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Employment in Round Rock, Texas - Second Fastest Growing City in the US

Updated on July 5, 2012

Dell Computers - Number One Employer in Round Rock

A Dell Adamo prototype
A Dell Adamo prototype | Source

A Fast Growing Suburb of Austin

Round Rock, Texas is home to 104,000 people and drawing additional residents every day. This places it on the 2009 list of Best 25 Places to Move for Work in our nation. People and businesses seem to be flocking to Round Rock and there is still room for more.

Located just 15 miles away from Austin to the north, Round Rock is also the second fastest growing city in the USA. The city achieves this economic and quality-of-life victory through its ongoing City Master Plan for continued development. City fathers plan, implement, follow-up, adjust, for partnerships and more, ad infinitum. They are so good at this process that they have garnered various awards for innovative and successful Vision Planning. An effective City Transportation Plan is part of this success. The city school district is award-winning as well, crime is low compared to the rest of the US, and the cost of living is also comparatively low.

The Vision Plan extending to 2060 calls Round Rock The City of Coice for Talent.

Industry focus in Round Rock centers on Life Sciences, Computers and IT Technologies, Clean Energy, and Manufacturing.

One big drawing card since its opening in 2000 is the Dell Computer sponsored Dell Diamond stadium, home of the minor baseball league Round Rock Express team, affiliated with the Houston Astros as a farm team.

Master Plan for Higher Education to 2060

Avery Centre is a master complex that was planned for use by several community based educational facilities. These well known institutions are:

  • Austin Community College at Round Rock
  • Round Rock Independent School District - A partner in the Master Plan for Edcucation, the ISD will be working with the Avery Centre for youth opportunities.
  • Seton Williamson Hospital
  • Texas A & M Health Science Center - This exciting facility includes health care as well as medical simulation labs.
  • Texas State University - San Marcos, Round Rock - A new Nursing School opens in 2010, among other plans.
  • A commerical Town Center is also included in this community within a community.

The emphasis of this center on Life Sciences is wholly evident from this list of renown schools. City government and the local Chamber of Commerce are partners in these plans and those for future for growth trhough 2060.

Top 10 Local Employers

Top employers are involved largely in IT and Healthcare.

  1. Dell Inc. - Computers & IT development
  2. Seton Family of Hospitals
  3. Medical Connections
  4. Temp Agencies: Ajilon, Temps Inc, and Adecco Technical
  6. Sprouts Farmers Market
  7. St. David's HealthCare
  8. US Army Medical Service Corps
  9. Harden Healthcare
  10. University of Texas at Austin

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Top 10 Hot Jobs

Between the city center of Round Rock and the city limits of Austin, over 15,000 job openings are listed on the Internet, with additional vacancies posted in newspapers, on company bulletinboards, and on other media. 

Within 10 miles of the center of Round Rock, the Top 10 Jobs listed in the largest numbers include the following list. Bold titles indicate alignment with Indsutry Focus mentioned above in city planning. 

  1. Inside Sales Representatives
  2. Nursing Directors
  3. Software Engineer Consultants
  4. Sales Representatives
  5. Development Engineer Senior Consultants
  6. Team Managers for Call Centers
  7. Occupational Therapists
  8. Team Members - call centers and others.
  9. Development Engineer Consultants
  10. National Quality Assurance Managers

Workers are also needed in Technical Sales, Project Management, and Accounting.

From Round Rock to the city limits of Austin, these are the high demand occupations:

  1. Physical Therapists
  2. Business Analysts
  3. Occupational Therapists
  4. Project Managers
  5. Customer Service Reps
  6. Sales Representatives
  7. Nurse Practitioners
  8. Physicians in Family Medicine
  9. System Analysts
  10. Account Executives

Registered Nurses (RNs, BSNs), Store Managers, and Administrative Assistants are also in higher demand than other job titles.

Just over the line in Austin within an easy commute, the Top 10 Jobs are similar to the list above. System Administrators and Technical Support professionals are also needed.

Drumline: "3 States of Matter"


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    • Betty Reid profile image

      Betty Reid 6 years ago from Texas

      I thought Austin was growing fast, but Round Rock is certainly catching up!