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Top five qualities of a serious web design company

Updated on January 25, 2016

Your website is the virtual front for your business enterprise. This is why it is very important to get it right, because if you don’t, it might end up backfiring against the reputation you already hold without it. The secret to owning a solid website is very simple; get a competent web design company. Unfortunately, such companies are not easy to come by, unless you have the basic knowledge. You should not hire any company that cannot prove they have the qualities below.

Years of experience
Like most businesses that are dependent on creativity and continuous innovation, web design requires years of experience to perfect. Any company that will be designing your website should have a couple of years of experience to show that they have been in the game and they know how things are done. Experienced designers are also versatile, which means they will be able to design your website based on your preferred platform including Joomla, HTML, WordPress, PHP etc.

Reliable hosting
Slow website loading, missing database, security breach, irresponsive site interface and so on are some of the problems website owners face. These problems are sometimes attributed to poor hosting, which will cost you a lot of money when your visitors are forced to leave you for your competitors. Your web design agency should be able to provide a credible and reliable hosting where everything on your website will be hosted, safe and secured.

If the company has been in existence for a while they should be able to provide some references. Don’t ever take this issue for granted because it gives you the opportunity to know the kind of the company you’re dealing with. A reputable web design company should provide references you can verify. So you can decide if you want them representing you.

Good price vs. value
A good web design company should have a very competitive cost for their products, packages and services. These prices should be measurable with the values so that you’ll know you’re getting what you paid for. A company that overcharges you may only be interested in your money rather than your success or satisfaction.

They have a process
Most experienced wed designers have a process they follow when they are approached by clients. Your web design company should be able to tell you the particular process and strategy they will be employing, to make sure your website is unique and perfect for your audience. They should also be able to provide you with details about those who will actually be doing the designs and how they plan to bring your dream to live.

Content and SEO
A reputable web design agency should know what kind of content is relevant to your website. They should be familiar with SEO rules and advise you on the keywords to use to get traffic to your website. After all, you need SEO to drive traffic, and traffic to make a profit.

Don’t be in a haste. Take your time to do research and understudy the web designer before making any commitments. Select a company that communicates properly, know what your need is, understand your industry and is ready to help you succeed.


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