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Top Viral Marketing Tips

Updated on May 3, 2012

Viral Marketing

Be Creative with Viral Marketing

Creative viral marketing relies heavily on doing all you can in the creative marketing arena, with viral advertising you can propel your website, business or promote an ebook or other service to boost your website traffic and sales too and it is very important that you consider how to start a viral marketing campaign.

And now it is even easier with the amount of share tools you can see on many websites, these can be social network links, social bookmarking sites and blog sites too, the potential to use these yourself is OK, but what if your readers were to do this for you, that's the heart and soul of viral marketing, making something unique and so useful that people just want to share it all over the Internet to their friends and colleagues.

People have to know that your website exists and viral marketing is a great way to do it with whatever means you have at your disposal, such as videos of you doing something crazy that could relate to your website in some way, things like that get attention from all sorts of people who may laugh at your video and then decide to share it with some of their friends and then the friends of friends share it with a bunch of other people and before you know it there's a few million views on that video and probably no end in sight.

Whatever site you have, a viral marketing campaign can be worked out to suit your sites topic and way of doing things, the viral may scare some people though because they automatically assume Internet virus or something nefarious that will backfire and damage your reputation, but let me tell you this, the only thing that will damage your reputation is spamming here there and everywhere.

Viral advertising can be used to build brand awareness of a website, a product or company service and there are many other forms of viral adverts that are so subtle you wouldn't know that they are indeed marketing through viral advertising, instead the process becomes more through an entertainment value of whatever they are using, that users can just suddenly decide to spread the word for you by word of mouth or other simple ways of their own.

Big companies have used this technique for years and they rely on this as part of their larger marketing plan, because they know it works, take for instance television adverts,some people will watch an advert and tell others about it,whether they thought it was a crazy advert or whatever and then the people they told will look out for the ad and then they would come to associate the ad with a product or service and that is viral advertising.

Brand logos are a good example of how services get subscribed to because having a recognizable brand helps people to remember and spread the word and coupons and half price discounts are other ways of attracting a viral wave of new customers.

Viral marketing is extremely important if you want to try and aim for lots of new customers, so start looking into marketing through the viral method.

Viral Marketing Tips

The Wheels Of Viral Marketing.    Image taken from copyright 2010.
The Wheels Of Viral Marketing. Image taken from copyright 2010.

Viral Marketing

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Cheers Treasure!

      Viral marketing is a great marketing method to aim for.

    • treasuresyw profile image

      treasuresyw 7 years ago from Savannah, GA

      Thanks for the hub. I need this. Peace