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Tips for Advertising on Facebook

Updated on April 7, 2014

How to Advertise on Facbook

Facebook Ads

If you already have a Facebook account, then advertising on Facebook is only a few clicks away. If you don't, then you will need to create a Facebook account. You do not need a separate account to create advertising ads. A personal account will allow you full access to the tools you will use to create your ad.

You will also need to provide payment information to Facebook. The easiest way to do this is through Paypal, if you already have a Paypal account.

Facebook ads can be useful to small local businesses. They are also great for online businesses, as they provide a link directly to your business site. Ads could also be used to attract readers to certain informational sites online. Facebook ads are easy to create, manage, and delete. See below for specific instructions on how to create a Facebook ad.

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Tips and Instructions for Creating a Facebook Ad

Step 1: Open your facebook account. Go to the toolbar at the top and click on the far right icon (looks like a wheel). Click on "Create an ad." From here you can manage your ad later.

Step 2: Choose a URL destination and type it in the space provided. When your ad is clicked on, this is where your ad will take people. This is a great way to allow customers to get your website.

Step 3: Scroll down to "Choose your audience." This part is very important. You can weed out the people that would not be interested in your product or service, and target the ones who would.

Step 4: Here you can narrow your audience by selecting state, city, or zipcode. You can also include cities within 10, 25, or 50 miles. This is great if you are a local business.

Step 5: Next choose the age minimum and maximum of your target market. Then choose the gender, or all for both male and females. This could come in handy, depending on your product or service.

Step 6: Next you can narrow your audience even more by interests. For instance, if you are selling jewelry, you may want to target audience members who like jewelry. This is a great tool for targeting customers who are most likely to purchase your product or service.

Step 7: In the next section, "Connections," you can narrow your audience down to only people connected to a certain page, ap, or event. This would probably not be preferable, unless you were hosting an event.

Step 8: Next you can choose "Friends of a Connection." Leave this field blank unless you want to narrow down you audience to only the people whose friends are connected to your page, ap, or event.

Step 9: The last thing you will do is select your pricing and schedule. You can select a daily budget or a lifetime budget. For instance, if you ad will run for 30 days, you can set a daily budget for $2/day, meaning you will spend no more than $60, or you could set a budget for the lifetime of the ad, which would be 30 days.

Step 10: Next, go to "Campaign Schedule" and click on the check, which will uncheck the box next to "Run my campaign continuously starting today." Immediately you will be shown options for dates to choose for you ad to run. You will choose a start date and an end date. The end date can be changed later if you choose.

Step 11: Now it is time to review your ad. Click "Review Ad". Here you can make changes as needed. When you are done, click "Place Order".


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