got her job after being promoted from an Admin role. She is the PA to her boss, a director at an Oil and Gas Company in Slough. She has been in this position for two and a half years.

Emily took the job, after some strange circumstances. Her boss’ current PA had become ill with a serious condition. She went onto permanent disability and her boss approached Emily. The total pay was a big improvement, but the job was far more demanding than her previous role. Emily also gained a much more prestigious title, which looked great in her work experience. I do earn the promotion, as my working hours are much longer; in my previous role I worked 9-5, but now I work till 7 frequently and I am always checking emails.

Here is a normal working day, Emily gets up at 7am and catches the train to Slough. The commute is easy and she normally arrives by 8:30am. When she gets into the office, she checks to see her boss. They will normally have a brief morning meeting.

Today looks like an easier day, as my boss has had to visit our office in Dubai. However, there is a detailed email from her boss with instructions. He has sent a lot of data, which Emily will need to put into a presentation for him by 2pm.

Emily also needs to prepare for a client meeting tomorrow. She needs to book reservations for lunch and drinks at a nearby restaurant in Marlow.

By 1pm, Emily had completed a professional looking presentation and sent it to her boss for his important presentation. In the afternoon, she was able to complete the booking for the client meeting the next day. At 3pm, her boss contacted Emily frantically asking her to convert the presentation. It appears that the format could not open on the software in Dubai. Emily had to call the IT desk, to help her make the conversion. Once this crisis was over, she was able to leave the office on time.


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