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Why You Have to Try the LinkedIn Jobs App

Updated on January 16, 2015

Linkedin App for iPhone5S

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Launched in 2003, LinkedIn (LNKD) serves as the world's largest professional social media network now boasting over 300 million users. The website ( is now also available in 20 languages, creating a true international forum for professional communication and connection. The website allows its users to create a resume-styled profile and the opportunity to "connect" with others in their relevant circles. Users can also "follow" companies, see job postings and enjoy a forum where potential employers can view their credentials.

LinkedIn also offers an upgraded service called LinkedIn Premium. This service allows users to contact potential employers, and connect to a wider range of people.

LinkedIn Jobs App for iPhone5S

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LinkedIn Jobs App

With the LinkedIn Jobs App, you can use your previously set up LinkedIn Account to search for jobs on the go. Many jobs allow you to apply simply by submitting your LinkedIn profile which allows you to apply easily and quickly to a high volume of viable opportunities. Before submitting your profile, the App confirms your contact information, making sure it's up-to-date so interested employers can contact you outside of the App. For companies that don't allow this form of submission, you can save the job for later or follow a link to the company's application site and complete it there.

The LinkedIn Job App is fundamental in your job search because it allows you to apply to jobs within seconds, requiring no additional input, so you can find and apply to more jobs. With the application process mostly online these days, the ability to generate attention from a large audience of potential employers is priceless. Combined with the ease of applying with your LinkedIn Profile, the LinkedIn Jobs App is an essential tool for anyone looking for a new career.


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