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Green Jobs And Good Business In Beautiful Wisconsin

Updated on June 2, 2016
Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Ms. Inglish is an award-winning Employment & Training pro with regional records and tens of thousands placed into gainful employment.


Leading Industries To 2022: Healthcare And IT

Information Technology (IT) and Healthcare jobs are the fastest growing jobs overall in the state of Wisconsin through 2022 at least.

Trends indicate that these jobs will increase in numbers of available openings. In fact, the Top 19 Jobs out of the Top 25 Jobs list in Wisconsin are all Healthcare or IT positions. That is impressive!

Three more of the Top 25 Jobs are Healthcare job titles and the remaining three are Animal Breeders, Athletic Trainers, and Employment/Recruiting/Job Placement specialists. All that makes Wisconsin an encouraging go-to state.

Overall, 17 of the Top 25 Job In Wisconsin are in Healthcare and 5 are in IT professions.



Nursing Jobs Are Expanding And Changing

The single occupation that will continue to open the most jobs is Registered Nursing (RN License). This can include a certificate and license or a 4-year degree and license.

Some positions require n MS or PhD and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are also RNs.

Already, the job title showed over 70,000 positions available between 2012 - 2022. More men and women alike are entering the nursing professions and becoming quite successful.

The average wage for an RN can go as high as $40+/hr. and perhaps higher for private duty care. Travel Nurses earn even higher wages, along with travel reimbursement, mortgage/rent payment for up to 12 months, and additional benefits.

Many training and teaching hospitals will hire individuals in various positions and furnish their tuition for nursing school as part of the compensation package, with time off from work provided to attend classes, and many other benefits.

Nursing is a lucrative field. There is also often the option to work 2, 12-hour weekend days and have that equal a 40-hour work week. So, nursing is becoming more attractive to more people as a career.

As the American population ages overall, there will be increasing numbers of Health Care careers becoming available and being "invented" because of technology advances. One of these is the growing field of physical therapists and physical therapy assistants and P.T. aides.

More people are able to leave their house after being, because of the skills these professionals use for their therapy, and because of new devices and mobility aids that have been developed.

It is highly publicized that more American soldiers are surviving recent wars than in previous conflicts, because of advanced medical technologies. Technology is forced to come up with new solutions to make life productive and gratifying for them.

Major Job Search Sites for Wisconsin

Ethanol is a growing industry in Wisconsin.
Ethanol is a growing industry in Wisconsin.

Major Cities and Jobs Markets

show route and directions
A markerGreenbay WI -
Green Bay, WI, USA
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B markerAppleton WI -
Appleton, WI, USA
get directions

C markerNeenah WI -
Neenah, WI, USA
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D markerMadison WI -
Madison, WI, USA
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E markerLaCrosse WI -
La Crosse, WI, USA
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Major Cities, Attractions and Jobs

Best Jobs In the Fox Cities: Appleton, Wisconsin

  • The Fox Cities along the Fox river in Wisconsin are interesting and fast developing hubs of commerce with good living spaces.

Madison, Wisconsin For Young Adults and Older Workers.

  • Madison, Wisconsin is considered by many economists and labor analysts to be among the Top 25 Best Medium-sized US Cities for Jobs and Business.

Neenah Of the New North - Greenbay, Wisconsin Travel

  • Neenah, Wisconsin is a stronger economy overall, on average, then the rest of the USA. Even during the Great Recession, job listings in Neenah increased by 30%.

Find Jobs In La Crosse, Wisconsin

  • .A 2-year $100-billion contract for investment in Clean Energy, along with increasing new jobs in Healthcare and Education are projected for the 2010s and beyond.

"On Wisconsin" (a fun music video)

Earn the RN or BSN Degree Here:

  • Alverno College - Milwaukee
  • Bellin College of Nursing - Green Bay
  • Cardinal Stritch University - College of Nursing - Milwaukee
  • Chamberlain College of Nursing - Online RN to BSN Program
  • Columbia College of Nursing - Mount Mary College - Milwaukee
  • Concordia University Wisconsin - Department of Nursing - Mequon
  • Edgewood College - Nursing Department - School of Nursing - Madison
  • Marian College of Fond du Lac - Nursing Studies Division - Fond du Lac
  • Marquette University - College of Nursing - Milwaukee
  • MSOE - School of Nursing - Milwaukee
  • University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire - School of Nursing - Eau Claire, Madison, and Oshkosh
  • University of Wisconsin - College of Nursing - Milwaukee
  • Viterbo University - School of Nursing - La Crosse

Note: All of these schools have websites for full information. Some of them offer distance learning opportuntites as well as classroom based learning.

High Demand Wisconsin Jobs 2014 - 2016

Highest Demand Jobs Among 128,000 Openings in March 2014:

  1. IT - Website Design, Logo Design, other Design Graphics
  2. Registered Nurses (RNs) - Includes Travel Nurses at higher pay.
  3. Truck Drivers
  4. Physical Therapists
  5. IT - Software Applications
  6. Electronics and Control Systems Engineers
  7. Telemarketers
  8. Physicians
  9. Nurse Practitioners
  10. Event Specialists
  11. Sales Representatives
  12. Financial Consultants
  13. Retail Managers and Assistant Managers
  14. Personal Bankers
  15. McDonald's and Pizza Hut Jobs - Managers, Crew People, Drivers

State Dance: The Polka
State Dance: The Polka

Famous People from Wisconsin


Before he had the flamboyant clothing like Elton John, only more so, Liberace wore a black tuxedo on "The Liberace Show." I used to get up from bed at night as a small child and sneak behind a large chair in the living room to watch him play the piano.

Georgia O'Keefe

Painter of the giant-flower potraits.

Tom Snyder

Radio and TV host. I used to watch his sow.

Gene Wilder

I love this actor in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Author Roald Dahl didn't care much for the movie of his book, though.

Frank Lloyd Wright - Most famous architect in America.I have read a biobraphical novel of him: Loving Frank by Nancy Horan that pieces together the relationship he had with the intellectual wife of one of his clents during the beggining of women's suffrage fights in the US. It is an astounding book. I have visited his Falling Water house/project in Pennsylvania and know that he was an astounding man as well. Mamah Borthwick Cheny, the client's wife, was a fascinating woman in her own right.

© 2007 Patty Inglish

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