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Plymouth Township, Michigan - High-Tech Job Increases

Updated on April 15, 2015
The famous Domino Farms near Plymouth maintains a herd of American Bison on the grounds.You can see them from I-75.
The famous Domino Farms near Plymouth maintains a herd of American Bison on the grounds.You can see them from I-75. | Source

Electronic Healthcare Database Creates Jobs

In quarterly visits through Southeast and Mid-Michigan, I have passed through Plymouth Township and have watched it grow. In 2010, it was recognized as the fastest-growing place in the state by BusinessWeek analysts ( The Township is just 60 miles from Toledo, Ohio and about 27 miles from Detroit, Michigan.

Telecomuting is a growing source of jobs in Plymouth Township, especially in locally owned, legitimate medical transcription companies. Medical practices and hospitals find it advantageous to hire full-time work-at-home transcriptionists employed by these companies.

Related to telecommuting in the Healthcare Industry, the National (and statewide) Healthcare Database requires the ongoing creation of IT related jobs in electrical and mechanical engineering, programming, applications development, network and systems administration, specialty development, data entry, project management, and other career positions. Beyond that, electronic case management and billing are increasing the need for the same sorts of workers. A variety of high-tech businesses have moved into the several industrial parks in Plymouth Township and have led to such job increases.


The Township has received several recognitions for its growth and future potential:

  • 2009 - Money Magazine: Number 28 among Top 100 Best Places to Live. In the lineup for 2007, 2008, 2009, increasing its rank each time. 
  • 2009 - RelocateAmerica: One of the Best 100 Places to Live
  • 2004 - State of Michigan: Excellence in Financial Reporting


Plymouth Township

A markerPlymouth Township MI -
Plymouth, MI, USA
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Top Job Listers

  1. IBM
  2. Wayne State University
  3. Oakwood
  4. Accenture
  5. Detroit Medical Center
  6. Deloitte
  7. TAC Worldwide - Electronic case management and billing in healthcare.
  8. Eastern Michigan University
  9. Talent Systems
  10. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan
  11. Demand Studios - Film studio
  12. Thomson Reuters - Healthcare and Sciences
  13. St. John Health System
  14. Oakland University
  15. Bank of America
  16. TRW Automotive
  17. Arco
  18. HCR Manorcare
  19. OSI
  20. University of Michigan

Top 15 High Demand Jobs

Among 28,100+ jobs within 25 miles of city-center, the highly in demand positions are:

  1. Physical Therapists
  2. Full-Time Work-at-Home Medical Transcriptionist - Telecommuting for local companies like Probity Medical, MD-IT, MedScribe, American Transcription Solutions, and SoftScript.
  3. Taco Bell Shift Leaders and Assistant Managers
  4. Sales Representatives - Inside and outside sales
  5. Research Assistants
  6. Staff Nurses (RNs)
  7. Business Analysts
  8. Financial Advisors
  9. Project Managers
  10. Occupational Therapists
  11. Account Managers
  12. Electrical Engineers
  13. Marketing Representatives
  14. Administrative Assistants
  15. Mechanical Engineers


A substantial number of jobs are also open for Freelance Filmmakers for Demand Films in Plymouth, needed for making Internet-made films. Beyond that, a good number of positions are open for Salespeople, McDonald's crew people (part-time and full-time), IT Speciality Developers, Daycare Teachers, and Tutors.


Additional Companies that are posting larger numbers of job openings include Taco Bell,, General Motors, Adventist Midwest Health, Detroit Medical Center, the USAF, ITT Educational Services, and the staffing firm Kelly Scientific Resources.

Plymouth, Michigan - Research Corridor

Highway I-75/US-23 lNorth eads to Plymouth at Exit 28 (Plymouth/Livonia) to M-14 and I-96. It passes by the huge neon-lit Domino Farms Headquarters with its herd of bison grazing in the field by the freeway. This is always fun to see, day or night, and one of the most interesting sights through Michigan. Interesting sculptures reside in that area of the grounds, and what looks like a missile gantry is also clearly visible. It's something to research in the future. I-96 feedsd into the University Research Corridor that is growing in state and national recognition for the businesses and high-tech products, processes, and patents emerging in this swath of property.

The Township was founded as a planned community. It has been successful as such a community, growing most rapidly since the early 1990s. In the western portion of Wayne County not far from Detroit, the community developed along the M-14 State Highway, which has grown commercially and brought residents and businesses to Plymouth Townships. This is the result of large industrial parks constructed along M-14. For example, the local Metro West Industrial Parks support 80+ companies (1st QTR 2010).

The community supported over 12,000 households in early 2010, according to BusinessWeek, with an average income increase of 33% from 2000 to 2010. Plymouth Township is described as affluent by some sources and city fathers point out upscale housing and low taxes that bring in new residents and keep current ones happy.


In addition, the Township planners have turned their attention to the growing Senior Citizen population to design and build additional residences and fee-time venues for them. The Plymouth Community Council on Aging coordinates Senior programs for residents age 55 and over in the Greater Plymouth Area. Special dedicated transportation is available to Seniors, along with Friendship Station community center. The Senior Alliance® is another group dedicated to creating a high-quality lifestyle for local Seniprs.

Business Partnerships for Giving Back

Businesses partner with private and public firms to enhance the community overall. The St. Johns Seminary and Golf Course was built on idle land by the Pulte Corporation and features the course, a retreat, a convention center, and a golf school. A number of local community parks are supported by government and business investment as well. Further, Compuware Company built an ice arena that became the HQ of the Plymouth Whalers Hockey Team, which is very popular. The arena creates additional revenues by being open to the public for ice skating, additional activities, and events like musical productions. Its restaurant is also popular.


The Plymouth Township area, including the independent City of Plymouth, embraces sustainability in its work to clear and clean the Rouge River Watershed in which it sits.

Conservation measures are maintained to protect the river and an ongoing cleanup of debris and pollutants operates in partnership with approxaimtely 40 entities. Earth Day sees additional related activities every year and the Township sponsors the Friends of the Rouge Frog and Toad to protect wildlife.

© 2010 Patty Inglish

Additional News and Commentary

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      AARON99 7 years ago

      Simply a great hub. Keep it up.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 7 years ago from North America

      Thanks! - I have not yet found a photo of it, but will keep looking, or take one of my own when I go up in the Spring.

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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for a great hub. Missed the picture to see the town.